Tim Hasselbeck: QBs say breast cancer awareness footballs "a disaster"

Breastball.jpgA former NFL quarterback says he’s been told by current NFL quarterbacks that the balls featuring a breast cancer awareness logo that the NFL is using this month are slippery and difficult to grip. But the NFL says the balls are the same as the ones used the rest of the year.

Tim Hasselbeck, who bounced around the league with several teams from 2001 to 2007, said today on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning that as he was watching Monday night’s Vikings-Jets game, he could see that the combination of the breast cancer awareness footballs and the rain was affecting the game.

“No one’s talking about this,” Hasselbeck said. “They’re playing with these breast cancer awareness balls. These balls are brand new, right out of the bag. Now they get slick — I texted a couple quarterbacks during the game. They all said, ‘These balls have been a disaster.’ So I think that’s something to note.”

The NFL, however, says it’s simply not true that the breast cancer awareness logos have affected the quality of the balls.

“They are not different,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT via e-mail.

The small pink ribbon on the ball doesn’t look like it would have much of an effect on the way players grip the ball. But the quarterbacks talking to Hasselbeck apparently think that ribbon makes a big difference.

65 responses to “Tim Hasselbeck: QBs say breast cancer awareness footballs "a disaster"

  1. Maybe I am reading it wrong but it seems to me he is saying they are slick because they are brand new out of the bag and tend to get slick. I don’t see anything about the logo being the issue.

  2. I remember, in years’ past, players complaining about Super Bowl balls being slicker or harder to handle than “regular” footballs. It may be that they are so new out of the manufacturing process that they haven’t been sufficiently broken in, though I honestly don’t know how “new” the regular game balls are that are used outside of the pink-ribbon balls.

  3. Brett Favre turned the Breast Canver awareness month into a disaster. No one is talking about that either.
    Wife dealt with breast cancer and he is off running around with tramps, way to overshadow the NFL charity month.

  4. I assume Timmy texted James Clausen, Sam Bradford and Drew Brees because they were disasters this weekend.
    PFT Football Grip Expert

  5. I am all for the breast cancer awareness but the NFL has gone overboard. Logos on the balls, helmets, pink gloves, chinstraps, shoes, towels, goalpost pads, etc. It looks ridiculous. Just put a ribbon (sticker) on the back of the helmet, wrap the goalposts and maybe paint a ribbon in the end zones…that’s it. The rest looks bad. The logo doesn’t look like much on the ball but if it is where the QB grips the ball it will have an impact…get rid of it.

  6. I’d be curious to know if the ribbon logo is smooth or dimpled….I could see there being a slight change if the ribbon was smooth.

  7. So do some investigative reporting and watch reruns of favre dropping the ball to see where his hand was on the ball

  8. Brett Favre saw the breast awareness ribbon & thought of Jenn Sterger which effed him up last night during the first half.

  9. I saw a piece on ESPN a few years ago about how the backup QB(the piece actually centered on Favre and Rodgers)tests out all of the balls and decides which balls are game worthy and which aren’t. This is after the out of the out of the bag balls get rubbed down with brushes and I believe also run through some sort of machine. So the complaint definitely isn’t about the ribbon, its about the fact that none of these balls are worked in. And quaterbacks are very particular about the balls they use so this complaint makes a lot of sense.

  10. This is Tim Hasslebeck trying to create an issue where an issue doesn’t exist. It’s pretty remarkable that he’s on TV and nobody knows who he is.., so he has to make ridiculous statements like this to generate attention.
    The problem he has.., is that he’s just as bad on TV as he was as QB. Hopefully it won’t be long before a better retired athlete (Kurt Warner?) pushes him to the sidelines again.

  11. While I fully support any funds and attention raised for breast cancer, the NFL should have considered a campaign for prostate cancer, which affects far more of its viewing audience and doesn’t have as public a campaign.
    In fact – breast cancer groups receiving more funding than other cancer groups – something to think about, no?

  12. And they say the NFL is a quaterback’s league. ( No TD P. Manning oops!) So who is Bill Polian going turn in to the authorities for this travesty.
    Thanks HASSY!

  13. Take the stupid ribbion off the ball. How about we do prostate awareness month? Enough of this breast cancer BS. That’s all there is out there that gets fundraising. It’s a joke.

  14. I’d think I’d believe the QB’s over the NFL
    on a side note – they have gone way way overboard with this pink stuff – what is it a month now? And every year more and more – it’s like Cat in the Hat. One week is plenty.

  15. Tim Hasselbeck must be taking lesson from his wife. They say a whole bunch about nothing.
    The Breast Cancer ball might be a hot topic on “The View”

  16. @ Fin
    I am in 100% agreement with you sir. I cannot stand how the NFL uses this bright pink, which is not even the official color of the breast cancer awareness movement, but also puts it randomly throughout the uniform. It seems as if the players have tried to make it fashionable as opposed to serving the real purpose. I understand that breast cancer awareness is a great cause and well worth contributing to, hell I do the 5k every year in DC, but to do it the way the NFL has seems to diminish its effectiveness. The only benefit to having random parts of the uniform florescent pink is the money they get from auctioning the stuff off which is then donated. As a football fan though, I am pretty sure I would be more willing to shell out money for some game worn stuff that doesn’t have pink on it and then let them donate that money.

  17. This whole breast cancer awareness thing is a sham. Do you think that football players wearing pick has helped a single person in this country? Has anyone ever said “I was unaware of breast cancer until I saw a pink ribbon on a football”???
    If you want to help the cause, donate money or film a commercial to educate people. Wearing a pink ribbon, mouth guard, gloves, spikes etc.. does absolutely nothing at all.
    The whole thing is ridiculous and just a transparent marketing gimmick by the NFL to increase female viewership…

  18. After a career of backup quarterbacking, Tim now spends his time as Farve’s new apologist /excuse maker

  19. Wait… he texted the quarterbacks DURING the game and got replies? Hmmm… sounds like another issue the NFL should investigate…

  20. Does it really have to be the color PINK?!!!!!!! come on, these are football players!PINK?!!!! and all over the uniform? when well respected hall of fame football players die, their teamates simply where a sticker on their helmet, and even get uni fines if they go any further, but for a charity that the nfl wants to push to get more female fans, the PINK has to be all over the uniform and merchandise? I love boobs-and the women connected to them- just as much as the next guy, but this sucks!!!

  21. I think he’s full of it. If the QB’s are texting during the game will they get the same fines as Chad & T.O. ?
    ” I texted a couple quarterbacks during the game.”

  22. “…the balls featuring a breast cancer awareness logo that the NFL is using this month are slippery and difficult to grip…”
    Ahaa! I knew it! Another plot by the NFL, CIA, NAACP, NRA, FBI, NASA and the FFA to get the Vikings!

  23. I think the logical follow up question is what was Tim’s excuse that he couldn’t hold onto the ball (or throw, or run, or help on the sidelines, etc.) when he was playing? Talk about nepotism! Tim had no talent whatsoever. To say he sucked, would actually be too complimentary. Do you know why Giants fans embraced David Carr? He replaced Tim Hasselback as the backup QB. We knew Carr, at bare minimum, could throw a forward pass.

  24. The idiots on Park Ave. could have simply put he logo on the bottom half of the ball where it is not gripped to throw!

  25. I’m more interested in the fact that QBs are texting Tim Hasselbeck in the middle of games. Or that they’re texting Tim Hasselbeck at all. I’m willing to bet all the QBs he talked to were losing their own games, hence the need for a crutch.

  26. I’ll make a guess that this complaint has come from every QB that has had trouble with turnovers the past 2 weeks. Just a guess though

  27. Why not just ditch the ribbon on the ball? Honestly, I see pink all over the players and field, which is fine, but I never even knew it was on the ball. What’s the point, you can’t see it. I could see how it would be an issue for the players if the balls aren’t broken in like normal game balls.

  28. @JohnnyFootballHero-
    You’re absolutely right. We seem to hide our problems rather than raise awareness for them. But something needs to change.

  29. QBs are like farmers. They’ll complain about anything. The ball is too hard; the ball is too soft; the grass is too high; the grass is too short. Maybe sometimes you throw an Int. because you screwed up. Brett’s game clinching pick six last night must have been because of the ball; couldn’t have been him.
    On a second note, I do agree that the NFL should pick a less well-funded cause to highlight and raise awareness of and money for.

  30. I would guess that all the rain and hail last night had nothing to do with the ball being slippery?
    Tim leave your balls alone and go get a clip board
    How does it feel as your Brother is still playing you have never been more then a back up and your wife has more fame then you

  31. This is to the people who don’t know how to read.
    He texted QBs from OTHER TEAMS than the Jets-Vikings during the Jets-Vikings game. Nobody else was playing on Monday night. They are allowed to answer texts while watching a game on television.

  32. I agree with FinFan68. I don’t think there’s a single person among us here (or anywhere else) that isn’t aware of breast cancer. The NFL is going completely overboard with the pink thing.
    While the intention of pushing awareness is noble, the utter saturation of pink on the field is starting to look more like trendiness than concern. Hell, let’s just dye the grass pink, make the field goal posts pink, paint the seats in the stadiums pink, etc.
    The NFL is really patting themselves on the back. I think it would have been more classy- and ultimately, have a greater impact on breast cancer- if the NFL took the millions they spent on making everything pink and, uh, donate it all to breast cancer research. They could have the game announcers say, maybe twice per broadcast, that the NFL is donating a boatload of money to breast cancer research. That way, they’ve also taken care of the “making people aware” part of things.

  33. Brand new balls always need to be broken in… these haven’t had a chance it seems.
    But of course, the suits in the NFL exec offices know all…. more than the guys actually handling the ball.

  34. Leave it to a washed up QB, that neverwas any good anyway, to complain about a little ribbon on a football. Or is it because they are new. Elizabeth needs to smack his face. The whine bag!!

  35. All you guys complaining about the attention Breast Cancer Awareness Month must not have a mother, daughter or wife.

  36. I was listening to the radio a couple of weeks ago and they were talking about how corrupt the whole breast cancer fund is.
    I went to a couple of websites to see for myself, and wow is it bad. Im no accountant, but it looks like about $.07 on a dollar goes to the cause. I believe the CEO makes over $500k/Year.
    I dont understand how making these NFL items pink actually helps. Does this raise money? Maybe the NFL buys rights to put the ribbon on their uniforms? Maybe someone smarter than me can explain.

  37. As a woman, I applaud the NFL for bringing attention to this cause–if they would only do it for one week.
    Basically, the NFL uses this cause to make more money, and I would love to know how much of that money actually makes it back to the breast cancer cause.
    It’s not a fashion statement for all of the players. I’ve heard some of them speak about how breast cancer has affected their mother/aunt/sister, etc. so in that regard, it’s positive.
    But there are other causes out there and I wonder why the NFL hasn’t gotten involved–maybe they aren’t as lucrative and wouldn’t paint the league in a more positive light because I have a feeling this it also a PR move in response to all the negative press from players (my QB included).

  38. Hey HornedHelmet and any others who think breast cancer is a joke. I sincerely hope you get to have a good time with it. Men and women get it, chump.
    All I can say about these footballs is, wow now Farve has ANOTHER excuse. Ankle, elbow, bad officiating, not enough good receivers, now breast cancer balls. WILL THE COSMOS ***PLEASE*** STOP STEALING BRETT FARVE’S MAGIC!!!!!!!

  39. It seems like I am in agreement with most of the posters here. I don’t really think we need breast cancer awareness ANYTHING anymore. Everyone knows about breast cancer…how about we switch it up and raise awareness for something else that needs it?
    Funny how charities, just like other big business, become so large that they dominate the market…even if it is a “non-profit” market.

  40. The NFL’s embarrassing, waaaay over-the-top Breast Cancer Awareness production may have meaning for players who’ve lost loved ones to the disease but it’s just a corporate marketing ploy. The NFL has saturated the North American male audience. And since no amount of billions is enough for the league and European expansion isn’t viable in this economic environment (it isn’t viable at all, but Goodell is too consumed by his megalomania to see that), they’re trying to expand the North American female audience. So now we have players wearing pink gloves and shoes and playing with cutsy pink-ribboned footballs.
    I’d be more impressed if the league devoted its resources to the effort to cure paralysis, since that hits closer to home for football players. Or why not colon cancer or heart disease, since they aren’t gender-specific? Something that’s so obviously designed to market the sport to female viewers seems disingenous and calculating.

  41. It’s the pink jock strap that’s really getting the most attention. Ben and Farve have been showing it to the ladies, while up in Green Bay some of them have been modeling it for each other.
    I would think spinal cord research or concussion research would be a more relevant fund raising concern, but breast cancer fundraising is in vogue these days. It’s all good, but could do without the pink shoes.

  42. If they wanted to raise awareness, they’d be better off letting the cheerleaders go topless. I’d donate my cash, heart, liver, kidneys, kids, house, wife to the cause.

  43. I for one was unaware of breast cancer before I saw the pink shoes and chin straps. I am glad that the NFL reminds me of this every time I watch a game.
    My wife also appreciates that the NFL can relate to her and has, since, purchased a pink Tony Romo jersey to match the pink chin straps.
    Every game we take a moment to share our gratitude that the NFL has broken the gender barrier.
    I strive every day to recycle and br politically correct.
    I also a robot with down-syndrome and no testicles. Please kill me now.
    yours truely,
    the bandwagoner

  44. They are not the same. The ribbon part of the balls appear to have no dimples. Imagine throwing a smooth non-dimpled football. Completion percentages would drop to 40-50%. But if it’s just the ribbon part that’s not dimpled, and the game features wet conditions. That might have a similar impact. Favre completed 41% and Sanchez 48%. I imagine the numbers would be higher if there was a regular football.

  45. I have a sister that is a breast cancer survivor so last season I thought it was cool. This season I think they went overboard. Time to tone it down a bit.
    Oh yea, there were 30 starting quarterbacks not doing anything last night during the game. Maybe this is who Tiny Tim was texting…

  46. All you guys complaining about the attention Breast Cancer Awareness Month must not have a mother, daughter or wife.
    that’s crap phillyhouse – I have 2 of the three. All the pink is distracting and it’s overkill- Let me guess you’re a progressive right? If we disagree must be evil or stupid. Tool

  47. @ Philly
    I also have a father, a brother and likely will one day have a son. I also would like testicular cancer, colon cancer and other forms of cancer to be well funded as well.
    You are missing the point. As I said, auction off regular game gear and I guarantee you they will raise far more money than the pink stuff.

  48. @steelersmichele, I get the general impression that the incessant pink is a) a marketing effort, and b) distraction from the issue the NFL should be spending their cash on – dealing with the very real fact the vast majority of NFL players/FO personnel believe that women are objects instead of people.
    The league (I’m looking at you, Roger Goodell,) seems to believe that women are sooo stupid they’ll be enchanted by the support for “breast cancer research”, but won’t ask questions about why the NFL does not see fit to deal with attitudes towards women that would get most of these guys fired in a corporate setting.
    Snaps to every other woman on this thread who’s brought up that this is a money making venture. If the NFL really cared about women, they’d make sure their players and FO personnel treated the females in their lives with the respect they deserve. Sexism isn’t sexy. DV arrests and sexual assaults aren’t anything to brag about, either.
    Forty-three percent of women between 25-49 identify as “avid” NFL fans. Someone in the NFL’s hierarchy has discovered those women spend money. It would be nice to use this power for good. Maybe female NFL fans need to make it known putting pink on everything one month a year just isn’t enough.

  49. Bender: Oh! Argh! These balls are making me testy! If they don’t stop bouncing and jiggling, I swear I’m going to shove this treaty up their — wait a second, where do you shove things up a ball?
    Henry Kissinger: This isn’t a productive area of discussion.

  50. PhillyHouse says:
    All you guys complaining about the attention Breast Cancer Awareness Month must not have a mother, daughter or wife.
    You’d be surprised how controversial Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the pink campaign are among breast cancer survivors. There was a time when research for this disease could get NO funding whatsoever, and awareness was desperately needed. That’s no longer the case. Now breast cancer gets the lion’s share of attention while other cancers go unpublicized and underfunded.
    And not to be cynical, but Susan G. Komen launched in 1982 with a mission to end breast cancer. Almost 30 years later, they’re bringing in close to $300 million a year, and despite everything you hear on the news, treatment really hasn’t changed too much.

  51. Mr. Goodell…do we, the fans…mostly men…the ones that are responsible for generating the billions of dollars you all get to enjoy life with…have ANY say in this? Nobody is FOR breast cancer, and I’ve never heard a single fan say they made a donation to research because of the promotion. Get it off the field, for crying out loud. A week of this is enough…too much really…but a freaking MONTH of this? ENOUGH, already!

  52. I love the fact that actual NFL QB’s are saying the balls are a disaster, but an “NFL Spokesman”, whom has probably never even played the game says “oh no, that is not true…The ball is fine”. Mr NFL are you out there playing with it? Listen to the guys that are!

  53. I believe, and I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, the reason SO many items are pink, is that they are auctioning them off to raise even more money for a cure. That is my understanding as to why there is a seemingly endless wave of pink on the fields. As for whether the cause is the right one for the NFL to get behind, I think we all know that decision is made by the marketing department and the NFL does it 1) for the free publicity 2) “please don’t take away our anti-trust protection. We raise money for breast cancer!” 3) and most importantly – tax breaks.

  54. What quarterbacks would be talking to Tim”I’m the wife of Elisabeth” Hasselbeck? Jim Sorgi? Billy Volek? Caleb Hainie? All together they have probably played 2 live snaps in the past 5 years! Maybe his brother, but everyone knows he’s a whiner. And why is this considered news? He’s just a talking head who lucked into a job after he unceremoniously didn’t have a career! I love ya Florio, but jeesh:)

  55. Gee, I don’t know. Could have the driving rain been an issue last night potentially??? Right around halftime, it looked like a monsoon out there.

  56. I have had my fill of pink crap on the football field. What about prostate cancer awareness? What gives woman the right to have their problems spashed all over the football field for the entire year? Ok give them a game and then drop it. Even my wife is fed up with it!

  57. All this pink on the field is totally uncool. It’s so obvious that the NFL is pandering to the potential female market and just being politically correct. There are a lot of good causes out there. Should the players wear different colors every Sunday? This is just an example of two large corporate giants working together. It just goes to show how times have changed. Do you think guys like Dick Butkus would have agreed to do something like this?
    We all believe breast cancer awareness is a good cause. But why can’t they just let football be football.

  58. # HornedHelmet says: October 12, 2010 10:11 AM
    Take the stupid ribbion off the ball. How about we do prostate awareness month? Enough of this breast cancer BS. That’s all there is out there that gets fundraising. It’s a joke.
    You my friend are an idiot. Your thoughts on the issue would change if you were stricken with breast cancer, or someone you know were.
    Think before you speak or shut up.

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