Andy Reid getting more involved with Philly defense

Eagles coach Andy Reid’s expertise falls on the offensive side of the ball.  NBC’s Al Michaels pointed out during Sunday night’s Eagles-49ers game that Reid seemed to be more involved in the team’s defensive performance.

“I was just thinking,” Michaels said, via Jordan Raanan of 97.5 The Fanatic. “When is the last time you saw
Andy calling so much defense?  He had the late, great Jim Johnson for
years.  Sean McDermott took over when Jim died.  There he is the very
young and very proficient defensive coordinator.   But Andy has been
demonstrative tonight on the sidelines.”

Raanan agrees with the assessment, and he reports (citing unnamed players) that Reid was not involved “at all” with the defense when Johnson served as defensive coordinator.

As Raanan points out, Reid’s involvement in the defense could be viewed as a bad sign for McDermott, especially since the defense has struggled at times in the past two seasons.

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  1. I actually don’t blame McDermott for our troubles. I also think our defense has the potential to return to its former ferocious self.
    Last year was Sean’s first year. It was coupled with two major problems: We lost and didn’t replace Brian Dawkins with anyone competent and 2) Injuries turned the LB position into a revolving door. I think Sean actually coached well last year. He just didn’t have the personnel.
    This year we have new prospects, such as Brandon Graham and Nate Allen, both of whom are performing very well. The trouble seems to occur mostly in the first and fourth quarters. I’m not sure what that is all about. It’s something that needs to be addressed. Right now I still think it’s early enough that we shouldn’t be predicting McDermott’s demise.

  2. Sean McDermott is out of his depth. He’s no Jim Johnson, but insists on trying to be… using and updating his playbook, but without thought to the nuance and skill the late great coordinator possessed.
    On nearly every big play it seems that an Eagles defensive end is dropping into coverage, and getting burned. You have this rookie DE Brandon Graham, who is undersized (as the Eagles seem to like) and learning the pro game. Why does he keep leaving the line of scrimmage to either cover a receiver or play a zone defense??? He sucks at both. Ditto DE Trent Cole… your best lineman keeps leaving the line, Sean. Why???
    The Steelers perfected the zone blitz scheme, copied by so many others. Jim Johnson used it sparingly, in my recollection, most notably against the Patriots a few years ago (post Super Bowl). When he employed that defense, it was as a surprise, and if you recall, Brady and Co. were quite surprised.
    But when the likes of Shaun Hill and Alex Smith exploit it, isn’t it time to let it go?
    I appreciate the loyalty the organization has shown to McDermott, who has worked for the Eagles in some capacity for a very long time. But someone needs to tell both he and Andy Reid: McDermott’s out of his depth, and this team will get run over by everyone in the NFL until that changes, and you bring in a coordinator with a clue. Or two.

  3. I want an explanation Witherspoon and Babin are playing all-world for the Titans and they did nothing on the Eagles. Babin, I’m ok with because he was throw out by a lot of teams. But when I saw Witherspoon blanketing Witten and then a few hours later during the Eagles game our linebackers with their backs turned to the line of scrimmage I wonder.

  4. For Eagles fans like myself, this defense is almost unrecognizable right now. It reminds me more of the Saints defense last year than a traditional Jim Johnson (RIP) defense. It’s less about shutting opposing offenses down. Instead, they give up a bunch of yards, but then make a big play to change the game. They gave up way too many yards to the 49ers, but them they forced 5 turnovers. One of which they returned for a TD, and another that sealed the victory at the end of the game. A defense like this can certainly get the job done, it’s just completely nerve racking to watch.

  5. Cupcake part of schedule is done, the downhill slide should have started with the 49ers but they have their own issues.

  6. It’s tough to replace one of the best DC’s of all time. Maybe Mac is a little overwhelmed. Maybe the players just need to start and finish games better. 2nd and 3rd quarters have been pretty solid.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with Steve W. McDermott takes Jim Johnson’s desire to “create turnovers” (a phrase that Johnson uttered more frequently than any other), and makes it the centerpiece of his entire defensive philosophy.
    I’ve been to tons of Eagles training camps, and unlike Johnson, McDermott actually has these guys practice stripping balls for extended periods of time. He also does route jumping drills, not just with the D-Backs, but with the Linebackers AND the defensive ends!
    Meanwhile, they take tackling for granted. They don’t practice it, and it shows on Sundays: their tackling skills have deteriorated rapidly since JJ’s death.
    It’s like flag football, and I’m tired of it.
    They’re under sized, they over pursue, their route-jumping gets them burned, and their ball stripping allows good ball carriers to continue churning their legs for positive yardage.
    They’ll get pounded in January if they make it that far.

  8. McDermott may have JJ’s entire playbook under his pillow but its about feel for the game and timing to use those plays. I like Sean but he does not have the feel for the game or timing. Cole should be attacking EVERY PLAY not dropping into coverage. Graham can barely grasp the LDE position and theyre playin him at DT and dropping him into coverage. Every time Sims gets a blitz called for him he flies into the backfield before he can even be touched cause of his speed but we only see that call once a game. You can have every JJ play in front of you, but if you dont know how and when to use it its uselesss.

  9. Well when you draft guys like Bunkley, Patterson, Graham, Demps, Mikell and expect them to be Studs, the team is a joke. Bunkley and Patterson can’t stop the run and now Bunkley is done. Graham is like 6 foot and 250 lbs..way to small. Our corners stink. Asante is over rated. Plays off the ball instead of manning up and being physical. Hobbs is a bum. What else do you expect from a team that doesn’t know what they are doing?

  10. Critias says:
    October 13, 2010 11:30 AM
    Sean McDermott is out of his depth. He’s no Jim Johnson, but insists on trying to be… using and updating his playbook, but without thought to the nuance and skill the late great coordinator possessed.
    –Yes, by all means let’s rewrite the defensive playbook. Good lord.

  11. Sean: Andy, it’s third and one. Whatcha think?
    Andy: 2 deep zone, three rushers.
    Sean: But, Andy, it’s third and one. Maybe they’re gonna run.
    Andy: Don’t be an idiot. No one runs on third and one. Can’t be done. Now, pass me a biscuit.

  12. scrapdawg12,
    Graham is not too small, unless you stick him at DT.
    Unfortunately since Andy has taken over, that’s exactly what he’s done in some situations…DOH!

  13. Andy Reid has morphed into the Blob. His big fat greasy hands are into everything. He used to have great coaching assistants who were allowed to do their thing like Harbaugh, Johnson, Childress, and Spagnolla. Now he has a bunch of yes men taking orders from the Blob.

  14. Scrapdawg, you’re an evaluator of talent?
    Individually, each of the guys you’ve named is a nice player, someone who can “make plays.”
    But collectively, on an undersized unit, these guys don’t play as well as they should.
    That said, the team is hardly a “joke.” Don’t get carried away with the hate.

  15. Reid didnt really start getting involved until the Eagles had that 14 point lead and then SM went into a bases prevent style defense. AR has seen McDermott do that over that last season and beggining of this season and almost blow leads late. Andy was pissed that he was doing it again and letting the 49ers come back. I like that he took it into his own hands even if he isnt a great defensive mind. He was with JJ longer then Mcdermott so I think he probably knows more then him anyway.
    Andy for to long has let his cordinators run there part of the team on there own even if there failing. It was getting old and I think he knew that. Next he needs to step in on Special teams if Bobby April doesnt get his group straightened out. He had so much hype coming into this season and has been a complete failure so far.

  16. He has no DTs that can do anything on a consistent basis, the LBs stink(including Bradley who can’t cover a sleeping baby with a blanket). The corner backs don’t wrap up and have not been getting the picks they need to be getting. T.Cole is a stud.I think Graham will be fine, and Allen looks like a player. But after that is there anyone you have any confidence in? Samual is a ballhawk but thats it. Its not McDermotts fault they stink on defense, its Howie, Andy and Joes fault. Also I would to thank Jason Peters for getting hurt, you suck no heart stiff.

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