Deon replaces Deion in Seahawks starting lineup

Seattle’s trade of Deion Branch would have made sense even if they only got a seventh-round pick in return.  They are saving money, and getting young promising players on the field more.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll announced Wednesday that Deon Butler would get the first crack at Branch’s old starting job.  Rookie wideout Golden Tate also figures to get more snaps coming off the bench.

Butler has 16 targets over the first four games of the season, while Tate has eleven.  Mike Williams hasn’t been overly productive with only 138 yards in four starts.

9 responses to “Deon replaces Deion in Seahawks starting lineup

  1. Younger and more explosive!!
    The hawks have gone from having no one,over the past 4yrs, that could go 80 yards at any given moment to having 4 guys who can go 80 yards at any given moment!!

  2. It doesn’t matter who they put out there the way Hasslebeck’s been throwing the ball outside of the opener vs. SF. He needs to get better and fast. Priority #1 needs to be getting the rapport with Carlson back – he’s clearly the #1 target on this team.
    O-line’s been pleasently decent in pass protection – Matt just needs to make throws. Butler or Branch – doesnt’ matter.

  3. I lol at my fellow 12th men above but am excited to see progress and excitement among our team and community. Now if someone will just come out and admit we need a new QB, we could be talkin actual contention in the near future.

  4. A new QB would be great. But who? We need fresh new talent that can get the job done. The year we went to the Superbowl we didn’t look that great throwing the ball. I can admit that. And we played awful in the game, although I do think the Refs won that game and gave it to Pittsburger. I’m not impressed with any of our current QBs, but out of all of them Hasselbeck is the best.

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