Jermichael Finley could miss the rest of the season

I tried to make the case on Monday that the Packers’ injury problems aren’t so bad because they can get most of their key guys healthy again for the stretch run.

There’s a major problem in that theory now.

Greg Bedard of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that tight end Jermichael Finley is now expected to miss 8-10 weeks following knee surgery on Tuesday.  Originally expected to miss three weeks, doctors decided during surgery to repair Finley’s meniscus rather than simply removing it.

That leads to a better long-term outlook for Finley, but a longer recovery this season.

Bedard reports the Packers are currently deciding whether they will wait for Finley during that time.  With plenty of other injuries, including a long-term one for linebacker Nick Barnett, Green Bay has very difficult roster choices to make.

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  1. They might as well keep him on the roster and see if he can help them in December. If your choice for the roster spot is 2-3 regular season games with Finley or 11 games with a practice squad guy who won’t contribute, I’d take Finley. When he’s healthy, he’s something special, but injuries are becoming a pattern with this guy.

  2. This really sucks. I have never seen my team have so many injuries to so many key guys.
    I guess it is time for someone to step up and make a name for themselves.
    GO PACK!

  3. And the hits keep coming…
    I guess we could hope for him being ok and help make a run when he comes back. 4 weeks til our bye and then with best case scenario he would miss 3 more games.
    Or shelf him, play Lee and see if Quarrels comes on strong.
    Hmmm… tough choices.

  4. That’s fine. I’ll just enjoy watching Favre and the Vikings implode instead. Anyone have a Cowboys hat they want to loan me this week? I don’t need the Jets hat anymore.
    Oh yeah – I’ll make sure to get two foam middle fingers to wave at Favre. One for me and one for Ted Thompson.
    Thanks, Ted.

  5. Now would be a good time for “God’s Gift(s)” to actually show up. True Packer fans know what i’m talking about.

  6. Losing Finley is nothing like losing Sidney Rice. Finley’s super, but he’s still a TE, not a WR. He can be replaced.

  7. Well goodbye finely on my fantasy squad and hello Aaron Hernandez, but really hope he gets healthy for next season, probably better for his career in the long run so I think that’s the best call

  8. Well, that’s it. Were done. Maybe quarells can step up quicker than we thought. He is similar to Finley with his combination of size and speed. Looks like TT was lucky he kept 4 tight ends.

  9. It’s getting like the Cubs–Wait till next year. Also, with the injuries as an excuse, we wont get a new HC either. sigh

  10. Awesome…… brings back memories of 2005, Pack is gonna have a rough time keeping afloat this year.

  11. Well, there goes my hopes of a SB run (and maybe post season too) and has all but moved me from the 18 game schedule back into the 16 game schedule camp.

  12. Stick a fork in the Pack, we’re toast. No Running back, best TE goes down, 9 to 11 guys likely out for the Miami game; not our year. The Super Bowl hype looks to be off by a year, let’s see what happen next season when a healthy pissed off team gets unleashed.

  13. i hope they keep him on but they are in a tight spot with the roster considering all these %&#@ injuries

  14. Geez…it’s just getting ugly in GB now. I’m no doctor but don’t you need your meniscus? Why would they want to remove it?

  15. As a skins fan, I feel sorry for all the injuries we have caused, but they helped us win games…
    Packers just beat Dallasss and I hope Finley gets well soon.

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