Josh Freeman named NFC offensive player of the week

In the latest sign that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a wise move when they selected Josh Freeman in the first round of last year’s draft, the NFL announced today that Freeman has been named the NFC offensive player of the week.

Freeman completed 20 of 33 passes for 280 yards, with one touchdown and one interception, in the Bucs’ 24-21 win over the Bengals on Sunday. He also gained 20 yards on three rushing attempts.

With 1:26 remaining and the Bucs trailing 21-14 in the fourth quarter, Freeman threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Mike Williams to tie the game. Then, following a Carson Palmer interception, Freeman threw a 20-yard pass to Micheal Spurlock to set up the game-winning field goal.

The 22-year-old Freeman has earned the first offensive player of the week award for the Buccaneers since Michael Pittman got the honor in 2004.

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  1. Fine, I’ll be the first to gripe.
    Apparently, Hakeem Nicks having 12 catches for 130 yards and 2 TDs in a win over the Texans isn’t good enough to get him player of the week in the NFC (just like Osi sacking Jay Cutler 3 times before half the fans made it to their seats last week wasn’t good enough to net him NFC defensive player of the week).
    But apparently, neither is 22 carries for 166 yards and 2 TDs (Matt Forte), nor is passing for 357 yards and a TD in a win over the Packers (Donovan McNabb), or even putting up 406 yards and 3 TDs in a loss even with 3 INTs (Tony Romo).
    Not discounting Freeman cuz I like Freeman and think he’s gonna be a great player in the league… I just feel there are more deserving candidates for this week. End Rant.

  2. The awarding of this award is asinine. Josh Freeman? With a stat line like that? Whatevs. Shaun Hill was much more deserving. Hmmmmm.

  3. So that was the best offensive performance in the NFC last week, eh?
    Shaun Hill: 21/32 65.6% 227yd 3TD 0INT 117.6 rating
    Hakeem Nicks: 12rec 130yds 10.8avg 2TD
    And that’s without even really looking into it…

  4. I would think there would be more deserving candidates for this award. Yeah, he won the game for them in the end, but his stat-line wasn’t that great.

  5. This kid might be the best that comes out the 1st round class last year, but all anyone talks about is Sanchez and Stafford

  6. The NFL is clearly trying to provide some much-needed good press for the Bucs. That much is obvious, as many others were entirely more deserving of this week’s award.

  7. Enjoy it because the Saints will get on track this week in Tampa and deliver a crushing defeat to the pretending Bucs!

  8. It’s not just about stats, you nerds. Leadership and willing a team to victory from behind were certainly a big part of it.
    It’s subjective, of course, but Freeman was certainly a valid pick. And to those griping about your player not getting an essentially meaningless award, I suggest you get a job or something.

  9. The award isn’t for the player with the bigest stat line.
    It’s for the player whose effort & results meant the most to their team, hence the term VALUEABLE not productive.
    The Bucs had no ground game at all and the D was getting torched all day long,

  10. Who votes for these things? Regardless of the stats, watching the game I was impressed by about 2 throws the entire game by Freeman. There were about 5 guys more deserving than he was.

  11. “But apparently, neither is 22 carries for 166 yards and 2 TDs (Matt Forte), nor is passing for 357 yards and a TD in a win over the Packers (Donovan McNabb), or even putting up 406 yards and 3 TDs in a loss even with 3 INTs (Tony Romo).”
    What he said. What a joke of a Player of the Week award.

  12. Lifelong Bucs fan here, but I have to admit I’m puzzled over his selection. He showed a lot of character and poise for his age will all that blitzing, but not sure he was the top performer. Looks like he was given extra points for his age and immaturaty.

  13. Skankchez is over-rated and will wilt this year. He’s doing nothing more than game managing this year, not unlike last year. He’s not gonna win you games, his job is to not lose games.

  14. Shaun Hill was more worthy of it than this guy.
    Don’t worry, I like Freeman and thought that he would have a great career because he played with bad quality weapons in college and made the most out of the situation.
    The problem I have is that Hill may have thrown for fewer yards, but he had 3 TDs and zero INTs.

  15. Like the MVP award, it seems they want everybody to get a chance.
    Face it; If the NFL truly gave the MVP to the Most Valuable player a QB would win EVERY year.
    If the NBA truly gave the MVP to the Most Valuable player, Jordan would’ve won at least 8 times.
    I suppose giving the award to the QB who passes for huge yards every week would be predictable.
    In short: He did not have the best offensive game in the NFC this past week.

  16. Even as a Bucs fan I agree that he didn’t have the best offensive performance this week. That fourth quarter was CLUTCH, though.
    Suprised he got the award, but glad the Bucs got some much deserved love.

  17. Nice job Free! He will lead us to more wins in the next three years. More than the three that Florio predicted the Bucs would have.

  18. But apparently, neither is 22 carries for 166 yards and 2 TDs (Matt Forte), nor is passing for 357 yards and a TD in a win over the Packers (Donovan McNabb), or even putting up 406 yards and 3 TDs in a loss even with 3 INTs (Tony Romo).”
    What he said. What a joke of a Player of the Week award.
    Stats are for losers.
    Tony f’n Romo, seriously?! Get your head out of your ass. Josh Freeman has completely outplayed Romo every week this year.

  19. I think you morons don’t realize that there is a big difference between “most valuable” and “most inpressive stats”. No, his stats weren’t impressive at all, but he stood in there against constant blitzing and no running game to help him out, got knocked out of the game, only to come back and score 10 points in the final minute to win the game. If you don’t think that that was valuable, perhaps you had better call Elway and tell him he needs to give back the 1986 MVP trophy, because his stat line was not impressive at all… but he was the most valuable player in the league. Kind of like Steve McNair when he won it, it’s not the numbers that measure the value of a QB, it’s his worth to his team, and Freeman’s performance was worth a ton.

  20. If Cody Grimm didn’t return a poor Carson Palmer INT for a TD, Freeman doesn’t get a chance to setup the game-winner. Combine that with the decent stats does not a Player of the Week make.
    There were far more deserving players who either A) played a bigger part in his team’s win, B) played a better team than the Bengals, C) put up much better numbers, or D) some combination of A, B, and C.

  21. Well said “brasho”, well said . Can not believe we are 3 and 2 already. Thats 3 more wins than than I gave them by this time. Bring on dem Saints! Go Bucs ! After last nights Rays game my focus is all on you guys.

  22. Well Bucforever, we’re actually 3-1 and good for Freeman. He is a strong man who is showing promise at the quarterback position in a town that has been in desperate need of just that. He may not have had the most explosive offensive stats, he even threw a pick! But his ability to overcome adversity and the doubt of everyone in the country (including his own fans, ie. Blackouts) and mount a fourth quarter win on the road over a team that has so much potential, lends credit to the fact that he WILL be a successful player for seasons to come.

  23. It blows my mind how many people are hating on Freeman winning this award. I understand that Freeman didn’t have the best stats this past week, but look at the whole picture.
    The Bucs were 3-13 last year, they are 3-1 this year. Freeman has played extremely well for only being in his second year as a starter and he was CLUTCH in the 4th quarter, and he ultimately won the game for the Bucs (along with Bengals mistakes).
    This was a big win for the Bucs franchise, and will hopefully give them momentum going in against a tough division game against the Saints.

  24. Its like they don’t even try to give this award to the most deserving person….
    There were a handful of players, from multiple positions, that had much better weeks.
    Sure, he had a good game. But lets be honest here. He wasn’t even close to being the best player in the NFC this week. Maybe on his team, on Sunday, but not NFC offensive player of the week, not by a long shot.
    NFC offensive player should have been Nicks, hands down, and I am not a Giants fan. He killed it.

  25. With Freeman being only 22 years old, and has tons of upside, the Bucs are set at QB for a long time.

  26. I am certain Florio has launched a full-blown investigation into the matter since seeing any positivity towards the Bucs has got to get him more worked up than LT at a middle school dance.

  27. Freeman is like a bigger stronger version of Rapistberger. He is impossible to sack unless you grab an ankle. He was sacked once and actually got out of the tackle and was called in the grasp after he already escaped. This is the first qb the Bucs have ever had that throws a legit long ball that is accurate. Any one who actually sees him play and the poise he has would know he is the real deal.

  28. # Bucforever says: October 13, 2010 2:56 PM
    Well said “brasho”, well said . Can not believe we are 3 and 2 already. Thats 3 more wins than than I gave them by this time. Bring on dem Saints! Go Bucs ! After last nights Rays game my focus is all on you guys.
    I’m calling your fanhood into question. Tampa’s 3-1, not 3-2… After this sunday, 4-1. We finally shut up the “who dat” bandwagon… Yeah its cool for players to say it in warmups, I get that. I can’t go into a sports bar without some bar floozie and her guido boyfriend from jersey yelling it, and that’s a problem. No but the saints gave hope to a dying city! yeah because an NFL team winning a superbowl made katrina never happen. grow up.
    end rant. sorry bucforever that was not all geared at you.

  29. (there is a big difference between “most valuable” and “most impressive stats”)
    Freeman was one of the most valuable players FOR HIS TEAM this week. Other players may have put up better stats but stats alone do not cut it.
    Tampa was playing a game on the road against the defending AFC North champs. This is a game that 99% of the “experts” said was a sure loss for Tampa. Freeman won because he led his team to 10 points in the last minute and a half of play.

  30. The Bucs down 7 on the road with no timeouts, against a Marvin Lewis defense intercept the ball with 2:18 remaining.
    Freeman leads them in Hurry-Up, down the field and scores a touchdown which wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t scrambled after a blitz on 3rd and 4 and run for a first down.
    Then after Cincy tried to drive for the win, Cincy drove into Bucs territory before being picked off.
    With 14-seconds left standing at about the 50, Josh Freeman threw a rope to the sideline at the 12-yardline with 5 seconds left.
    So despite better statistical performances, in a game the Bucs should not have won, the QB is recognized for two clutch drives with no timeouts for the win.
    Great job, Josh.

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