Kevin Kolb taking all the reps, Michael Vick likely out this week

Eagles coach Andy Reid hasn’t been particularly decisive when choosing his starting quarterbacks this season, so he might feel a little relieved that for another week, Michael Vick’s rib injury will take the decision out of Reid’s hands. reports that Kevin Kolb will likely make his second straight start Sunday against the Falcons, as Vick hasn’t been able to throw yet.

“We’ll just see how he progresses this week,” Reid said. “It’s really a day-to-day thing. Kevin will take all the reps today.”

The big question facing Kolb is whether he can play well enough to keep the starting job once Vick is healthy enough to play again. If Kolb has a big game on Sunday and the Eagles beat the Falcons, Reid may be tempted to keep Vick on the bench even if he’s cleared to play a week from now.

But while Reid may have a tough decision next week, Vick’s rib injury will make Kolb the starter this week by default.

15 responses to “Kevin Kolb taking all the reps, Michael Vick likely out this week

  1. No errors? MDS seems to think Kolb is playing against the Eagles. He may throw a bunch of INTs in which case he’d be right. And also clairvoyant.

  2. Considering how well Atlanta’s defense has been playing, I’d say Kolb is in for a long day and Vick’s not in any danger of losing his starting job.

  3. No way is Reid going to change to Kolb over Vick. Vick is hot right now and no matter if Kolb throws for 4 TD’s this week and wins against Falcons that Kolb will be Starting QB. Reid also said that Vick is a Pro-Bowl QB and is playing like one. Stop with all of this crazy controversey with Kolb vs. Vick. Eagles will most likely lose this week if Vick isn’t starting so it doesn’t matter.

  4. No way they squander the buzz of having a healthy Michael Vick at their disposal. The sports media WANTS there to be another controversy when Vick gets healthy again but the reality is, hell be back on the field as the starter as SOON as he can. If he starts to crap the bed at some point, of course, the story will change.

  5. Sammie…have you been in the Chilean mine?
    Reid has continuously and consistently contradicted himself re: the starting QB. Even back to McNabb.
    He even admits that it is very hard for him to be truthful about the situation.
    Only a block head would believe with any degree of certainty that Reid is 100% convinced about who will start the rest of the year.
    I don’t even think he knows himself!
    If PHI wins and Kolb plays great, there will be a coin flip chance as to who starts when Vick gets back healthy. especially if he misses another game or 2 and KK keeps winning.

  6. Vick has been Reid’s ‘dream car’ for quite some time and he’s going to do everything he can to keep Vick on the field in his offense. And it mostly makes sense with how well he was playing until he dropped out with the rib injury. But, Kolb is still playing against a stacked deck in terms of permanently obtaining the starting spot this season.

  7. IMO, it will take one helluva game.
    Eagles w/Kolb= a good team
    Eagles w/Vick= a SB contender in a very weak NFC
    I believe Andy knows this as well but in reality nothing surprises me with this guy.

  8. Thanks for the update.
    Now, what about Colt McCoy? Are they really going to throw this child into the fire like that?

  9. Trade Vick and Peters for a REAL LT and some DL help..
    this is a joke, no chance for the SuperBowl, let Kolb have the season.

  10. Reid has to deal with tougher decisions 3 times a day. That’s not a play chart he carries on the sidelines, it’s a menu.

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