Kevin Mawae, Robert Kraft agree: CBA can get done this year

Although many NFL observers expect a work stoppage in 2011, one of the most important people on the union side and one of the most important people on the management side say there’s no reason a new Collective-Bargaining Agreement can’t be reached in 2010.

NFL Players Association President Kevin Mawae expressed optimism in an e-mail to the Associated Press.

“We should recognize the business we are both in and for our fans and workers, let’s wrap this up by the holidays,” Mawae said.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said yesterday he thinks the deal can get done this year, too.

a deal can get done this year and actually getting a deal done this
year are two very different things. But optimistic statements from the
likes of Kraft and Mawae have to be considered positive news.

11 responses to “Kevin Mawae, Robert Kraft agree: CBA can get done this year

  1. Mawae should just shut up about this and start calling teams (like Miami) that might be able to use a little help at center

  2. Maybe Mawae should take over then because it is clear That De Smith or whatever his name is has no desire to work out a new CBA at any time.

  3. There is no one involved with the NFL who can afford to mess up in this situation. No egos, no greed. no politics, just compromise please. Where would they, the players and owners go to make this kind of money? Don’t blow it.

  4. I echo Gay Nate’s comment: bring on the rookie salary cap!!! It’ll cure so many evils in one fell swoop.
    1)It will discourage some, not all of the college kids from declaring early.
    2)It will disincent ethically challenged agents from rationalizing the reasons why they felt they had to help said college kids out under the table.
    3)It will knock down the future Ryan Leafs and Jamarcus Russell’s of the world from thumbing their noses at the world.
    4)It will take give the vets the lion’s share of the salary pie. This will give rookies, especially first rounders, more reason to do the things necessary, namely perform in order to earn that second fat contract.
    5)We can give the entire sports media complex one less thing to talk about. ESPN can focus more on the on the field stuff and let places like Deadspin and PFT focus on the frivolous TMZ-type of drivel.

  5. Then Mawae must also feel that the players are taking a smaller % of the revenue in order to get a deal done sooner then later…, and all existing players would also agree to a rookie salary cap becuase it means more for them…If that the case it will get done…so much for the players holding out…sounds like they caved in.
    it’s funny how an “EX-PLAYER”can be president of the “PLAYERS” association.

  6. there is no chance they get this thing wrapped up by the holidays. There are too many issues on the table. The rookie salary cap is an absolute must

  7. When it happens…watch for a huge house cleaning from high spending teams like jets and Vikings.
    Those 2 teams have mortgaged their futures for this season….Cap will be lower than people expect…due to rookie wage scale. Draft picks become gold.
    Just hope if they go to 18 game season that rosters expand by 4-5 players.

  8. it’s funny how an “EX-PLAYER”can be president of the “PLAYERS” association
    If the players feel Mawae is the best “player” lead them in this situation that’s their deal.

  9. BS translator on:
    Kraft> It can get done if the players cave.
    Mawae> It can get done if the owners cave.

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