Stephen Jones says Wade Phillips' job is "absolutely" safe

Despite the Cowboys’ 1-3 start, coach Wade Phillips’ job isn’t in jeopardy. Not yet, anyway.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones told NFL Network’s Albert Breer that Phillips’ job is “absolutely” safe.

“I think in our organization everybody is taking responsibility, not just Wade,” Stephen Jones said. “He does. He takes responsibility. The coaching staff takes responsibility. The players take it. We all take it.”

Stephen Jones’ dad, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, expressed confidence that Phillips will turn the season around.

“I’m very comfortable that we can do better,” Jerry Jones said.

If the Cowboys don’t do better, however, it’s easy to see Phillips’ job no longer being safe a month or two from now. Jones isn’t likely to keep Phillips around if the Cowboys finish the season in last place in the NFC East, which is where they are now.

And if there’s ever a big game between two teams with losing records, Sunday’s Vikings-Cowboys game is a big one. Both teams had Super Bowl aspirations heading into the season, but the loser will be 1-4.

38 responses to “Stephen Jones says Wade Phillips' job is "absolutely" safe

  1. I guess when your father knows nothing about football it only makes sense that you don’t either.

  2. Of course his job is safe, Jerrah is coaching the team through Phillips and last I checked, Jerrah is still the boss.

  3. Stephen Jones says Wade Phillips’ job is “absolutely” safe
    So you’re pretty much saying, like the San Diego Ass Chargers, the Cowboys are completely comfortable being mired in mediocrity.

  4. No kidding.
    Everybody knows Jerry is really the coach.
    Sock puppets like Wade are harder to find than good coaches.

  5. I wonder who wins the Superbowl @ Jerrys World this season?
    Until Jerry lets the football people do their jobs, ain’t no championships coming for the Cowboys.

  6. Jerry has never fired a coach in season. However, this is a season unlike any other in Cowboys’ history. A-50th anniversiry of the franchise. B-NFL All-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith enshrined in the Hall of Fame and Cowboys play in Hall of Fame Game. C-They have more prime time appearances than any team in Football (more opportunity for national media prime time praise or scrutinty). And to top it off..D-Super Bowl is played in Big D. To start off 1-3 is a disaster of epic proportions. Jerry has been trying to slide further away from control of team and transition it to Stephen but clearly he won’t sit back and watch the team implode before his and everyone else’s eyes without taking action of some kind. The losses have been mostly due to sloppy defensive efforts and great lack of concentration and attention to detail. They were caught off guard and ill-prepared for both Chicago’s and Tennessees’s offensive game plans that were focused on the passing game and attacking the back side of the Cowboys defensive secondary. They are certain to see more of the same in Minnesota, and with it being Randy Moss’s homecoming game, he is sure geeked up to stick it to the Cowboys yet again, and could easily send them to 1-4. All of this may just edge Jerry into removing Wade in a last ditch effort to rock the boat in an attempt to save the season.

  7. You people are so stupid, do you really believe this? I guess you believed it when he told TO his job was safe too huh?

  8. Who care what lil Jones says…What does big Jones say about it? When thay lose this week…GONZO!

  9. No discipline on this team.
    Is that Wade’s fault or Jerry’s?
    Pretty clearly Jerry doesn’t like a Parcells, Singletary or Belichick. Wouldn’t hire Shanahan.
    Jerry wants credit for making a winner on his own by putting a lame duck in as coach.
    Looks more like Dan Snyder all the freakin’ time.

  10. If you think a new coach will make the offensive line actually block, or speed up the secondary, or keep Romo from throwing dumb passes, you are highly mistaken. This organization would flop even if Vince Lombardi was coaching them.

  11. Dear Jerruh,
    Please just get it over with and take your position on the sidelines already. You know you want to. All this coaching via the Pillsbury Doughboy is causing confusion. Please assume the one title you have so desperately craved since Day 1 – Head Coach. All the fans of the other NFC East teams thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    P. S. – If you don’t directly takeover, please continue to stand on the sidelines so we can see your Botoxed face struggle to show pain as the Boys lose another one. Absolutely, the consistently funniest sight in the NFL over the last decade.

  12. things reely went down hill after the smartest coach in the leegue went to the siants! thank you cowboys for giving him up now we will go back to back if the leegue lets us. who dat!

  13. WFC11 says:
    October 13, 2010 8:22 AM
    Pull the damn trigger and get a real coach.
    What “real coach” is going what that job? Everyone knows Jerrah just wants puppets who will yield to his commands. Just like with Dan Snyder, that team is going nowhere until Jerrah realizes he’s not a football executive and gets the heck out of the way!

  14. “And if there’s ever a big game between two teams with losing records, Sunday’s Vikings-Cowboys game is a big one.”
    Too bad both teams couldn’t lose…

  15. Norv Turner will be fired after this year at SD, so they need to bring him in as the new OC next year. Cowher needs to be the new head coach to bring in the toughness and discipline this team has been lacking since Parcells left. Wade and Jason are gone after this year.

  16. The Pillsbury Doughboy is nothing but a figurehead/assistant coach to the rfeal headcoach (Jerah)…..this way Jerah can try to have his cake and eat it too. If da’ boys do well, Jerah makes sure he’s the one on camera getting all the credit, if they do bad, he puts it on the doughboy. There’s a reason why the boys haven’t didn’t diddly since Jimmy Johnson left…..becuz Jimmy was a real headcoach and was replaced by the “Jerah” himself, Jerah thoought it was so easy that he could do it…..LMAO

  17. Hahaha!!! This organization is in the toilet from top to bottom, Jones won’t go get a coach unless he can control him, and Wade clearly has no idea what is going on out on the field!! Phillips will be gone and the girls will continue to lose!! LMFAO@boysroll
    Man boysroll, chapnasty, and vox, have completely disappeared!!
    Come on guys don’t you have something to say??? Some kind of an excuse!!! Well at least the football genius (sarcasm) Trent Dilfer still thinks the Cowpukes are gonna win the division!!
    What a great season!!!!!

  18. I see the Cowboys losing a heart breaker to the Vikes this weekend…although I’m rooting for a MN loss.
    If they do lose this weekend and then follow up with a intra-divisional loss to the Giants…I see the Cowboys cutting Wade-o loose and letting Garrett try to right the ship the rest of the way out.
    That, and if the Skins, Giants, or Eagles pull out wins this week and sneak further ahead….pressure is going to be too great for Mr. Tightface to not do something.
    If Jerry would only spend more time on the sidelines clapping….

  19. Didn’t Phillips just get the “treaded” vote of confidence from his GM? That makes the over-under what, about three weeks?

  20. Where, oh, where are boysroll, vox, chapnasty and all the other lost boys now? So sad when that bright light shines and you have to scurry under the cabinets. I guess Cow”boys” is the appropriate name because there sure are no men among the fan base! Hail!

  21. There’s nothing to be gained by firing Wade now (except fleeting satisfaction from the fans), but plenty of downsides:
    Garrett won’t be able to handle the entire team. He hasn’t been effective with just the offense.
    No reputable coach will want to take over someone’s trainwreck. He won’t be able to put in his own system and will be left riding out Wade’s team.
    Jerry won’t want to pay big $$ for a coach right before a lockout.
    When the season’s done, though, the axe will fall swiftly.

  22. bronco1st says:
    Too bad both teams couldn’t lose…
    They already have and it makes me happy. Jerry and Farvrah deserve the best!

  23. As a Cowboys fan I would love to see Wade go but what is the alternative? Jason Garret? I mean seriously? Then they would have to promote some bum to D-Coordinator as well as potentially bring in an O-Coordinator. I mean it would only make sense to keep Wade until the end of the season and then make a coaching sweep.

  24. # bronco1st says: October 13, 2010 9:49 AM
    “And if there’s ever a big game between two teams with losing records, Sunday’s Vikings-Cowboys game is a big one.”
    “Too bad both teams couldn’t lose…”
    Yeah, but wouldn’t a tie be hilarious?

  25. I really don’t see Cowher coming to the Cowboys. Bill likes to be the head coach. He worked in the Steeler organization where they let him do the job they hired him to do and didn’t meddle in his job.
    Jerry doesn’t want a head coach, he wants, as others have noted, a puppet. A yes man. A figurehead that will allow him to make the calls.
    Cowher could not operate in that environment. He’s too smart and has too much pride to bend over and let Jerry have his way with him, like Phillips and MOST of his predecessors (not Parcels).
    I agree with the earlier comment…….get it over with and Jerry, just name yourself the head coach, as you’ve always envisioned yourself.
    He is so damn pious he thinks that he is the answer to the problem. Let him do it. Watch the mass exodus of players when that happens.

  26. I think the biggest problem in Dallas is that no matter how they play, they still think they are a Super Bowl team. The denial is already chest deep.
    Parcells used to say “you are what your record says you are” … but he didn’t last in Big D because Jerry needs to play fantasy football, and a real coach just gets in the way.

  27. Didn’t Jerry hire Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells? Are they not 2 of the biggest control freaks in the history of the league? Don’t let the facts get in the way of the half wit bashing here.

  28. Leadership 101 – Jerry is the problem. The players are not accountable for their performance because Phillips has no power to hire and fire. As the GM Jerry has the players buffered from him by Phillips. This leads to a lack of discipline or more penalties (most penalized team in the league since 2008), less turnovers, less focus, etc… The decline since Parcells left Dallas is obvious (no, the 13-3 season is not credited to Phillips as the 1995 Super Bowl is not credited to Switzer). Parcells knows a team can not be run properly by a coach that has no direct control over the players being hired and fired. That’s why he left Dallas. He knew he could not reach the next level with Jerry Jones at the helm. Watch how Shannihan staightens out the Redskins with proper team control. Dallas is doomed as long as JJ is the GM.

  29. Don’t we all want Phillips to stay? Of course. That way we can laugh our arse off at Jones and the useless Cowgirls.

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