The Week Five hot seat

Every week, we devote a PFT Daily segment to the five men who occupy the hottest coaching seats in the NFL.

This week, we’ve shaken the list up a bit, with a couple of new names and a new No. 1.

For more, take two minutes out of the lunch hour, the time of day when you’re paid not to work.

Not to be confused with the rest of the day, when some of you essentially are paid not to work.


22 responses to “The Week Five hot seat

  1. this guy Singletary went from looking like he’d have a good season to being #1 on the hotseat… I thought John Fox, Tom Coughlin and Lovie Smith were all in worse situations… Not necessarily the case anymore. Coughlin looks like hes rebounding from a terrible start, Smith has a decent team, and Fox… well, nobody had any expectations for them like people had for the 49ers. 0-5 is terrible for a team that most people would’ve figured would be 3-2 at worst.

  2. What about Wade Phillips? If Chilly is on the hotseat with his owner, how can Jerry Jones not be chomping at the bit to bail on Wade…he at least has someone in house he could put as Head Coach in Jason Garrett…

  3. The Vikings have 2-3 times more talent then the Browns, but Mangini is ahead of that cue ball headed Childress ? Right.

  4. Cannot believe you don’t have Marvin Lewis anywhere on this list. Of course, I suppose I can forgive you for thinking he’s already been fired. Anywhere else he would have been after Sunday.

  5. Yeah Wade Phillips just got the dreaded vote of confidence from the owner which is never a good sign so I would be shocked if Wade is the coach of the Cowboys next year.

  6. I guarantee you, if Singletary is fired at the end of the season, he will NOT be replaced by Rob Ryan. He will be replaced by an offensive minded coach. Guaranteed. I’d bet nearly anything on it.

  7. List should be as follows
    1. Mike Singletary
    2. Wade Phillips
    3. Brad Childress
    4. John Fox
    5. Eric Mangini
    Wade Phillips will be the first one out of all of them to get booted out because Jerra Jones isn’t going to put up with losses. Jerra will do anything to get his name in the papers and a Cowboys coaching change will surely stir up ESPN seeing as they have a “bromance” with the Dallas Cowboys. If Minnesota pulls out a win over Dallas this weekend, be looking for that comment from Jerra hinting heavily in a new direction. Mangini and the Browns have been in most, if not all, of their games going into the 4th quarter. They just need steady quarterback play and need to learn how to finish. This weekend will be the first “blowout” loss for the Browns when they invade the Steel City with a rookie quarterback lining up across from the Big Nasty Defense. Welcome to the big leagues rook.

  8. I think you are looking at the wrong coaches brother Florio. I see the Niners staying away from a defensive minded head coach this time and going with Jim Harbaugh from Stanford. That is unless they can get Gruden on board.

  9. Actually, my lunch is 45 minutes, and I’m not paid for that time. I get paid for 8 hours, but I actually have to be in the office for 8 hours and 45 minutes.

  10. PSUDU- The Vikings also have an in-house guy to replace their coach. Leslie Frazier D Coordinator. You’re still right about Jones chomping at the bit.
    Frank Ryan- You hit the Nail on the head.
    The Vikings need to decide if its Childress’s game plan that is setting them back in onset of games, or if its Favre’s inaccuaracy throughout. then fix it

  11. @PSUDU
    Jason Garrett would be 20 times worse than Wade Phillips. Best thing he did for Baltimore was not to take the Ravens job, which was the worse thing for Dallas. Jason Garrett’s offense is vanilla, why do you think the offense struugles so much? It’s not because of the players!

  12. Wade Phillips is not on the hot seat. Obviously, he sucks and he wont be back next year. But I think Jerry Jones realizes that Garrett wouldnt do a better job. the other guys have a shot to be canned mid season.

  13. Wade is not going anywhere, unless there are good puppet candidates available. JG is a joke, he couldn’t handle TO because he was scared of him.
    If Jerry finds a great OC to replace JG next season, Wade stays. Jerry values coaches that stay in line.

  14. Marvin Lewis wasnt on the list,but hes done in Cincy,he adds to the list of good cordinators but bad coaches,and Im sorry to tell everyone this,his replacement wont be Mike Zimmer,they have had their fill of “Cordinators Gone Bad”,the name of next years coach has already got winds about interest because he went to college at the University Of Dayton in Ohio and has always followed the Bengals,this is his dream job and has told people this many of times,now boys an girls can you guess who it is?
    Envelope Please….Bengals Fans, your 2011 coach,I introduce to you…
    Jon David Gruden

  15. Please Florio, we are begging you, Stop bringing Childress’s name into this list. He is a great coach, who knew that his Lord and Master would show his age this year at 41. Childress can still get it done, he is smarter than Bellicheat, a better motivator than Lombardi and a nice guy to boot.
    Ziggy should sign him to another long term contract extension.
    the bears, packers and lions.

  16. Gailey’s fine. He’s signed to a four-year deal and obviously in the middle of a rebuilding phase. Ralph Wilson told the AP that he has the utmost confidence in Gailey and Nix to get this train wreck turned around. If we see results like this in 2012 thru 5 weeks then it’s time to start the hot seat debate, but for now he’s safe. Oh by the way, Wilson turns 92 Sunday so….

  17. Your Pittsburgh accent is pretty frickin’ thick there, Mikey. I think we could benefit from having an inpreter that doesn’t sound like he or she is in pain while they are talking.

  18. Gailey’s job is safe. He just signed a four year deal with Ralph Wilson knowing that the team is in full rebuilding mode. Besides, If Dick Jauron can make it past his first season in Buffalo, Gailey and his poppa Buddy Nix will sure last.
    Happy Early Birthday to Ralph Wilson!!! Turning 92!! Go Bills!!

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