Vikings expected to sign Frank Walker

With Cedric Griffin out for the year and Chris Cook out this week, the Vikings are in dire straits at the cornerback position.

Time to call Frank Walker.

Adam Caplan of reports that Minnesota is expected to sign the eight-year veteran.  Walker has worked out for a few teams this year after finishing last season with Baltimore.  He’s played for the Giants, Packers, and Ravens during his career.

41 responses to “Vikings expected to sign Frank Walker

  1. Dear Vikings Opponent Quarterbacks,
    Any passing situation covered by Frank Walker is a completed pass.
    Giants, Packers & Ravens

  2. Not a good sign, but needs to be done. He’ll benefit from a decent pass rush, so he’ll rarely be left out on an island. He was bad in Green Bay because there was no pass rush. I think he played adequately in Baltimore, though.

  3. Take it from a Ravens fan… get used to seeing yellow flags launched frequently in his direction.
    He’s not as bad as many ravens fans will say he was, but he does have a tendency to get beat and then grab the receiver in an attempt to recover.

  4. Anyone notice how badly the Vikings play in the first quarter? I know Childress doesn’t require attendance at training camp, but does he also allow them all to skip practice and pre-game meetings too?

  5. Players out of the NFL are there for a reason. But I guess the Vikings would rather have an experienced borderline NFL player over a borderline NFL player with no experience.
    The guy is the 5th corner, but may be their 4th corner (brought in in dime situations) if Chris Cook’s knee don’t hold up. That means he ideally would only cover a team’s 4th WR (like Cowboy’s Sam Hurd this week). So the mismatch hopefully won’t be too bad.
    Now’s where Leslie Frazier can finally earn a head coaching job and not be the token “Rooney Rule” candidate for every job. Call defensive plays in way to put an experienced, but very beatable” CB, it situations where can be an asset and not a liability when he’s on the field.

  6. Supersuckers2 says:
    October 13, 2010 10:49 AM
    Oh another ex packer????? LOL!!!
    imagine that, anoter ex-packer that has a tendency to draw flags. Yep-I’m not surprised at all!

  7. I’ve seen yellow flag being thrown out EVERY game I watched thus far. Frank Walker most definitely will be a asset to the Vikings.

  8. yeah, another packer’s castoff snapped up by the viqueens. anyone else see a pattern here? k.orton is on my fantasy team, now I know I’m playing him this week!!

  9. “He was bad in Green Bay because there was no pass rush. I think he played adequately in Baltimore, though”
    Let’s not sugar-coat things. Frank Walker is not a good player. That’s why he was available.
    Let’s also be factually correct here rather than just take a shot at the Packers. He was bad in Green Bay because he was bad. It’s not because the rest of the defense was bad. He played in GB in 2007. That Packers D was 2nd in the NFL in fewest yards allowed per game. The D was 4th in fewest points allowed and 4th in turnover ratio.
    They were 13th in sacks so they were slightly above average. Aaron Kampman had 12 sacks, Kabeer Bjaja-Biamila had 9, and Corey Williams had 7. In other words, they had some guys that could get after the QB. Walker is not good, but he’s the type of player you have to sign when you lose two corners to injury and you trade another for a receiver.

  10. Walker is signed for depth reasons, he probably won’t see the field. Asher and Lito need to step up while Cook is out.

  11. Jay Glazer also reporting that the Vikings will be looking for former Packer, Santana Dotson to replace Jared Allen, who is apparently taking the rest of the year off….and also noted, Ahmad Carroll would rather stay in Calgary.

  12. As a Ravens fan who was tortured by Frank Walker for what seems like eons, let me be the first to warn the Vikings fans. Until the playoffs Frank Walker will draw at least one Pass Interference call per game. He’s not good enough to play corner in the league but he is smart enough to realize that it’s better to take the PI then get torched for 7 and at least give the rest of the defense a chance. Otherwise he’ll get picked on constantly and be the weak spot of any defensive time he gets on the field.

  13. SJ Apollo:
    Let’s be realistic – if Walker were THAT bad, there simply is no way any NFL team would sign him to play in actual games.
    I’m a Green Bay fan and they honestly haven’t had a consistent pass rush since 1997, or thereabouts. Just because it hurts your feelings doesn’t make it any less true. So, Walker probably would have been a bit more solid when he played for Green Bay, had the pass rush been a bit more consistent, which is what he’ll get with Minnesota. It was a simple observation on a very simple matter.

  14. i doubt he’ll get on the field once cook gets back. hey pcker fans, how bad is this guy? is he as bad as jarred bush??

  15. finley is out for the season. that seriously is too bad, that guy is a wicked good player.

  16. Supersuckers2 says:
    October 13, 2010 10:49 AM
    Oh another ex packer????? LOL!!!
    Who is this joker? Typing Lol? I thought only teenage girls did that. I suppose your next post will have, I know, right?! in it? You do realize there is free agency in football, don’t you? What difference does it make what teams he played for before? They have a need for a 4th corner, he’s available, who cares? I suppose you are one of those children that gets all giddy when the Vikings pick up a player that used to play for the Packers? Like it means something.

  17. “…had the pass rush been a bit more consistent, which is what he’ll get with Minnesota”
    Minnesota is tied for 28th in sacks. Their pass rush is non-existent. Even if you account for their bye, their 1.5 sacks per game would put them in 25th place had they played 5 games. Granted, they haven’t played the Bears yet, but something is wrong with Jared Allen right now.
    “i doubt he’ll get on the field once cook gets back. hey pcker fans, how bad is this guy? is he as bad as jarred bush??”
    Bush made the team in 2008 and beyond. Walker has been a journeyman. Bush sucks, but he’s apparently employable (I believe the Titans tried to sign him away as a restricted free agent before last season). Bush is athletic, but stupid which is why he gets penalties. Walker is slow so he’ll hold or interfere to make up for his athletic short-comings.

  18. Ya never know what will happen when a team gets in the situation the Vikings are in. If they have real character, they’ll make a statement and beat the crap out of their next opponent. Or they could just mail it in and suffer through a 3-12 type of season. My guess is there’s too much talent and pride there to just dissapear. So Dallas better watch it. And this from a Saints fan.

  19. Supersuckers2 is a moron. Yes, he played for the Packers and two other teams as well. I don’t know if you noticed, but few players play for the same team their entire career in the NFL. I agree with FavretoMoss, you sound like a teenage girl with the LOL nonsense. Injuries happen and you have to add depth. I don’t understand what the big deal is.

  20. SuperSucks:
    You sound a sort of pathetic trying to steal the thunder by putting out the Vikes may sign another ex-Packer. Isn’t it about signing the best available player that can help you team no matter where he came from? Oh that’s right, your GM TT doesn’t buy into that. You go ahead and ride that plane right into the ground this season.

  21. right Youngs79 and Farveto Moss what really matters is 1 win 3 loses and a qb rating of 67.0 30th in the NFL…. oh and by the way LOL LOL

  22. I’d rather have Walker on the field than Jarrett Bush. Walker wasn’t really that bad for what he was with the Pack, a dime back and special teamer.
    GB wanted Walker to stay, but he was pissed about playing time and I think felt he should be at least a nickleback. I think that’s what GB was planning to do with him, but Tramon Williams beat him out as a 2nd year player.

  23. These comments are too funny, i was hearing the same thing when the Vikes sign Karl Paymah. It sounds like this guy sucks.

  24. What Super doesn’t realize is that a lot of available players are ex-Packers. Other team’s castoffs sign on with other teams early, former Teddy players aren’t good enough to make opening day rosters, but there’s a pile of them sitting at home midseason waiting for injuries to deplete a team.
    Steady Teddy.

  25. forte year old virgin says:
    October 13, 2010 1:29 PM
    right Youngs79 and Farveto Moss what really matters is 1 win 3 loses and a qb rating of 67.0 30th in the NFL…. oh and by the way LOL LOL
    No. What matters is its a 16 game season, not a 5 game season. If you’d like to crown the bears now, be my guest. Remember, the Vikes and Bears and Vikes and packers haven’t played yet.Ther is ground to be made up right there. You go ahead and be all cocky right now, we’ll see where we are at in a couple months. Virgin in your screen name and Lol in your post, why doesn’t that suprise me?

  26. no more cocky then all of you Viking fools at the beginning of Brett’s arrival, as for the name , its a name junior I am a grandfather of 4 and been watching football since the Butkus and Sayers days, so trust me when I say I am not crowning anyone, especially the Bears I have seen them fail all too often, just stating the facts of what should mean something to you… and I did, so all the keyboard tuff guys like you will start calling me out.. but you wouldn’t if you sat right here , so enjoy your next 12 weeks and then we can see….

  27. Trust me Gramps, I’d pop you in the chin if you were sitting right here. Where you got that I was being a “tough” guy is beyond me. Iwas simply stating that there is a lot of season left and a lot of Division games left. Something that should mean something to you is Peterson is playing very well, the Vikes have a top 5 defense and once Moss gets acclimated to Favre, it will spell trouble for GB and Chicago. Enjoy your week 5 lead, it’s going to evaporate in the coming weeks.

  28. Hauschild says:
    October 13, 2010 11:46 AM
    I’m a Green Bay fan and…
    No dude, you aren’t. You’re a Brett Favre fan, not a Packer fan. You root for the Vikings while tearing the Packers every chance you get. That’s not being a Green Bay fan.

  29. The signing makes sense. Frank Walker fits a number of categories necessary to become a Minnesota Viking including (but not limited to)
    1. He sucks now, can’t play
    2. He’s an ex Packer
    3. He sucked previously as a Packer, that’s why the Packers cut the clown in the first place.
    4 He will suck well into the future.
    5. He has all but given up on his goal for playing for a team that could contend for the Superbowl.
    6. Has driven over 100 mph and thus will keep up with his fellow teammates on the local highways of Minneapolis.

  30. go farvetomoss !! we gots the best defense and got walker now who is the best free agent cb and the packers no this and r jellus cuz we got him cuz he wanted to be a viking cuz we win and cuz walker no it. oh yeah,,, lol,,, and we gots the best qb farve and wes gots the best wr moss and we got best kicker and wes got the best fans and we got the best team and we be wining the super bole baby and bears and packers no it and r jellus cuz we da best !!

  31. Ted Thompson drafts 15 kids every year. He releases his failures from previous drafts to make room for them. After they fail for a couple years, he releases them for his latest group of failures.
    You can’t get your groceries bagged these days without seeing someone that Teddy boy thought was going to be good.

  32. I love it when Packer fans come on hear and pretend to be Viking fans who are grossly undereducated. Like anyone but other Packer fans believe that crap….
    Or maybe it was a Saints fan…. And he wasn’t pretending to be under-educated….

  33. @Brewdogg
    Ted Thompson didn’t draft Frank Walker. He signed him as a FA and he was only there for a year.
    And Thompson likes to make a lot of picks each year so he can hit on so many. If he drafts 15 players, he’ll hit on 8. His track record for players is pretty good:
    Draft: Rodgers, Jennings, Matthews, Finley, Sitton, Raji, Collins, and so on.
    Trade: Ryan Grant, trade up to get Matthews
    FA: Woodson, Pickett, Chillar
    He didn’t invest a whole lot in Frank Walker and now has better corners than anyone thought he’d have in Woodson, Harris, Tramon Williams (who’s playing great, by the way) and Sam Shields.

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