With Cutler back, Bears offensive line gets a facelift

The Bears confirmed on Wednesday that Jay Cutler will return to the starting lineup this week.  He’ll be playing behind a revamped offensive line.

2008 first-round pick Chris Williams will move to left guard in a rather surprising switch, according to the Chicago Tribune.  Williams was tabbed as the blind side protector of the future, but he’s struggled this year before an injury.  Veteran Frank Omiyale will stay at left tackle.

The key here appears to be getting left guard Roberto Garza out of the starting lineup.  Garza isn’t 100% and his play has fallen off dramatically.  Rookie seventh-round pick J’Marcus Webb will remain at right tackle.

Cutler spoke Wednesday about the decision to sit out against the Panthers last week.

“I wanted to play. But concussions are kind of tricky,” Cutler said.

The Bears host the Seahawks and Redskins before a bye and a trip to face the Bills.  If their defense continues to play well, they have a great chance to start the year 6-2 or 7-1 before the schedule gets tougher down the stretch.

UPDATE: Here’s Cutler, in moving pictures.

28 responses to “With Cutler back, Bears offensive line gets a facelift

  1. “I wanted to play, but I wet my pants and forgot my name for 1/2 hour before the game started.”
    This guy is WAY over rated.
    They should rename him “Not My Fault”

  2. If the Bears figure out how to maintain a block (and Cutler throws the ball before 5 seconds go by) they could easily win their division, much to the chagrin of Viking and Packer fans.
    Gregg, take a damn English class if you are going to keep writing.

  3. Done the stretch, I usually don’t comment on grammatical errors like others do but I have noticed it happening a lot lately, come on man THIS IS YOUR JOB!
    If I got paid to write articles, I would surely proofread prior to posting……

  4. Cutler should sit this one out. Cris Clemons is gonna hit him hard, and if he misses somehow, Colin Cole, Brandon Mebane, Red Bryant, and Curry will get him. Bears are 3rd against the run, Seahawks are 2nd. Earl Thomas is gonna have a big day making interceptions of Cutler

  5. Seahawks are also last against the pass kingbman so I really wouldn’t put to much stock into your prediction.

  6. ” Earl Thomas is gonna have a big day making interceptions of Cutler”
    Not as big a day as Cutler himself torching the rest of that secondary that gives up over 300 yards per.

  7. Bears fans … enjoy the ride while it lasted. The Bears are garbage and are not worthy of the record they currently have. Your defense is pretty good BUT THAT IS IT. Cutler is awful.
    Vikings will win the division … write that down!

  8. @Jayo….all you’re missing this season in Minnetonka is a ‘Love Boat’ episode…you’ll be lucky to finish with a .500 record, book it Dano.

  9. da bears da bears da bears are going down. A bear is no match for a beast. Beast Mode is going to be unleashed on da bears

  10. Teddy Bears are doomed. Nice job with your lucky wins, but your luck will run out soon enough. Just like the Packers 3 lucky wins this year. Vikings will pound you twice on our way to the Super Bowl, and you better hope you don’t make the playoffs or else it will be 3 times! Jared Allen is going to crush all your hopes and dreams and make you waste even more 1st round picks on a QB after he destoys Sackler. LOL, that’s a funny name… SACKLER!!! LOL!

  11. Hey there ScottyFargo what place are you guys in the division ? Oh thats right one place ahead of the Lions .
    Jayo Favre and the Queens will be lucky to be third in the division with old man Favres body breaking down & him throwin in the towel midseason .
    And FireJerryJones are you one of those special folks ?

  12. “I wanted to play. But concussions are kind of tricky,” Cutler said.
    Yeah, “tricky”. As in “me so concussed I don’t know if I’m me normal stupid self or me had got knocked around like a croquet ball stupid.” That kind of “tricky”.
    Heaven forbid they should play him when it’s “tricky” because, ah, you know, he, ah, might throw stupid interceptions … or something like that, ah, right?

  13. Favre > Sackler
    Peterson > Forte
    Moss > Assamyscrodum
    Harvin > Hester
    Shaincoe > Olsen
    Vikings Oline > Do you even have an Oline? LOL!
    Vikings have a top 5 Defense, and the teddy Bears don’t know what defense is.

  14. The Cutler hate on display here reeks of jealousy.
    Just because your beloved BiQueeens are starting a geriatric and the Fudgies have a choke artist leading the O is no reason to denigrate the NFC North’s most complete and talented QB. The only rational answer is jealousy and envy. We’re 4-1 and you aren’t. Go Bears!
    BTW, someone wasn’t clear but the Bears are 7 over the Seahawks… do yourself a favor (that is if you’re a man and not a “fantasy” playing wuss) and lay the points this weekend and while you’re at it – load up! Easy money fellas for those with the nads to make a wager instead of playing fantasyland.

  15. What’s up with all the Queen fans all of a sudden? You guys know that the Cowboys will beat you and Farve will make sure of that. Also Cutler has the least amount of INT’;s in the NFC north so that crap is done and over wiih

  16. ScottyFargo you fail to mention a few other things so I’ll help you out ….
    Cutlers stats > Favres stats
    Bears WR core > Queens WR core
    Knox & Hester > Harvin & Berrian
    Olsen > Any TE on the Queens roster
    Queens O-line = OLD
    Bears 4-1 > Queens 1-3
    And your Queens are fighting the Lions to be the worst team in the division . So really whos better the 1-3 team with the ancient QB who wants to sit out because hes not winning or the team with the 4-1 record atop the NFC North division ? Seems kinda obvious to me and most others .

  17. Good teams don’t lose more than they win. Good Qb’s don’t throw more pics than TD’s. Good running backs don’t fumble more than anyone else since they’ve been in the league. Good teams are not good because the media says so. Good defenses don’t let the other team drive down the field on them in crunch time. Good fans don’t make delusional comments about how awesome their 1-3 team is.
    Go Bears.

  18. Cutler has to be the most hated qb in the NFL lol it’s just funny how ppl that don’t like him always have to leave comments. How his dick taste? Fagets

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