Bizarre sexual assault suit against Eric Green is re-filed

In January, we shared with you news of a lawsuit claiming that former Cardinals cornerback Eric Green forcibly sodomized a transgender New York resident in 2009. 

As it turns out, the original suit was dismissed because Green never was served with the papers.  According to the re-filed lawsuit, Green wasn’t served because a settlement had been reached.

Green allegedly failed to make the first payment on the settlement agreement, prompting the second suit.

He last played football in Super Bowl XLIII.  He later signed with the Dolphins, but he was cut in September 2009.

26 responses to “Bizarre sexual assault suit against Eric Green is re-filed

  1. Didn’t he sign with the 49ers after the Dolphins? Wiki has him playing now in the UFL as well.

  2. Give the guy a break, sometimes you can’t tell if its a guy with a penis, or a girl with a penis.

  3. My guess is he thought she was, and always had been, female, brought he(r) home, got all worked up, saw something was amiss, and said f-it- literally. Finally, a reason to watch a UFL game!

  4. He is known for dating trannys. I actually have a pictures of him with one he dated for several years. I have several pictures. If you want them florio you know how to reach me

  5. Oh come on who here hasn’t forcibly sodomized a transgender New York resident once or twice?

  6. Only 5 replies to this as it’s about to scroll off the headlines? The PFT decency filter must have the pedal to the metal!

  7. BackToJail4Vick says: October 14, 2010 5:59 PM
    Ah yes, the old sausage surprise. Hate when that happens!
    lol, that’s the chance you take when they’re huge, petite is the safe bet.

  8. Favre’s looking like the all American boy right now.
    These guys can afford hookers who will be discreet. Makes no sense at all.

  9. I missed that article when it first came out. Unfortunately, I didn’t miss it this time.

  10. pkrlvr says: October 14, 2010 6:08 PM
    I guess once you find out she’s a tranny, sodomy is your only option really.

  11. # kchubb says: October 14, 2010 8:27 PM
    Ew… wait… pre op or post op?
    Pre for sure. Once they’re post op, trans no longer applies. After the knife fight they’re called “fillets.”

  12. kchubb,
    Apparently post-op because in the attached article, it states how he couldn’t perform due to the surgically constructed vagina, which led him to become extremely agitated and roughly enter through the other way.
    From what I can gather, the guy took this woman out, unaware she was transgendered, they decided to have consensual sex at some point in the night, he caught on to the fact that she was transgendered because of the obvious difference a man-made vagina would probably have as opposed to a real one, but then proceeded to forcibly sodomize her from this point instead, which she didn’t agree to. Got it now? Lol, I know it’s got my head spinning.
    Whatever the deal is, if he sexually assaulted this person, more than a law suit should be in order, which always makes me wary of those kinds of victims. If there was such trauma, haul him into criminal court for raping you, instead of looking for a golden parachute to make this go away because of the embarrassment this incident might be causing this guy.

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