Nate Burleson fined $15,000 for uniform infraction, celebration

Lions receiver Nate Burleson lifted his jersey during Sunday’s pregame introductions to reveal a shirt with “What up doe” written on it. He also scored a touchdown and, in celebration, punted the ball into the stands.

In the NFL, those are costly rules violations.

Burleson has been fined $15,000 for breaking celebration rules and uniform policies.

That seems like an awfully stiff price. There’s nothing obscene about “What up doe” (it’s Detroit slang for “what’s up?”), and kicking a ball into the stands just gives a fan a great souvenir. Burleson didn’t do anything with either gesture that reflects badly on the league.

And yet he was fined three times as much as a teammate who gave the finger to an opposing fan.

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  1. It’s a form of slang. I like how he translated one slang phrase into another slang phrase “what’s up”
    In Chicago we say “What up, Joe?”
    Check the thesarus its in there with
    Wat it do?
    Where they do that at?
    What up my nig?
    What’s good?
    Go back a little bit
    What’s shaking?
    What it is?

  2. JSpicoli says:
    October 14, 2010 2:40 PM
    what’s a doe?
    female deer Well I guess he’s one of those guys who like’s deers you know like the guys who play with sheep .

  3. Nate – next time give the NFL front office the middle finger and save 10K. These NFL execs are losing their mind trying to specify EXACTLY what a player is allowed to do in celebration. It’s a joke, talk about drunk with power.

  4. SOOOO…. An employee who demonstrates something that embraces the community (wearing a t-shirt with Detroit vernaculars) who you’re trying to sell your product too, is a penalty?
    Spiking a football (the oldest celebration in the book) and accidentally falling down afterwards, is a penalty?
    But if Aaron Rodgers jumps into the bleachers mosh-style and parties it up with the fans and in effect delaying the PAT by anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, that’s ok?

  5. Roger Goodell, are you kidding me, fining this guy more than someone who makes an obscene gesture.
    He acts so dang pious and omnipotent yet when it comes to common sense, well to say his bucket is running low would be an understatement.
    i think he is showing the hypocrisy of the league and himself when they do stupid stuff like this.
    they ought to be fined 30K for being so stupid.

  6. Several nasty headshots this year by the D warranted $7,500 fines. Dress the wrong way and the Man picks your pocket for $15K. Speaks volumes as to what is important to the Commish’s office.

  7. Here is my educated guess on this SITUATION (what up jersey!). When Burleson was acquired by the Lions months ago he thought it would be cool if he wore that shirt and pulled it out after his first decent play as a Lion. Nate is terrible, so weeks went by without the opportunity to show the shirt off. He decided to just do it during the pregame warm-up. Then, low and behold he actually scored a touchdown, his first in a year. Disappointed he already revealed his celebratory t-shirt, Burlson kicked the ball into the stands.

  8. Wait, isn’t the REAL story here that Nate Burleson even had something to celebrate about?!?!?

  9. Who said this had anything to do with obscenity? Players have gotten dinged before for having any kind of planned/written messages in their celebrations,
    I remember someone (can’t remember who) saving their teammate a 15-yard penalty (and probably a fine) when the guy who scored was about to take out some kind of towel with a message on it after scoring and someone else got to him first and restrained him before the ref saw it.
    Kicking the ball in the stands — or heaving it in as opposed to just flipping it to someone — has long been flagged (and fined) as unsportsmanlike.
    I’m also guessing that two deliberate infractions in the same game probably helped up the ante from the usual $5K per and got another five tacked on.

  10. Mr Krinkle,
    In case you didn’t know, which I’m guessing you don’t by your idiotic post, Burleson had a high ankle sprain and didn’t play until last week. And just because the pathetic Seahawks misused him last year as a #1 wide receiver doesn’t mean he’s terrible. Actually being in the role he’s supposed to be in, in Detroit, he’s really good. But then again, I suppose a wide receiver’s value is only reflected in his numbers in your eyes. Not in taking coverage away from Calvin Johnson, converting third downs (which he did multiple times last week), or making the defense pay for putting everyone deep to cover Calvin by catching underneath routes. He did that last week beautifully and when the defense played back, he caught a 5 yard pass and outran the entire secondary for a TD. But then again, you’re an idiot and probably don’t understand that stuff. Or you’re a whiny B**** Seahawks fan and mad that he left.

  11. Come on Roger! Your league is becoming a joke with all these silly infractions.. Plus you need to get some officials that have eyes
    (hence the Calvin Johnson TD reversal call)
    You people in the NFL front office know that you blew that call bigtime…
    Keep taking the fans for granted, just like NASCAR did and you’ll start to see your television ratings go south…

  12. Once again I’d like to point out that it costs less to grab another player in the junk. Ridiculous!!

  13. RUGGERLAD says:
    October 14, 2010 5:49 PM
    Once again I’d like to point out that it costs less to grab another player in the junk. Ridiculous!!

  14. Forget the fines. Why can’t these guys just play ball and act like they’ve been there before. Oh that’s right, he hasn’t.

  15. The NFL is really taking the FUN out of football this year. And they WONDER why teams aren’t selling out games…. These owners really need to pull their heads out of their giant piles of money and tale a look around. If a player wants to throw/punt a football in the stands after scoring..I think that’s GREAT !! Seriously…what’s the big deal ?? Let some PAYING fan have something they will treasure. Don’t they get the damn balls for free anyway ?? I’m pretty sure WILSON PAYS the NFL for the right to make and provide those balls. SMH !

  16. ToledoLions,
    In case you didn’t know, which I’m guessing you don’t by your idiotic post, Burleson played weeks one and two. He had exactly one catch each game. He is terrible.
    Then you go on to say how much he is helping Calvin Johnson. First of all, if he didn’t play all season like you believe, it would be impossible to help Johnson. Second, Johnson’s numbers are not that good this season, so he isn’t getting much help.
    You are obviously very stupid.

  17. No, I knew he played week one, but he was injured on the first play of the game week 2. Week 1, in case you didn’t notice, NO receiver had a good game because the Lions were inside their own 10 yard line all game after the 1st quarter and couldn’t pass. How could he help Calvin not being in their? If you watched the games, you would know that Calvin was wide open this past week compared to the previous 3 weeks without Burleson. Calvin isn’t having a good year so far because he has been double and triple teamed while Burleson was out. What I said meant when Buleson is in, it helps Calvin. I thought you would just understand that it meant when he plays, but I guess common sense is out the window here. The more Burleson plays and makes teams pay for over-covering Calvin, the better Calvin’s numbers will be.
    Burleson also won’t put up huge numbers this year because the Lions spread the ball around too much. When he’s the open guy, he’ll get the ball, and when he’s not it will be another guys turn. It’s not about how huge his numbers are in the Lions offense, it’s about him catching the ball and making a play when the ball comes to him. And he has been really good at that so far. So I guess when he doesn’t have monster numbers at the end of the year, you will call him a bum and curse him and act like he’s your girlfriend that broke your heart, like you just did.
    Why do you hate him so much anyways? Because the Seachickens had him and Houshmanzedah, who are both slot type receivers, trying to play the #1 receiver role and out of position for their skill-sets? Yea he’s not good at that, but look at how Harvin looked trying to be the #1 receiver before Moss got to the Vikings this year. Players that are meant to play in space and run short, quick routes won’t do good when they are forced to try and be an Andre Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald type player. None of that is Burleson’s fault. It is the fault of the incompetent front office and coaching the Seachickens had for the last couple of years.

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