Thanks to Saints, trick-or-treating may come early in New Orleans

Kids in New Orleans may get their Halloween candy a day early, as a group of area moms are urging residents to adopt early trick-or-treating to avoid conflicting with the Saints’ October 31 night game.

“This would allow everyone to focus on our kids on Saturday night and our Saints on Sunday night,” the moms, who call themselves the Treat Dats, said in their call for moving trick-or-treating. “We take pride in doing things a little differently in New Orleans, and changing Halloween weekend would remove an agonizing choice from our citizens.”

The idea is for residents to put “Treat Dat Here” signs in their windows on Saturday, October 30 to demonstrate that they’re giving out candy a day early — and that they don’t want to be bothered by trick-or-treaters while they’re trying to watch the Saints game on Sunday night.

Makes sense to me. If I’m watching football, the last thing I want is a bunch of Harry Potters and Power Rangers (or whatever kids dress up as these days) bugging me for candy. Foxboro, Massachusetts, which has already moved its trick-or-treating to the day before Halloween to avoid conflicting with the Patriots’ Halloween game, has the right idea.

20 responses to “Thanks to Saints, trick-or-treating may come early in New Orleans

  1. Get yourself a DVR and keep your bahumbug to yourself.
    Don’t they remember how important Halloween was as a kid? It was the best holiday of the year.

  2. IMO this is not a good idea AT ALL as “Treat Dat Here” is also the sign posted outside all New Orleans’ Free Clinics.

  3. I think this is a great idea. Its really hard not to like NoLa as a city and the Saints as a team. I was going to complement the Treat Dats (great name) with being innovative, but I read the last part of the entry with pride: fans of my Patriots have already made a similar decision.
    For the idiot with the “spend time with your kids” lecture or the other idiot with the “halloween is important to kids” lecture, may I point out that halloween isn’t being cancelled, its just being moved to the night before it appears on the calendar. What is the harm in that? Same experience for the kids; same opportunity to spend time with said kids.

  4. If that city had to choose , including the kids, they’d choose their love of Who Dat Nation and their beloved Saints over Halloween 100% of the time. Buy the candy, and feed it to the kids in front of the 42″ on Sun Night.

  5. I’m so sick of all this crap with the town of New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints. Does anybody in that town have a job?! Its like all these people have or do is the damn Saints. Where were all these fans before they won the Superbowl? This same group of moms probally couldnt even name 10 players on the team.

  6. what time do people bring their kids out on Halloween? It shouldnt interfere with a night game that starts at 9 really should it?
    And the Pats game is at 1, Ive never had someone come to the house between 1-4…

  7. In central PA, we have Trick or Treat all over the map. Hardly any municipality has it on actual Halloween. Many are the last thursday of the month.
    Nothing to do with Football. People here just like be control freaks I think.
    Anyway. For anyone in NOLA who wants to not be bothered for Trick or Treat. Set a bowl of candy out in your driveway and let nature take it’s course. Then you can sit around and watch the Saints be pummeled.

  8. Just the fact that the vast majority of NO residents believe “dat” to be a real and acceptable use of language is a sad travesty in itself. With a population of around 475,000 people, I would estimate that NO has a CUMULATIVE IQ of around 300,000, and cumulative population of teeth at around 100,000. I’m surprised there are enough people that own a tv to tune in to make it worth even considering moving trick or treat day.

  9. Insanity.
    As a kid, Halloween is one of the best times of the year, and it’s one night. ONE NIGHT. Skip the Saints game and spend it with your kids. The Saints play 7 other home games, and you have a DVR.
    You can’t re-schedule a national holiday/event because of a game. Not everyone in New Orleans are Saints fans. Unbelieveable

  10. LOL!@CitizenStrange
    What a bunch of lazy broads with too much time on their hands. A city founded by the french, who needs it. Katrina was 2005, no one cared bout this city then, nor do they now. Lets move on.

  11. Citizen Strange says:
    October 14, 2010 4:01 PM
    IMO this is not a good idea AT ALL as “Treat Dat Here” is also the sign posted outside all New Orleans’ Free Clinics.
    best post of the day

  12. You have to love how people say they’re getting tired of Katrina, yet bring it up in a article that didn’t even mention it. Morons.

  13. You’re right John Moron II…the 7.5 million tourists who visited New Orleans since January couldn’t care less about the city and oh yeah…the nations largest port (the world’s 4th largest) doesn’t benefit anyone…who cares really, its just a port. Oh yea and that Louisiana Purchase thing, you know…the one signed in New Orleans…no one cares about that. You are a grade A bafoon sir…sorry about your luck!

  14. Is this the first time in history that Halloween has landed on a Sunday? Did they do this when the fans were wearing bags over their heads, and called them the “Aints”?

  15. Is this the first time in history that Halloween has landed on a Sunday? Did they do this when the fans were wearing bags over their heads, and called them the “Aints”?

  16. god you people are stupid. this is not a “spend more time with your kids” issue. moving trick-or-treating to saturday means parents spend the time they would spend with their kids sunday on saturday. and since you’re so concerned about the children of new orleans not getting enough mommy and daddy time, here’s the bonus: now that trick-or-treating has happened on saturday, these poor neglected children get another day to spend with their parents — SUNDAY!!!, when they get to go to the game with mom and dad or stay at home and watch with the whole family! rejoice, opinionated internet users!

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