Carson hears the boos

The Bengals don’t play this weekend, which means that they won’t be playing poorly this weekend.  Which also means they won’t be getting booed.

Recently, quarterback Carson Palmer spoke about the reaction that he and the team have been getting from the home crowd.  Specifically, he said he hears to boos.

Yeah, I do,” Palmer said, per Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “I’ve been in this situation before.  That’s really par for
the course when you play quarterback.  You’re expected to win games and
when you don’t you take the brunt of it.  When you do you take a little
more credit than you deserve.  That just comes with the territory.  I’ve
been a quarterback for a long time and definitely been in this situation before
like all quarterback that have been playing the position a long time.  You just
have to keep believing in yourself and not worry about what anyone is
thinking or saying and go about your business and put your best team in
the position to win week in and week out.”

Palmer said that the issue has a greater impact on his family than on him.  “My folks were at the game and they feel it,” Palmer said.  “It definitely affects them
more than it affects me.  But like I said, I’ve been through this

He later said of the boos, “I don’t really care.  I care what my teammates expect of me and I care about what they think of me because they’re my teammates and that’s what matters to me.” 

Though that could be interpreted as an indication that Palmer doesn’t care about the fans, it should be taken that way.  He has thick skin, which becomes an important feature during a lackluster start that more and more people are pinning on Palmer. 

At 2-3, things won’t be getting any easier after the bye.  Seven of the next eight games represent tough tests for the defending AFC North champs, with games against the Falcons, Dolphins, Steelers (twice), Colts, Jets, and Saints.  If they don’t win at least five of those, the Bengals won’t be making it back to the playoffs for the second straight year — and that’s something they’ve never done in consecutive non-strike seasons.

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  1. There is always a clear way to avoid being booed: don’t suck.
    As for his family’s reaction to it, we’re not booing his efforts as a husband, a father or a man, we’re booing his efforts as a football player. Carson seems to be an incredibly upstanding athlete, not too fame hungry, real down to earth, hilariously chill (us Bengals fans called him Shaggy for a couple years and not just because of his haircut), and apparently a good family man. He’s never in trouble and he could probably win a few Man of the Year awards. I’d let my daughter date him and I’d be proud to call him son.
    But he just can’t lead my football team anymore. Whether it’s his injury elbow or his injured confidence, he doesn’t have it anymore and the Bengals are tied into a $100m contract so it’s time to cut bait and start the rebuilding process all over. Not that the rebuilding process ever really got that far in the last 20 years anyway.

  2. I think Palmer is still a good QB, but there is definitely something wrong. He has the skills but just can’t seem to put it all together.

  3. Carson Palmer has always been the most over rated QB ever since he came out of college. It don’t look like the two show boat WR’s are helping him either.
    I heard the Bengals were offering to trade Palmer and next years 4th round pick for Charlie Batch

  4. Carson hears the boos at home but hears cheers when they play away . The only QB in the NFL that the other team fans cheer for when he walks out on to the field

  5. Kimo ruined this guy’s career. He just has never been the same since that horrific injury. The problem is, I don’t really feel too bad for him because of two things. 1. The guy still comes off as arrogant most of the time and 2. More importantly he’s thrown his teammates (especially receivers) under the bus a bunch of times over the years so it’s fitting that everyone is finally starting to see he no longer has ‘it’. He kept getting a pass for some reason last year, even though he was holding the team back, so it’s about time people started giving him his due share of the blame.

  6. it’s not Palmer’s fault, Cincy’s fan base, believe it or not all you haters, is very football savvy and we can’t stand the Mike Brown regime anymore. He’s bending us over with the OC Bratkowski, and there is ZERO Accountability on the coaching staff…..stop being the most predictable offense in the league and we’ll stop booing

  7. I really dont think Palmer is THE issue with the Bengals. He just happens to be the focal point we humans can place blame on.

  8. @awhart
    He threw for more yards the following year. He came back fine from Kimo’s hit job on his knee. He had the elbow injury that he should have gotten TJ surgery on, apparently. So if an injury has derailed his career, which he says he’s completely fine, then blame the Bengals medical staff for not advising him to get the TJ surgery.
    But I don’t think it’s his elbow either. His offensive line is terrible and has been for three years. He doesn’t trust them, has happy feet in the pocket and rushes his throws and doesn’t have the proper throwing motion. I think it’s all mental with him at this point.

  9. CIN has more weapons then GB and they should be scoring in the 30’s every game. I think they miss a real burner like Chris Henry who Palmer just had to toss it up for and Henry could outrun everyone to the ball.
    Oucho and Owens are playing like possession receivers now. They should be using Gresham to move the chains on 3rd down like SD uses Gates. They have Shipley, Caldwell and on and on. Can’t understand how someone isn’t open on every play.
    They should have blown out TB but they seem content to try and win 20-17. They should have run all over them and then had play action all day.

  10. Palmer apologists have always said it was his lack of a good receiving corps and/or running game that was the problem- now what’s the excuse?

  11. WhoDeySood5 says:
    October 15, 2010 9:32 AM
    it’s not Palmer’s fault, Cincy’s fan base, believe it or not all you haters, is very football savvy and we can’t stand the Mike Brown regime anymore. He’s bending us over with the OC Bratkowski, and there is ZERO Accountability on the coaching staff…..stop being the most predictable offense in the league and we’ll stop booing
    You forgot to say the players and fans shouldn’t say we are going to win the SUPERBOWL before the season started . They should of said we might of got lucky last year and this year we will be the same old Browns I mean Ben Gals

  12. This team has never gone back-to-back non-strike seasons without making the playoffs? Something is definitely wrong with that statement. There were long stretches over the past 30 years where this team not only didn’t make the playoffs, but was at the top of the draft.

  13. That’s a bold assumption WhoDey suggesting the Bengals have a collection of haters. The Bengals have rarely put together back to back playoff seasons under the Browns. It’s easy to see why the hating public has teams like the Patriots, Cowboys, Ravens and Steelers on their radar but the Bengals? The Bengals body of work simply doesn’t merit that kind of emotion. These clowns like T.O. and Chad Ochowhatever are amusements and treated as such by the public. Over the years I’ve known several Bengal fans. Good people, good fans, knowlegeable fans and they all say it starts at the top with the Browns. Sadly, that’s not likely to change any time soon.

  14. I’m a Steeler fan and to say Carson Palmer has always been overrated is a joke. Palmer was the third best qb in the league behind Manning and Brady. It’s not his knee injury, it’s his elbow injury that is affecting him. He has not been the same since opting not to have the Tommy John surgery and just rest it instead. And it’s to the point now where that’s no longer an option, he can’t be away from football for two years at this age. He’s still a decent qb, but he’s never going to be the all-pro he used to be again.

  15. As a Bengal fan, Carson Palmer is the most over rated piece of crap in Bengals history. He was good for a year or two, and is now terrible. Yet there are still fans in Cinci who actually believe he is a good QB, rather than being the anchor on the offense.

  16. Whodeyben: yo man I’m picking up what your throwing down! I feel you on that. Chad and T.O. are just as responsible for the 2 last ints if not completely responsible, O-line sucks ass at pass blocking, and Brat has been completely retarded at calling plays for 5 yrs now. Hey! Lets run a shuffle pass!!

  17. Not to mention Carson Palmer is a terrible leader. He shows absolutely no emotion on the field and he rarely stands up and takes blame for any problems. His reaction to throwing a pick six is the same reaction he gives to throwing an 80 yard TD, which is no reaction at all. The guy is a statue. Chad is more of a leader on this team than Carson is. He has stood up and taken the blame for Carson several times this season, while Carson sits back counting his unearned money.

  18. Two forces pushing the boos. Forst, Carson has played terrible the past season and a half. Second, he speaks poorly of Ohio State in a state dominated by the Buckeyes. Not much love left when you consider those items.

  19. “Though that could be interpreted as an indication that Palmer doesn’t care about the fans, it should be taken that way.”
    Just a guess here, do you mean “shouldn’t be taken that way”? Everyone bags on this site’s editing because you guys make things very difficult to read sometimes. Unless you meant to throw Palmer under the bus in one sentence and bail him out in the next.

  20. Well they though Kenney Anderson’s career was over just before he took the Bengals to the Superbowl and won NFL MVP. Then they thought Boomer’s career was over, traded him, signed him back several years later where he went on a tear.
    A lot of QBs hit a wall or just don’t have the rest of the team in sync.
    He is making some bad throws but some of that is on the line or receivers.
    The biggest problem with the Bengals Offense is that they aren’t handing it to Benson 25-30 times a game.

  21. The whole Bungles organization sucks.
    Nothing but felons, scumbags and degenerates.
    And that’s just the fans…
    / have they ever won ANYTHING?

  22. @3octaveFart really classy. Let’s attack the fans of the team. I’m a 24 year old Bengal’s fan and I bet I’ve done more with my life than you have with yours.
    As for Palmer, Bengals’ fans are disappointed in what is supposed to be the best team the franchise has ever had, at least on paper. Palmer takes the blame, fairly or not, because the offense is struggling. When you’re throwing 3 picks a game though, really what do you expect? Everyone said this is the year that it’s time for Palmer to step up and he hasn’t done that. He makes more poor decisions. All the commentators see it. I wish I had a dime for every time a commentator said, for a veteran Palmer should have known better than to have made a given throw.

  23. @DortyWords, I agree with you on your first point, but I don’t think Bengals’ fans really care whether he likes OSU or not. I went to OSU, I have tickets to the OSU games, I’m a big OSU fan, but I understand he’s always going to be a Trojan. He doesn’t have to embrace the Buckeyes. I don’t care if he hates OSU and let’s us know that. Bengals fans, like every other team’s fans just want him to not throw games away with picks. It’s that simple.

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