Is Peyton Manning the best ever? Jim Haslett thinks he may be

Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett says he has a tough task in developing a game plan for Sunday night’s game against Peyton Manning and the Colts.

How tough? Haslett thinks he may be preparing to coach against the best quarterback ever to play the game.

“I think Peyton’s probably, if not the greatest quarterback of all time, he’s got to be considered,” Haslett said, per the Washington Post. “There’s not much he hasn’t seen and he hasn’t done.”

It might be a little premature to call Manning the best ever, although he’s certainly already among the all-time greats. NFL Network is currently counting down the Top 100 players in NFL history and Manning will end up somewhere in the Top 30 players regardless of position.

And Manning has been a great player for quite a long time now. Haslett says that when he was a Saints assistant 15 years ago, Manning (at the time a Tennessee sophomore) “was better than any quarterback that we had.”

113 responses to “Is Peyton Manning the best ever? Jim Haslett thinks he may be

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!! the guy has one ring….and has killed his team every year in the playoffs besides 2007. are you insane ????

  2. Hell no he isn’t….we all know it’s Brett Favre. Did you know that I analyzed every int. he has ever thrown and 40% of them bounced off the receiver,not his fault.

  3. Ugh. Well skins fans at this point we didnt think the team would be 3 and 2. So if they can just keep feom being embarrassed consider it a victory.

  4. Best ever! I think not. He is not even the best of his era. I will take Tom Brady over Peyton Manning. Manning has had much better offensive talent over the years than Brady has. He has had E. James and Adai at RB. Who has Brady had behind him to run the ball? Other than a 3 year stretch with Randy Moss, Brady has had average at best WR’s. Peyton has had Harrison and Wayne. Brady owns the single season touchdown record. Brady has been to 4 Superbowls (winning 3). Manning has been to 2 Superbowls (winning 1). You can have Manning and his numbers, I will take Brady and the Trophies!

  5. WRONG!!
    That award GOES TO BEN ROETHLISBERGER!! WE will not be arguing about this when Big Ben wins 6 Super Bowls!!

  6. Manning has spent his entire career on a premiere team … if he had been drafted by the Detroit Lions, his career would have been LONG over and he would have been labeled a BUST … Luck of the draw (or draft)

  7. he is the best except for the fact that he couldn’t shine Tom Brady’s shoes in a big game without the help of biased refs, or the fact that his only Super Bowl win was over a team that started Rex Grossman, and thus, probably shouldn’t even count…also except that when he had a chance to throw himself into that argument, he instead threw a pick-six to Tracy Porter…i will remember that sweetness as long as i live…

  8. Haslett is promoting himself and his poor beleaguered job in saying this idiotic quote. Poor Jim, he’s working his rear off. He better work, he was one of the worst defensive coordinators in the history of the NFL at the Rams, and really, he has never done much of anything.
    Manning best QB of all time? Right. Should i list? Consider Steve Young, nobody’s choice as top 5 best, but far greater than Manning in every way. Better thinker, better runner by a factor of a zillion, better at clutch moments, better PASSER. Really, go back and check.
    Manning chokes, not always, but usually. Young was his best when the pressure was on. Young was a champion, Manning runs a good squad to the playoffs each year.

  9. Jim HAZMAT couldn’t defend these nuts he’s takin a top 10 defense from last yr and turned it into dead last in the league…I say off with his head!!!

  10. @ Pervy xx
    might have been dumbest thing i have ever heard. he throws bombs into double or triple coverage 10 times a game and they get picked sometimes

  11. I dislike both quarterbacks, but like mrl7265 said…give me Brady and the rings over Manning and his chokes.
    It’s laughable that Manning only has won one Super Bowl as the “greatest ever.”

  12. A quarterback whose game regresses come playoff time (is only .500 as a playoff quarterback), who lacks toughness, is a whiner, needed his GM to force rule changes so his receivers could get open, and hasn’t improved his game – that’s Peyton Manning. He’s not even close to Top Ten in greatest ever.

  13. @mrl7265…apparently defenses don’t mean anything for Superbowls??? Give Peyton the Patriots defense from those three SB victories and see what happens.
    And Brady had no running game??? Come on…GMAFB.

  14. It’s hard to compare between different eras because of different rules. But unquestionably he is the best of this era. He does it year after year, sometimes with Austin Collie-like no-namers. He has astonishing precision and is unparalleled in that respect. If the NFL gives me access to game film, I could prove that he definitely has the best precision of this era, if not of all time.
    Yes, he only has one ring, but he never really had a team like the Steelers or the Patriots. Tom Brady is only in the conversation because of his three rings. Plus the media loves him (I point to the fact that Roethlisberger has 2 rings and a better passer rating to this point in his career than Brady ever had, yet no one considers him a top 5 he;s not likeable).
    Brady also never looked amazing even when the Patriots were stealing defensive signals. He certainly doesn’t throw for even 35 TDs without Moss.
    It has to be Manning for this generation. He’s been too consistent and sometimes he alone beats the opposing team.

  15. Like Jim Haslett knows anything about QB talent. He held onto Aaron Brooks way too long in New Orleans.

  16. He may be the best ever, but you can’t say that until all is said and done, but on stats alone, PManning has to be in that conversation.

  17. He may be the best ever, but you can’t say that until all is said and done, but on stats alone, PManning has to be in that conversation, as does Brady for rings alone.

  18. Yes, Peyton is the best ever.
    To the people who think Brady is better….you’re crazy. Matt Freaking Cassel, who’s terrible, and hadn’t played since high school, won 11 games with Brady’s team. When Brady got his rings, he didn’t even play that well. He led his team into field goal range effectively. Plus they cheated.

  19. Joe Montana, hands down. Played in 4 SB’s and won all of them. Joe cool… there will never be another like him.

  20. His playoff performance history is not indicative of deserving that title. I’ll take Big Ben over Peyton any day. The greats are at their best in the playoffs with the season on the line……..which, of course, leaves BrINT Favre out (Pervy i’m looking in your direction).

  21. I think not. The de facto standard has always been and will always be in how many rings, superbowl MVP’s etc. a QB has. I’d have to place Montana and Bradshaw at the top of that list, Brady is in the top 5 but there are several other QB’s from past era’s that were amazing as well who have multiple championships and are enshrined.

  22. If Peyton is so great how come Jim Caldwell would rather run the ball all day long? He must think Peyton is some sort of game manager.

  23. best regular season player of all time. average at best postseason player. there are plenty of better quarterbacks who have played in recent memory that were much better postseason qbs, which is obviously what you play the regular season for: tom brady, ben roethlisberger, kurt warner, drew brees to name a few. the colts won on the way to the super bowl a few years back in spite of peyton. their defense played pretty lights out. it doesn’t hurt to play against a guy like rex grossman in the super bowl. addai was mvp of that game.

  24. Hey LORD LARRY HAT you moron iI knew someone was going to bring up rings! So tell me genius whos better Plunkett or Manning or how about that piece of trash Rapelithsberger? are they better than Manning? Your an idiot!

  25. I would also take Brady over Manning.
    Not just because Manning has always had 1st round picks at Reciever (Brady never had a first round pick as a reciever, unless you count Moss, who came to the Pats when he was 30) but also because Manning had the same Offensive Coordinator and offense his entire career for the most part – Brady has had roughly 5 different offensive coordinators and the offense in NE has changed tremendously 3 different times. This year he doesn’t even have an offensive coordinator.
    This is the first year Manning has had a new offensive coordinator in a decade. They are 2-2.
    Let’s judge these guys careers at the end of their careers….not specultate in the middle. They are both great QB’s and both probably both in the top 5 all time. Let them play it out and he with the most SB trophies in the end wins!

  26. Mrl7265, are you forgetting Brady wasn’t even a standout player on those superbowl teams?? Those teams had great defenses and brady was basically asked to “manage the game”. He’s only thrown for more than 30 tds once in his entire career! And he needed Moss (probably the 2nd greatest receiver of all time) to do it!
    If your going off of rings, then I’m assuming you believe that Bradshaw is a the greatest QB of them all (at least tied with Montana)

  27. Brady had great defenses and some guy named Adam Vinatieri. If Manning had those Patriot D’s or even half the coaching that Bill Belichick provided, he’d have more titles. Take Brady off the Patriots and they still go 11-5, if Manning gets hurt, they’re picking top 5 the next year. Manning also broke the TD pass record first then Mr. Bundchen beat him by 1 TD

  28. He’s a capital-G, Great Quarterback.
    But he needs to get a ring count greater than or equal to half of Montana’s to even begin the “Ever” conversation.
    Shoot, I’d rank Elway ahead of Manning career-vs-career. The Drive vs. The Face, howzat workin’ out for ya?

  29. mrl7265 says: October 16, 2010 2:53 PM
    “Brady has been to 4 Superbowls (winning 3). Manning has been to 2 Superbowls (winning 1). You can have Manning and his numbers, I will take Brady and the Trophies!”
    Manning came by his in an honorable fashion.

  30. He’s not in the Unitas – Montana tier.
    He’s in the second tier beneath them, the Elway – Marino tier. So is Brady.

  31. mrl7265 says:
    Guys like you ALWAYS use the same argument blah Manning has all these receivers blah
    Yeah dude Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie were can’t miss projects coming out of college lol
    And at the same time you mention Brady yet never mention how he won those 3 superbowls with FAR superior defenses than Manning has ever had.
    But your argument only works one way.
    Those of us who are not idiots realize it’s a team sport and the better team wins Superbowls.
    And your mention of the single season td record hahahahaha he sure does own it by 1 and who did he pass when doing it?
    The Pats ran it up on everyone that year and Manning sat out 3 4th quarters or I promise you it would have been unreachable by Tom Beiber.
    Patriots fans are assholes who couldn’t have told you who their players were before the Belicheat era yet all of you are somehow lifelong fans.
    What a joke.

  32. Peyton Manning is unquestionably the greatest quarterback of all time…… in the first few games of every season. Then he throws a few picks. Then his confidence goes down. Then he gets his confidence back just in time for the playoffs. Then he makes the inevitable mistakes which lead to his team’s downfall. Fortunately, in the only Super Bowl he’s actually won, he was facing Rex Grossman.

  33. Come on. This is just a defensive coordinator hyping up the offense that he’s going against this week. Manning may eventually be considered one of the greats, but this is just hype.

  34. Manning is defintely in the discussion with Unitas, Graham, Montana and maybe Marino. The arguement that Brady>Manning implies that Bradshaw and Montana are the greatest since they each have 4 rings. I’m a Steeler fan and I would never put Bradshaw in the discussion: just as I wouldn’t put Bart Starr in the mix. A lot goes into winning a championship not just a QB. Those who say Manning had more help seem to forget players like Corey Dillion who had a number of good years with NE and the NE D of their SB years was generally top ten. Manning has rarely had a good Indy to back him up.

  35. hard to argue with Peyton and his single season TD record,his 3 superbowl rings, QBing the highest scoring offense of all time, being superbowl MVP twice with an average at best WR group, his amazing TD to Int ratio and all his other accomplishments.

  36. Not even top 3 of all time. Montana, Brady and Elway are all better. Manning has had a top 5 wr almost ever year he played, two future HOF running backs in Faulk and James. And a solid O-Line for most of his career. Oh and he playes half of his games in a dome.

  37. Lord harry im not a colts fan by any means. but you are totally wrong. Peyton manning carries his team all season long his playoff record is 24 and 14. the problem with the colts is NOT MANNING. Manning carries this team every year and every year they have other problems. Defense, special teams, no run game. A man can carry you all season but in the playoffs thats when the word team becomes more prevalent then ever. Brady has three rings because of his team. there defense was among the best the years they won. go look at the stats. One man cant do it all. 24 and 14 in the playoffs is not choking by any means. You guys are IDIOTS if you consider that choking. The guy has 43 come from behind wins and more then half of them have come in the final 2 minutes. That is a pure master mine. But as we have all seen in sports you CANT do it alone. hence TEAM. Anyone who actually played sports knows that. maybe you guys never have.

  38. Peyton Manning is highly overrated, and that NFL Top 100 is bogus, they heavily favor modern players, for instance neither Brady or Manning have been listed in the bottom 50, while Bart Starr was listed down there. A dude who won 5 rings and led one of the greatest teams in history, is ranked down there when these two will make probably top 20, BS. I realize that so many Football fans have a hard time remembering 4 years ago let alone 4 decades ago, doesn’t mean the NFL should cater to that, maybe educate people on the true legends of the sport rather than overstate modern players, who play a much softer version of the sport.
    I’d like to see Brady or Manning play in a day when all the rules were not stacked in their favor as they are today, they are good, and for this generation they are the top tier no doubt but all time they are not better than a guy like Bart Starr, on of the few QB’s to have 5 rings.
    I would give Manning credit for running the offense from the field (oh thats right like Starr and old school QB’s were expected to do) but Brady has proven so much more about his talent, if he had the WR’s that Manning had he would probably have more than three titles. Manning has had a ton of talent and has costed his team more in the playoffs than he has gained them, really overrated nowhere near best of all time.
    Modern Brady>Manning
    All time neither of the two are the best.

  39. Peyton created his receivers. Who the hell is auston collie and pierre garcon????? The guy in my eyes is the best qb ever period. He knows every persons assignment on the entire offensive side of the ball. Super bowl wins to me dont determine who the best qb is. because there are 52 other guys that have to get there job done to help a team win

  40. Manning is the Greatest and here is why..he carries his team…he has had zero defense/running game /bad special teams for most of his career..Brady/Montana/Bradshaw all had unbelievable talent around them on both sides of the ball. I relate Manning to Elway in his early days.. Elway willed his team to those Superbowls he lost in the 80’s. Manning does the same thing. Im not a Colts fan by any means but Manning is far and away the best. ( by the way you can not compare him to the older Qb’s due to the difference in the game. )

  41. The best ever? Really?
    Take a look at the numbers when it really matters…the playoffs. He gagged year after year against the Patriots in the early 2000’s.
    He was a virtual no-show against the Patriots in the AFC title game in 2004. He threw 4 interceptions in that game, 3 to Ty Law!
    Furthermore, he has never been able to play in adverse weather conditions. Weather is part of the game and he simply can’t cut it unless he’s playing in conditions that replicate a living room.
    He has one single ring in 12 years! Brady has been there in crunch time. He has 3 rings in 10 years (going to the Super Bowl 4 times), and he missed one year due to injury.
    Manning has had very good regular seasons. Nice. But that’s like the law student who gets A’s and is in the top 5% of his class but repeatedly flunks the bar exam. What good does it do you?!!

  42. He’s the best to play the game.
    It’s funny that Haslett says he was better than any Saints qb they had when he was a college sophmore.
    More said the same thing about him when he was in high school.
    Those that say he’s overrated, are either clueless, ignorant or just hate him to start with.
    People talk about rings, but Peyton Manning isn’t the reason the Colts only have 1.
    I’d take Marino over Montana from that era and any other era in the history of the game, and I would take Manning over Marino.

  43. Peyton is the best QB ever? Being 26 I cant say EVER but in my time YES. He is a top notch QB/ Offensive Coordinator in one. Not just #s but on understanding and reading defenses, coverages, blitzs, etc. Peytons uniform is never dirty, hes never hit, and rarely picked off multiple times in a game. This guy is a lock hall of famer and can easily become a head coach when his playing career is over.
    Favres #s are mainly because of time played and he is an interception machine. Brady is a product of the system and it was obvious when matt cassel came in and filled in fine and look at cassel now.

  44. Thank you Big Mike for pointing that out.
    Peyton is not made by his WRs, last season proved that.
    Oddly enough, now the Pats are more like the old school Colts. Crappy D and an electric offense. Not the best post season record either.
    Brady is turning Hernandez into an all-pro and Julian E. looks like a great slot receiver. Lets wait a few years to say who is the best.
    Besides, all those who are lamenting the disrespect to the older QBs, remember they didn’t play in the salary cap era.

  45. If the Tuck Rule and Vinatieri didnt bail the Pats out there wouldnt even be a debate.
    And do we need to bring up Spygate again???
    Peyton >>>>>>>> Brady, and hes at least top 3 best quarterback of all time. If you want to talk best TEAM then you say its Pitt or NE, but if were talkin quarterbacks then its Peyton…or maybe Dan Marino. He also turned no-name receivers into superstars

  46. I don’t think there is any question he is the best regular season QB ever; although some die-hard Marino fans may argue.
    I also do not think there is any question that he is not close to the best post-season QB ever; and no NFL fan would dare argue that point.
    Best overall QB ever…IMO that still goes to Montana…easily.

  47. If you go by rings , Montana and Bradshaw are the best. If you go by stats will be Manning the Best. If you go by interceptions Favre is the Best. If you go by heart Elway is the best . If you go by ground gains Randall Cunningham is the best. If you go by hair Tom Brady is the best. If you go by draft busts Ryan Leaf is the best. There is no way to answer the question. Everyone has their own opinion. Jerry Rice is the best “player” of all time. Period!

  48. If you go by rings , Montana and Bradshaw are the best. If you go by stats Manning will be the Best. If you go by interceptions Favre is the Best. If you go by heart Elway is the best . If you go by ground gains Randall Cunningham is the best. If you go by hair Tom Brady is the best. If you go by draft busts Ryan Leaf is the best. There is no way to answer the question. Everyone has their own opinion. Jerry Rice is the best “player” of all time. Period!

  49. Jeaaff…If your talking TEAM you have to include Dallas. 31 years in the playoffs, 8 conference championships, 8 Super Bowls, and 5 Championships. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl.

  50. Actually, best of all time based on QB rating:
    1) Steve Young 96.8
    2) Philip Rivers 96.7
    3) Aaron Rodgers 96.4
    4)Peyton Manning 95.4
    5) Tony Romo 95.3

  51. @ mikellie
    I’m aware Marino never won a Super Bowl…what the hell does that have to do with anything??? Were talkin about greatest QUARTERBACKS, and Marino was unbelievable. He played on some trash teams. Are you sayin you’d rather have Aikman than Marino?? You and the other delusional Cowboy fans would be the only ones to say yes to that…

  52. and brady was basically asked to “manage the game”
    Yeah, Einstein, he ‘managed the game’ pretty well in that two-minute drill to beat the Rams.

  53. Tom Brady is a superior QB to Manning. Actually, it’s not even that close. If you don’t understand that, you just don’t get it.

  54. Tom Brady is superior? you watch the same games as everyone else? He has 3 tainted rings? He is the only superbowl winning qb to have championship rings by cheating. The only people who doesnt agree with this is Pats fan? dont be a bitter SULLY

  55. Peyton Manning is the most talented quarterback of all time, yes. But here’s my issue with the “greatest” title people throw around a lot these days.
    Why do the play the game? (cue Herm Edwards) They play to win. A championship. The ring. The thing every football player dreamed about all his life.
    Now, I’m not going to say you need to compare the numbers straight up to figure out who the best is — that would put Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson in the conversation — but I think the thought process should involve two simple steps:
    1. Who has more than a single ring? Once could be a fluke (Dilfer/Johnson/Hostetler/McMahon), but more than once is a trend. You can’t look at the list of multiple SB winners and tell me none of them are great QBs. It’s not a coincidence.
    2. And this is the big one: your favorite team is playing in the Super Bowl and you get to pick any QB you want to start the game, playing, retired, dead, anything goes. Somebody you know can make the throws, somebody who can stay cool under pressure and not make mistakes when they’re needed the most.
    Now, do you really pick Peyton Manning there? There might be as many as 20 guys I would pick before him with that laid out to me. For whatever reason, he’s always lacked that calmness guys like Brady and Montana had that separated them from the chaff and won them so many rings. I’ll give him credit for that amazing AFC Champ. comeback in 2006, but through those playoffs the defense carried the team and got lucky as hell with the last QB you’d ever pick in the above scenario — Rex Grossman. Last year he drew more lucky straws with a weak Ravens team and then a rookie in Mark Sanchez, and then when he actually played a good team and another good quarterback in the SB, he blew it. And don’t give me the crap about it not being his fault that ball got picked and being a great play and recognition by Porter. Mr. Manning is essentially the offensive coordinator for that team. When he needed a play the most on a crucial 3rd down, he went to his favorite, most predictable play, and it was a terrible decision. Plain and simple.
    The guy might be the smartest and most accurate passer of all time (with a hell of an arm) but the fact of the matter is that when the pressure is on, it gets to him. And in my mind, in order to be at the very top of the list, you can’t be that way.

  56. Not yet, but with a bullet. Peyton Manning’s stats are scary. Right now, he’s a first ballot HOF’er on stats alone. And he still have a lot of football to play.
    Side note- Auburn 65, Arkansas 43? Really??? Did anyone play defense?

  57. Tire slasher, you don’t get it.
    The Pats were a break or two away from making the playoffs without Brady.
    The Colts don’t win 3 games with out Manning. So that must be something else that you fail to get.

  58. There are two players that I will NEVER consider for the top of the list, Manning and Marino and it’s for the same reason, they both threw their teammates under the bus when it came time to make excuses for their own failings.

  59. “I’d take Marino over Montana from that era”
    So you’re more interested in stats than you are in titles?
    “I’m aware Marino never won a Super Bowl… He played on some trash teams.”
    Are you SERIOUS????
    Were you even alive during Marino’s prime, in the mid-late 80’s????? He had a great offensive line, a couple of world class receivers, and a better than average defense, yet for all of his passing stats he only got to the big show once, and lost.
    You idiots can talk about Manning’s stats and that he played on sucky teams, but the facts are that he too had a great offensive line and a couple of all-world receivers, and a better than average defense. Manning is nothing more than a modern day Marino; flashy, great stats, chokes at crunch time.
    Brady had a lot less to work with – who’s the moron who referred to to Corey Dillon, COREY FREAKING DILLON ??? – and I dare any of you to name off the top of your heads three receivers Brady had before Moss, while Manning had Wayne and Harrison!
    But as solid as he is, Brady still takes a backseat to Montana and Bradshaw. Those guys didn’t have the flashy Marino/Manning stats, but they each won more rings than Marino/Manning COMBINED! Elway had a couple of great years, but people forget that he couldn’t “finish the job” most of his career either. I’d take Young over Elway every time.
    Loved Bart Starr as a kid, but Bart wasn’t half the QB Montana or Bradshaw was, but it’s not his fault. The league, and the QB position, was changing dramatically in the 70s.
    The bigger question, before you ask who the best QB ever was, is: what makes the best QB? Flashy stats, or titles? To me, the greatest season ever (stats wise), 2007, takes a back seat to winning the Super Bowl.
    Best ever? Montana, Bradshaw, Brady, Young.

  60. Richm2257 says:
    Were you even alive during Marino’s prime, in the mid-late 80’s????? He had a great offensive line, a couple of world class receivers, and a better than average defense, yet for all of his passing stats he only got to the big show once, and lost.
    Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone who didn’t have his tongue up Marino’s butt and understood how great his teammates were and how he and the press threw them under the bus so he could make the HOF and now, most of them won’t because the voters are so poisoned against them. The Marks Brothers were two of the best receivers EVER and they’ll only get to set the HOF when they visit it because of Marino and the media.

  61. Yes, Dan Marino is the 2nd best qb to play the game.
    Manning is the best. Were there more successful teams? Yes, but nobody has played the position better than Marino other than Manning.
    Trophies are a team award.
    If Manning and Brady switched places, Manning is working on ring #8 at this point.

  62. So the best RB of the SB era is Franco Harris because he has 4 rings? Not Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith or OJ?
    What’s the beef with Corey Dillon – he had almost 3200 yds. in his 3 years with NE (more than Addai in his best 3 years with IND).
    Teams win champoinships not individuals. Just look at the 2000 Ravens or the various Redskin teams that won in the 80’s.

  63. No Friggin Way!!!
    The guy needed the 5-yard rule in 2004 after Brady won 2 Super Bowls in 3 years.
    Manning would be nowhere without it.
    Brady passed enough to be a great quarterback, but his big game abilities should have made him the higher recognized quarterback in various writers’ All-Decade teams.
    These critics and writers have the most immature form of selective amnesia, ever!!!!!! How dare they pass off their points as facts when it’s not that hard to really look back. Can any of these critics spell “”????

  64. People talk about rings, but Peyton Manning isn’t the reason the Colts only have 1.
    His pick 6 is the reason they don’t have two.

  65. NFL mind games at its finest.
    Jaws the Eagle says Manning is old a couple days before they play Jaws’ former rivals the Redskins.
    Bulletin Board Material.
    Haslett throws it out there that Manning is the best ever. Reverse Bulletin Board Material.
    IMO Manning is the best technical passer of this era. He lacks balls in the playoffs though. Maybe he can borrow some from Roethlisberger, that guys the ballsiest QB in the league.

  66. Haha, I love how it turns into a patriots/spygate thing. Videotaping vs. using scouts with binoculars and notebooks mixed in with lipreaders. 1=cheating 2=gamesmanship. lol. Belichick just streamlined the process, he’s now been forced to go back to how everyone else does it. But carry on with the tarnished fantasy.

  67. Big bear,
    That pick six is on Reggie let me run a halfassed route Wayne.
    Only balls Roethlisberger has in the bar.

  68. @ Pervy……idiot…..
    Yes Manning is the best, look at the team he took to the SB last year…..impressive
    So are you gonna take Emmit Smith and his 3 SBs over Barry Sanders and his zero? Exactly…Barry everytime….
    Tom Brady won his Super Bowls with great defenses….the year they needed the offense to win it they blew it to the Giants….Tom Brady= overrated…..theres a reason only 2 HOF QBs said they would take TB over Peyton last summer when questioned….

  69. # Facts Domino says: October 16, 2010 7:13 PM
    Tire slasher, you don’t get it.
    The Pats were a break or two away from making the playoffs without Brady.
    The Colts don’t win 3 games with out Manning. So that must be something else that you fail to get.
    EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to hear some logic from someone!
    To those of you who say Manning is a baby, or throws his teammates under the bus, if he doesn’t get on his teammates, they don’t perform, when he does they respond, he gets the most out of what he has….if he is on the Pats they win 6 SBs atleast…

  70. Greatness isn’t accurately measured by yardage or tds. If it was, Warren Moon would be in the discussion. This argument is settled by asking the simple question;
    What QB, in their prime, would you take if you needed to win one game?
    I would take, in this order: 1) Montana 2)Elway 3) Marino. Then I’d start thinking about favre, manning, and Starr or even young. That’s a tough list.

  71. GBFanForever –
    1 – Brady
    1A – Montana
    2 – Unitas
    3 – Bradshaw
    4 – Young
    5 – Elway
    6 – Marino
    7 – McNair
    8 – Manning
    9 – Esiason
    10 – Moon
    But if it’s a playoff game, I erase Manning, Marino, and Moon from that last, and Favre doesn’t appear on any such list.

  72. Champ Kind, here are the facts that refute your argument –
    1 – There never was any cheating.
    2 – Brady’s comebacks almost always involved MULTIPLE scoring drives.
    3 – Brady took abuse in delivering the ball that the likes of Manning never get.
    4 – Brady is less dependant on penalties to advance the ball than Manning is.

  73. Manning is unquestionably a fine QB. I think something that gets ignored is that he appears to be a bad team-mate and a terrible bitch!

  74. @Richm2257
    Were you even alive during Marino’s prime, in the mid-late 80’s????? He had a great offensive line, a couple of world class receivers, and a better than average defense, yet for all of his passing stats he only got to the big show once, and lost.
    Better than average defense??? I don’t know what team you were watching, but it wasn’t the Dolphins. Their D was terrible.
    In 1986, Marino threw 44TD’s………as the Dolphins go 8-8 and miss the playoffs. They couldn’t stop anybody.

  75. Favre is the best ever. No one will ever be better or break his records. He’s so elite that the HOF will probably lift the 5 year requirement and induct Favre the year after he retires.

  76. Montana is the greatest of all time. The fact that people even bring up Manning, Brady or Rothelisberger (not even an HOF) is ridiculous.
    Manning has the best arm of all time but Montana is the greatest.
    1. Montana
    2. Marino
    3. Manning
    4. Elway
    5. Brady/Aikman

  77. 1. Montana
    2. Unitas
    3. Marino
    4. Starr
    5. Elway
    6. Brady
    7. Young
    8. Manning
    9. Kelly
    10. Graham
    10b. Bradshaw
    That’s all for now. Before you laugh about Starr, look at his playoff record. Don’t forget who is STILL the highest rated passer in playoff history. And that was back when you could mug receivers all day.

  78. Manning has to be considered as one of the greatest QB’s, if not the greatest in the history of the game. I’m not a Manning fan at all–he’s arrogant, a huckster and generally a douche… but he’s great. Without him, Indianapolis is a more disciplined version of Oakland.
    Montana: Joe’s got rings, but labeling him as the greatest is absurd. The majority of his titles were won while he was playing with the greatest player in the history of the game; along with some Hall-of-Famers.
    Rings, rings, Super Bowl rings. This isn’t basketball where you can have a one-man team. Its kind of an overrated area when it comes to “greatest QB” unless that QB also happens to be the general manager. Rings make Bob Griese the greatest QB in Dolphins history. I don’t even think Brian Griese would tell you that.

  79. pga5 – if by “playing with the greatest player in the history of the game” you mean Jerry Rice, you miss the two titles Montana won before Rice was drafted.

  80. pga5 – if by “playing with the greatest player in the history of the game” you mean Jerry Rice, you miss the two titles Montana won before Rice was drafted.
    True enough. Okay, he had Rice for half of his titles. It’s also true that Manning hasn’t had a Hall-of-Fame coach. I like Tony Dungy and Tom Moore but they don’t belong in the same conversation with Bill Walsh. Manning is largely responsible for taking Jim Caldwell…a failed head coach at Wake Forest…to a Super Bowl. I’m not sure Joe could have done the same.

  81. This is rediculous. The guy is on track to break Favre’s TD record, Yards record. Just the fact that the guy is one of the best in the game at 34 years old, he still looks to be in the prime of his career. The guy is easily top 3 all time. The guy doesnt even need a co-ordinator.

  82. It has to be by SB rings. Noone in history has been surrounded by the talent Manning has. Wayne, Harrison, Clark, Addai, Donald Brown all #1 picks. Pretty sure Edg James was too. Meanwhile their D is stinks save a few stars.
    Manning’s pick 6 in the SB will be his last SB memory. Joe Montana, Young, Elway, Aikman wouldn’t have made that idiot throw so he’s not near their level.
    What is more impressive is some of the QB’s of today like Rivers, Brady and Aaron Rodgers putting up similar #’s with middling talent.

  83. I agree that rings are not the only way to pick the best, but it has to be a factor! Joe Montana is the best by far! When his team was down he was the guy who lead his team to the win. Manning choked himself into a pick six in the superbowl. He choked against Pittsburgh in the playoffs. He choked a few times against NE in the playoffs. Hell, Ty Law picked him off 3 times in one playoff game. Seems to me when the pressure is on in the playoffs very seldom does he come out ahead.

  84. panteraphenomenon: “This is rediculous. The guy is on track to break Favre’s TD record, Yards record. Just the fact that the guy is one of the best in the game at 34 years old, he still looks to be in the prime of his career. The guy is easily top 3 all time. The guy doesnt even need a co-ordinator.”
    I have to say, I agree with this. And yes, I’ll admit I am a Colts fan to begin with, but I have to also say that Peyton really does deserve more credit than he gets. Just because he doesn’t have a million SB rings doesn’t negate his ability. What about last year? Colts were on track to go 16-0…and they most likely would have, except for the powers-that-be removing their starters prematurely in the Jets game. Is that Peyton’s fault? If the defense totally sucks, and we lose games on the fault of the defense, is that Peyton’s fault? If the Colts (as they are now) are completely riddled with injuries on both sides of the field, is that Peyton’s fault?
    Consider some of the wins Peyton has engineered over the years. Shattering records left and right in many areas. I don’t think you can dismiss him because of SB wins alone.
    Simply because the media has portrayed him as “choker” for so long, people have bought into that hype. But no team can survive on a great quarterback alone, they have to have a great supporting staff and players around them. There are many quarterbacks with zero/one ring in their careers and you don’t hear them portrayed as people portray Peyton.
    Plus, have you seen his commericals? “Cut that meat” “Maybe, Peyton Manning’s team, maybe.” Classic. 🙂

  85. bb, last year typifies why Manning will never be best ever – he cost his team in the Superbowl like he’s cost them in the playoffs throughout his career.
    pga5 – Walsh was not a successful coach until Montana began performing. Manning’s playoff failures were aggravated by Dungy etc. but the fact he has choked in the postseason under THREE head coaches indicates it’s ultimately him.

  86. He is the best QB to ever play the game, plain and simple and he has been for a couple years now. I’m no Colts fan either, but I gotta give props to the guy.

  87. How is Terry Bradshaw even mentioned.
    Archie Manning or Brian Sipe or nearly any other 70’s qb would have had a better shot at winning 6 rings with the Steelers, than Bradshaw would have had at one with the Saints or Browns.
    The majority of the fans that diss Manning do so because they don’t like him.
    He’s been the best in the NFL for close to a decade and already is in my book , but will most certainly go down as the best to play the game by the time he hangs it up, with 600td passes, and 80-85k passing yards and hopefully a couple of more rings to satisfy the ignorant.

  88. First, let me state that I am a NE Pats fan. That said, I would still say that Peyton Manning is a better QB. Here is my top 12 list:
    1. Unitas–invented the modern QB
    2. Montana-4 rings and could have had more
    3. Otto Graham–could have won a dozen super bowl with Paul Brown
    4. Manning
    5. Bart Starr–GB king. but ready to fall to 6
    6. Brady-on the rise again.
    7. Elway
    8. Staubach–Roger over and out
    9. Norm Van Brocklin–old Rams and Eagles
    10. Sammy Baugh–the first QB
    11. Marino
    12. Favre–falls every year he plays from now on
    Check the “stats” and ability of Graham, Van Brocklin, and Baugh–without the high tech, coaching, and money. Eventually Manning and Brady may further rise, but Unitas, Montana and Graham were tough.

  89. Montana, hands down! The 49ers were a joke of a team with Steve Deberg at QB. Joe had the QB rating, the rings, and was the greatest clutch QB of all time. He won 2 SBs before Rice ever got involved, then won 2 more with him. He also took the MVP twice, with a 112.4 QB rating in 1988. Then he took the Chiefs to the AFC title game in the twilight of his career. When you take ALL of these things into consideration, Joe Cool was the best.
    In this generation, people seem to over-rate Tom Brady. Other than that 50 td season, when else has he been amazing? His QB rating is usually Carson Palmer-esque. Manning is the best of our generation, but he lacks the clutch ability of Montana.

  90. “garywizard says:
    Manning has spent his entire career on a premiere team … ”
    Funny how they became a premier team shortly after Manning arrived. Must be a coincidence.

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