49ers finally get a win

The “We want [David] Carr” chants returned in San Francisco.

So did a 49ers defense that has been missing for much of this season.

San Francisco outlasted the Raiders 17-9 in an ugly game filled with penalties, mental mistakes, and good defensive play.  Just like last week, Alex Smith shook off an ugly first half performance that inspired boos with a nice second half effort.

Smith finished 16-of-33 for 196 yards and a touchdown.  After being shut down in the first half, Michael Crabtree broke out with four catches, including a 32-yard touchdown.  Frank Gore continued his monster season with 149 yards on the ground.

The Raiders could have blown the game open in the first half, but their offense was inept.  Jason Campbell completed 8-of-21 passes for 83 yards and two interceptions.  Wide receiver Jacoby Ford dropped a pass that hit him the chest on Oakland’s final drive which was picked off.  That play wasn’t Campbell’s fault, but the former Redskin showed poor touch on many short passes. The Raiders had only 179 yards of offense.

Oakland missed a golden chance to be .500 this late in the season for the first time since 2002.  They are 2-4 with an AFC West “loser is screwed” game against Denver next week.

San Francisco is 1-5, but they don’t seem much closer to Jed York’s promised division title after this one.  No NFC West team lost on Sunday.

51 responses to “49ers finally get a win

  1. It was Save The Miners Week. First Chile, now SF.
    Campbell is a bum. With all the flack Alex Smith gets, I’d trade Campbell for Smith.

  2. Somebody want to lecture me again about how great Jason Campbell is?
    He didn’t do anything last week against the Chargers and he obviously shat the bed this week.
    Get well soon Bruce.

  3. Thank you Crabby, for making it a perfect fantasy football day for me.
    I took heat all week for starting you and Dwayne Bowe, and you both TOTALLY REDEEMED YOURSELVES!!!

  4. bout frakin time. first game without turnover = first win. imagine if we played like normal so far this year. 0-6

  5. Jason Campbell = Walking Coma
    Does he have the worst body language in NFL history or it just my imagination ???
    Jamarcus would be an upgrade from this horror show … At least he would try and throw the ball down the field … Campbell is captain dump off and he can’t even complete those
    One of the worst QB’s in recent memory

  6. Campbell lost that game. He made the Raiders O look bad, receivers and the Raiders D. He looked a lot like he did in TN.
    When Campbell is in the Raiders might as well sit their wide receivers. Murphy is wide open on 2 easy Bomb TD’s and he misses both throws.
    I would move Boller up to number 2 QB and push Campbell back to #3 and dump him at the end of the season.
    Should have been an easy win for the Raiders if they had a QB in the game. The sad part is this one guy made the whole team look like garbage.

  7. No Coz Buffalo will F up and take Locker. Niners will still nab Luck or Mallet. Campbell had all day to throw that ball and did nothing for it. Alex Smith would literally murder somebody if it meant he could get that kind of protection

  8. I know that the Niner fans are happy that they got a win but this RAIDERS fan have lost hope for this season. When you lose to an 0-5 team, you know your season is over.

  9. I’m a Niners fan but I’ll admit Oakland would have run away in the 1st half if they had Gradkowski today.

  10. You can have Carr for Campbell. Ate last niners fans KNOW Campbell is a bum, so they wouldn’t be asking for him. For some reason the 8 years of terrible play Carr had, (and he wasn’t injured for a majority of it like Smith) isn’t enough to tell them he would be even worse if the benched Alex.

  11. snnyjcbs says:
    October 17, 2010 8:14 PM
    ……Should have been an easy win for the Raiders if they had a QB in the game. The sad part is this one guy made the whole team look like garbage.
    The team looked like garbage because they are/have been garbage for a long time. Choakland would have a hard time competing in the UFL.

  12. LMAO jason campbell CANNOT PLAY HE IS A BUM!!! HE SHOULD BE CUT! ALEX SMITH is WAY BETTER THAN THAT CHUMP POS jason campbell!!! He needs to become a pastor of a church not be a nfl qb

  13. The 49ers are an undisciplined, underacheiving group. They should have a winning record, but Singletary is out of his depth. So is Norv Turner, who is about one loss away from never again being an NFL head coach.
    Some guys should content themselves with being coordinators.

  14. humbolt says:
    October 17, 2010 8:17 PM
    Way to go Raiders. Lose to an 0-5 team.
    Way to go Chargers. Lose to the Rams.

  15. WINSLOW hit the nail on the head big time. Singletary is out on his ass no matter what this year. Turner may be out on his ass tomorrow. The rams? haha

  16. The Raiders need to bring in Mr. Miyagi to work his magic on Bruce Gradkowski’s bum shoulder. Jason Campbell’s career can’t be salvaged. Gradkowski is the man that makes this team go. Without him healthy @ QB, there’s really no hope for the Raiders this season.

  17. graywizard:
    You’re absolutely right, Campbell looked like a zombie out there, just like a zombie.
    Here’s MY question: After watching him throw for ZERO yards in the 2nd & 3rd quarters, why in hell was he not hooked???

  18. man, I was really wanting a David Carr sighting in Charlotte next week with two winless teams dookin it out.

  19. It blows my mind they didn’t use Gore more. His stats are padded by one huge run, so don’t be fooled. The thing is, he might have broke it a lot sooner had they actually ran him more in the first half. Take the one run away, and Gore had a rather bland day.
    Sadly for my Raiders, Campbell just plain sucks. The defense played well until they got wore out thanks to Campbell and the offense. Had Bruce been in, this would have been a win for the Raiders. This loss falls on the shoulders of Campbell and Hue Jackson.

  20. # humbolt says: October 17, 2010 8:17 PM
    Way to go Raiders. Lose to an 0-5 team.

    Imagine that. Chargers lose to the Rams, and here comes humpdolt to talk crap. Your team is 2-4 and loses the tiebreaker to the Raiders, closet fan.
    Niners tried to give this game away. Oakland just refused to take it. Campbell played like he just got signed Sunday morning. Gore was good, though. He had some solid runs in the second half in addition to that huge gainer.

  21. humdolt, you are a complete moron. Your Dolts lost to the Rams and the Raiders. What does that say about you and your team? Keep it coming though.
    Sadly it looks like old Shanahan got over on the Raiders again with the Campbell trade. A 4th rounder for him is looking like gold right now.
    I say bring in Boller. Grads is 0-2 as a starter and injury prone so he is not the savior Raider Nation thinks he is either. If that doesn’t work, Michael Bush was a QB in High School.

  22. ugly win or not, a win is a win, we beat the Raiders and that’s that…. booooomshakalaka!!!
    RaiderRob, where are you???

  23. This was by far and away the worst NFL game of the season to watch. Frikin KTVU Fox 2 would not show the FOX doubleheader so they could bore us with awful football.
    Two crappy teams = one horrendous game.
    Whoever came up with the idea not to show the alternate game should be marched naked down Castro Street during the Halloween Parade (Wait, maybe that person might like it).

  24. “Jason Campbell = Walking Coma”
    EXACTLY !! I’ve been saying that about him for years ! When has Jason Campbell been a “Good” NFL QB ?? He had a couple good games here and there with the’Skins, but more bad. And I am so sick and tired or hearing the “He’s had to learn a new offense every season” excuse. He is a PROFESSIONAL QB, that is his JOB. And it’s really not all that complicated. It’s football and he’s been playing it for a LONG time. He’s had since April to learn the Raiders O, and still seems VERY lost. If Bruce isn’t able to play next week…..it’s gonna be a long season. Campbell is a slight upgrade over Russell since he can move around a little bit, but he has that same “walking coma” look that Russell had on his face.
    Hue Jackson stunk up the place today with his AWFUL play calling. A naked boot inside your own 10 yardline ? Are you F-ing serious ? How about the what felt like 25 run plays straight into Gallery’s butt ? And you don’t get the ball to Miller till the 4th QRT ? Maybe he thought the Raiders had a 35 point lead and was trying to run out the clock !

  25. Give Jason Campbell a chance. He is the next Jim Plunkett. We here in Denver love Jason Campbell, and hope he starts for many years to come. He is a great qb. Get over it.

  26. Junior: In fairness to Grads, he was awesome until he first injured his shoulder.
    The guy tried to play through it but couldn’t.

  27. The Raiders need to bring in Mr. Miyagi to work his magic on Bruce Gradkowski’s bum shoulder. ‘s career can’t be salvaged. Gradkowski is the man that makes this team go, he would’ve handled the 49ers easily. Without him healthy @ QB, there’s really no hope for the Raiders this season.

  28. # the big bronco says: October 17, 2010 9:30 PM
    Give Jason Campbell a chance. He is the next Jim Plunkett. We here in Denver love Jason Campbell, and hope he starts for many years to come. He is a great qb. Get over it.

    Remember when you were 6-0 last year? You’ve been 4-12 since. Get over that.

  29. lol, the big donkey and humpbolt have to be the biggest losers on the face of the planet.
    Complete morons.

  30. Alex smith is a chump! that guy missed sooo many open guys this game shouldve been 35-9 instead. this guy SUCKS and the niners will not be good until a new QB takes over. Even my gf who doens’t watch football very often can see how bad this idiot is.
    PS where’s Raiderrob21 anyway? anything to say?

  31. If Gradkowski isn’t healthy next week, I say they start Boller. He can’t be any worse than Campbell. He looked just awful out there, 83 yards and 2 int?????? There were times the O-line were blacking pretty good and giving him time and he didn’t do jack squat. And how about that backwards pass/fumble to Bush?
    Oh, and the defgense looked pretty bad too. Chris Johnson and Michael Huff are just horrible, way to let Crabtree be wide open.
    At least we cut down on the penalties, only 8 for 60 yds.

  32. Jason Campbell shouldn’t be bitter after he gets cut from the Raiders … He should wake up every morning and thank God that he bluffed the NFL into giving him 6 seasons of paychecks …
    A totally worthless player …
    by the way …
    Maybe Jim Zorn was a better coach than anyone thought in that he got a passable performance out of Campbell every now and then …

  33. People continue to point the finger at Alex Smith, granted he is at fault for a lot of errant throws he is not totally at fault. This offensive line sucks ass… When he moves to a new team, and gets a little protection, he will be AT LEAST decent in this league.

  34. ninerdynasty- really 35-9?..The niners offense looked just as pathetic as the raider’s with campbell under center. They Barely moved the ball through 3 quarters. If bruce started this game it would have been a whole different story and we wouldn’t have wasted our opportunities early. Campbell couldn’t hit wide open receivers all game and his timing was awful. I was definitely pleased with our defense minus the long gore run but that stuff happens when your offense can’t get you off the field and control the ball. Campbell should be demoted to 3rd string for the rest of the year and dumped at the end of the year, this game was pathetic.

  35. NinerDynasty:
    Funny, we haven’t seen you around lately, but here you are after a your team finally won a game, and your calling out Raiderrob21???

  36. Boller and Campbell are awful, i thought it was ridiculous when we acquired Campbell. Grads can’t come back soon enough

  37. I live outside Baltimore and DC so I get to see the Ravens and Redskins quite a bit. And yes I’m a Raiders fan….so
    1) Campbell was bad in Washington so you should expect more of the same – and he exceeded those expectations yesterday. 10.7 rating…seriously????
    2) For those calling for Boller – he suked for the Ravens so unless he’s had a career altering experience – he’s the 3rd string QB on the Raiders for a reason (and yet if Grad is hurt I hope he starts this week…).
    In a league defined by QB play – there’s a reason why we’ve been horrible since Gannon got hurt.
    At least some of us Raider fans understand self realization. Humbolt – you’ve never won squat and until you replace Norv you have no chance. So thanks for the input but feel free to stfu until you have something constructive to say.

  38. Check your stats and get it right. Alex smith threw for two touchdowns. One to crabtree and one to vernon davis after an anthony dixon run for a TD got called back on a holding call.
    you call yourself a sportswriter. what a joke

  39. JoeToronto – I have been around buddy.. and i have been around talking a lot of trash about alex smith.. i just don’t go to the raider blogs to talk crap about other teams.. but you’re right.. i have laid off a bit.. you can only say so many times how your team has lousy QB! i’ve said it before and i’ll keep saying.. ALEX SMITH STINKS!!!

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