DeSean Jackson suffers second concussion in less than a year

To no surprise, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson suffered a concussion after taking a wicked first-half hit from Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson.

Per Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, coach Andy Reid said after the game that Jackson indeed has a concussion.

It’s the second concussion Jackson has suffered in less than one year.

Last year, Jackson wasn’t bashful about expressing doubt regarding his ability to play a week after being hit by Redskins linebacker London Fletcher.  As a result, Jackson missed Philly’s game against the Falcons last year, the same team that gave him the second concussion.

In the offseason, Jackson said that offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg gave the wideout a hard time for missing the game.  “Our offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, said some things, trying to
question my toughness
,” Jackson told Sporting News.  “I was like, ‘Coach, I just got a concussion. 
This [is] my brain.  If it’s anything else, my shoulder, whatever, I’m
going to play.'”

This time around, Mornhinweg surely won’t be questioning Jackson’s toughness again.  I mean, only a guy dumb enough to win the coin toss to start overtime and choose to kick off would be dumb enough to. . . .

Never mind.

9 responses to “DeSean Jackson suffers second concussion in less than a year

  1. I know everyone is going to blame this concussion on Deseans lack of size, but what WR WOULDNT get a concussion on that play? Hopefully he can come back after the bye week and play vs Indy. And some people STILL say that Desean doesnt have the balls to go over the middle. ??

  2. I don’t like the guy, I hate his team, but I hope he’s ok. Never like to see a guy get hurt like that. Fandom aside, like the man said – it’s his brain. If Mornhinweg rides him after that shot, the NFL should slap a nice big fine on him and let him know the goal is NOT to turn players into vegetables.

  3. lurch’s nyquil says:
    October 17, 2010 4:51 PM
    dude got smacked hope he is ok, however didnt look like spearing to me.
    Thats because it wasnt spearing… You are behind the times my friend. It doesnt have to be spearing to be a penalty. You cant make contact with a defenseless receivers head. Even though he didnt lead with his helmet and caught the shoulder first Desean still took a huge shot to the head. He didnt have a chance to defend himself which is why he was penalized and probably will be fined.
    I dont support the rule I wish they would do away with it but it is a rule. Which is why he deserved the penalty. Everyone was calling it a cheap shot and was calling for the guy to be ejected but I dont support that. It wasnt a cheap shot. A cheap shot is when you purposely hit a guy illegally while trying to do damage. Robinson didnt do that. There is nothing he could do to stop it unless he just let Desean catch the ball. Thats not the kind of football I want to watch. It was just one of those plays that just happen. No one was at fault for it. That doesnt mean there shouldnt have been a flag it was still against the rules. All it means is you cant blame Robinson for trying to make a play even if the result of that play was illegal because that wasnt his intention. Desean wasnt the only one injured and knocked out of the game so was Robinson. Im pretty sure he would of stopped if he could because I doubt he wanted to knock himself out.
    Im an Eagles fan and we love that brand of football. Big hitting, smash mouth, blowing people up kind of football. Thats why I was so dissappointed when I read all the Eagles fans who were complaining about the hit. Thats not what our fanbase is suppose to be like. God if Eagles players got ejected for every time they made a hit like Robinson today they would have no one left on the team. That is what makes the NFL great. Unfortunately some times people get hurt. The players know what they are getting themselves into. If they wanted it to be changed it would be.
    If its to hard for you to watch then maybe you shouldnt be watching it. Otherwise dont complain about something you get excited about when its your team doing the hitting. It just makes you look like a hypocrite.

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