Dolphins extend Davone Bess

Davone Bess has a new deal with the Dolphins.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Bess agreed to a new deal with the Dolphins this morning.

Although the precise financial terms of the two-year deal haven’t been reported, Bess’s camp is claiming that it makes Bess the highest-paid slot receiver in the league.

Bess has 26 catches for 282 yards this season. He had five catches for 37 yards and a touchdown in today’s win over the Packers.

17 responses to “Dolphins extend Davone Bess

  1. Bess is a classic example of how the NFL dramatically overemphasizes the forty yard dash when evaluating receivers. Amendola is another. The NBA emphasizes skill, not how fast a player can run 94 feet. The smarter NFL teams also prioritize skill over speed.

  2. one of the most underrated WR in the league…..glad we locked him up, Henne is a happier guy with that deal – well deserved.

  3. What? Bess? But he’s a system WR outta Hawaii. Bwahahahah. This guy is a bad azz, period. Under rated, very under rated. Happy for him.
    Now if someone would give Colt Brennan a legitimate chance.

  4. “GoFishGo says:
    October 17, 2010 11:26 PM
    They learned their lesson from letting Welker go. BOY WHAT A MISTAKE. LIKE ON SNL REALLY? REALLY?”
    You are smart enough to realize that no one on this team was there, or had a thing to do with Welker getting traded, right? That was Nick Satan trading a player to his buddy.
    I’m glad Bess got an extension, but I still think they need a quality number 2. This type of o-fense performs much better when you have 3 or 4 receiver’s capable of making the consistant catch… they have 2!

  5. “SDMF75 says:
    October 17, 2010 10:05 PM
    Makes no sense why Bess isn’t a starter.”
    For starters, he IS a starter. If you’re asking why he’s not the Z-flanker opposite Marshall, it’s due to skill sets. Hartline is the deep guy opposite Marshall who draws double-coverage. Bess works best out of the slot where he’s not getting jammed at the line or covered by the best DB. As of now he is 2nd on the team in catches & yards, so I don’t know why it matters whether he “starts” or not, he’s still getting more catches and looks than Hartline.
    I don’t miss Welker at all – think of the bigger picture. Welker never produced the yardage that Bess did while here, and we got a 2nd round pick for him. Bess was an UDFA that we paid nothing for. It was a good trade for both teams, even to this day.
    Bess deserved this, he came up through the ranks undrafted, earned his time, and finally earned his paycheck. Best undrafted WR since Rod Smith.

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