For Kerry Rhodes, Hollywood can wait

During Kerry Rhodes’ final season with the Jets last year, he was frequently criticized for caring more about being a celebrity than being a football player. Now Rhodes is off to a good start in his first season with the Cardinals, and he insists that he’s focused on being a football player, not on his entertainment aspirations.

“In this league, perception is a big thing,” Rhodes told the Arizona Republic. “When you get labeled in one place you’re at — ‘Going Hollywood. He doesn’t focus on football. Blah, blah, blah,’ whatever that may be — it can stick with you. So I wanted to come back this year and make sure it didn’t stick.”

Rhodes says he still wants to have a career as an actor and model, but he can wait until his playing career is over before he makes that a priority.

“I’m going to do that when I’m done,” Rhodes said. “I haven’t shied away from that. But right now, it’s about football and helping this team win. And I think I can help a little bit.”

Rhodes has started all five games this year, intercepted a pass that he returned 65 yards, and returned two fumbles for touchdowns. He’s helped the Cardinals more than just a little bit.