Ireland could be in trouble, after all

Despite an effort by former Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells to ease his way out of Miami in order to help G.M. Jeff Ireland stick around after Parcells makes his final exit, which as of a week ago was regarded as imminent, absent a change of heart from the guy who changes more hearts than Norman Shumway (even Dennis Miller thinks that one is way too freaking obscure), talk persists in league circles that Ireland could be gone as soon as the end of the 2010 season.

Sure, Ireland’s contract recently was revised to give him the power and authority that he was supposed to have from the moment he made the leap from the Cowboys, given the rules regarding front-office moves from one team to another.  But unless Ireland received an extension as well, he has no more job security than he previously possessed.

So if owner Stephen Ross, who didn’t hire Ireland, wants to bring in long-time colleague Carl Peterson after the 2010 season ends, Ross needs only to be willing to pay Ireland not to work for the team next year.  The fact that Ireland’s new direct-reporting relationship to Ross essentially prevents the arrival of a guy like Peterson as the liaison between G.M. and owner makes Ireland’s ice even thinner; instead of a transition period with Peterson evaluating Ireland before deciding what to do over the long term, Ireland could simply be dumped when Peterson is hired.

Then there’s the fact that a disconnect often arises between the terms of a contract and reality.  If Ross initially brings in Peterson as a “consultant” who also reports directly to the owner and the two of them are hanging out in Ross’ office all day and going to lunch together every day, nothing in Ireland’s contract will save him from being as a practical matter neutered.

Much of the outcome could depend on the team’s performance over the next 12 games.  If the Fins reverse a sluggish start that featured consecutive home losses to the Jets and Patriots, Ross could have no choice but to keep Ireland around.  If they don’t, it’ll be easy for Ross to justify moving on, especially in light of the team’s so-so draft record under Ireland, the embarrassing Dez Bryant situation, and the presence of multiple “thugs and hoodlums” on the roster, which may not have been a big deal for Ross at the time the arrests happened but which could suddenly become a major issue when trying to justify to the fan base a decision to make a fresh start.

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  1. Ireland’s done a pretty great job bringing in talent.
    The Dolphins had to be the least talented group of scrubs in the entire NFL when Cam Cameron was sacked, and Ireland has done a pretty damn good job of turning that around.
    It’ll be a shame if Ross (who might just be as stupid as I think he is) decides to fire a man who has done a good job rebuilding a terrible program in order to bring in Carl Peterson, arguably one of the worst general managers in NFL history.

  2. LOL@ Miami
    Good Luck with Peterson. If you’re lucky he then hires his buddy Herm Edwards as Head Coach Again.

  3. Buffalo is a gimme. Cleveland will depend on QB. Going to Oakland is rough on East Coast teams, might be a toss up. Detroit, Cin and GB should be close, the rest look like losses.
    6 Sun, Oct 17 * Green Bay
    7 Sun, Oct 24 * Pittsburgh
    8 Sun, Oct 31 @ * Cincinnati
    9 Sun, Nov 7 @ * Baltimore
    10 Sun, Nov 14 * Tennessee
    11 Thu, Nov 18 * Chicago
    12 Sun, Nov 28 @ * Oakland
    13 Sun, Dec 5 * Cleveland
    14 Sun, Dec 12 @ * New York
    15 Sun, Dec 19 * Buffalo
    16 Sun, Dec 26 * Detroit
    17 Sun, Jan 2 @ * New England

  4. I have no problem with Ross dumping Ireland……..and/or Sparano for that matter. The vibe of the team just doesn’t feel right. And if those two think Henne is the long-term answer, then yes, they both need to go.
    …………..unless of course it was to make room for Carl Peterson to run the team. Maybe he’ll bring Herm Edwards with him and the Dolphins can start punting on second down. Oy.
    Miami hasn’t been to a Super Bowl in 25 years, so Carl can build on that streak.

  5. Ross can’t possibly be this stupid. Can he?
    If he wants to fire Ireland, fine. I can see the justification for that. Spending close to $200 million on an ineffective o-line, wasting a second on Pat White, letting Matt Roth walk away – there have been some bad moves made here.
    But bringing in Peterson would be insane. Friends or no, you don’t hire a guy with his record of futility, who was fired by one of the most knowledgeable and supportive owners in sports for incompetence, to turn your franchise around.
    I don’t want to think about what the next 5 or 10 years will be like if this happens.

  6. and rightfully so…….You buy a team for a billion dollars, give the front office all the power to make moves and sign who they want to sign, cut players without regard to salary owed……you better win or its time for the owner to start making moves and become the next Jerry Jones for the next 5 or 6 yrs until you get tired of fightiing Buffalo for the last spot……….Winning will save everybody job

  7. Why are people tagging Ross as a moron when this is only being speculated on by the PFT writers?
    Because they think of something to write, Ross is a moron?
    Says a lot about you guys, IMO.

  8. Why is everone in the media so concerned about when and if Bill Parcells leaves? WHO CARES, we are a better team now, then before he got here. Sparano and Ireland are going nowere in the next few years. We finally have some stability in coaches and players, let it go folks. For the past 3 years we have heard Bill is leaving, let him go already. Stephan Ross is not a billionare by accident, he knows what Carl’s record was, i would highly doubt he would hire him, Mike Dee has alot of say in the organiztion. Maybe Parcells will in fact stay for a few more years, just to piss off all of you in the media!

  9. Ireland is a good guy, but he doesn’t fit into the circus atmosphere Ross has created in Miami. While making outside business decisions to “improve” the image of the team, he has divided a fan base.
    You have football fans and party fans. And Ross is leaning towards the party fans, without keeping football as the priority. Ross and his contingent are like the rich kids who always wanted to be apart of the “cool crowd”, so he has spent tons of money trying to impress them with night clubs and tmz style photo opportunities. Ross is a smart business man, you don’t get to be a billionaire without making smart moves, but he is ultimately bad for the NFL. What seems smart now is counterproductive to his product. He has built a nightclub at the stadium( and a waterpark on the way). So, you have a night club with an NFL game going on in the background- not what NFL wants. Just like all clubs/bars, etc, they might be “hot” for a while but sooner rather than later, they are over-filled with the people who want to be around celebrities while wearing tank tops, and when that happens you lose the appeal , the place becomes a gigantic failure. The people stop coming who you tried to impress and now they are all hanging out with Heat and Marlins because Miami Gardens really isn’t South Beach.
    The best thing that could happen to Ireland is to hope the Dolphins can him. At the end of the day, Ross’s circus in Miami Gardens is a bunch of clowns and the people who clean up the crap.

  10. why is this situation any different from the other 31 teams in the league?
    if you do well the owner will keep you and if you don’t he’ll bring in someone new that he likes.
    pretty simple

  11. all the dolphin fans and im pretty sure about this hate steven ross and all his sh*t the stadum looks like a circus with all that stuff on it then he wants to bring in a guy who ran the chiefs when they sucked and did everything this would be like starting over again steve ross if u do this F*CK YOU

  12. I agree. If they don’t take the next step in the peace process, Ireland could still be in trouble
    The Northern Ireland assembly was voting on a measure to transfer authority over the police, courts and prisons from London to Belfast, while the Ulster Unionists continue to oppose the move.
    Oh wait, that’s the other Ireland. Never mind.

  13. message to stephen ross: if you hire carl peterson you most certainly will get inundated with “fan” mail

  14. CTifer says:
    October 17, 2010 10:11 AM
    Why are people tagging Ross as a moron when this is only being speculated on by the PFT writers?
    Because they think of something to write, Ross is a moron?
    Says a lot about you guys, IMO.
    Yes, this. Florio is the only person talking about this. Pick a random team from the NFL and write a story about how the owner could fire the GM. Hey I heard the Chargers might let go of AJ Smith if it doesn’t work out this year. Discuss.

  15. Who really said that he wanted to bring in his friend Peterson? The answer is no one that knows any thing.The owner will do what every he decides is best for the team, and we can all kiss his ass, as if he cares. The fish can go undefeated the rest of the season and still he could fire the coaches if he wants to, this is a wast of time worrying about this crap. If we win, we are happy, if not we cry in our beer, coaches and players come and go, just enjoy the wins and don’t worry about the other crap. Bill

  16. # Philly99 says: October 17, 2010 10:11 AM
    Is Dez’s mom still a prostitute?
    A few extra dollars itching (or something else)

  17. I’ve been fearing this ever since Ross became the owner of the team, and if it happens, it will be the worst thing that could probably happen to this franchise. People can hate on Parcells and Ireland all they want, but they know how to evaluate talent, have the correct approach, and have for the most part brought in talented players. They are obviously not free from scrutiny, and I think Parcells especially deserves a lot of shit for the way he is exiting with “finishing the job” and the talk leaking about his Henne bashing. Draft picks take time to pan out (see: Miles Austin) and to hastily clean house again, especially for someone as toxic as Peterson would be catastrophic.

  18. It’s simple: Win and Ireland will have a job. Lose, and he won’t. This was considered a 3 year plan. It peaked in its first year and is not really improvng right now. If they end up with a worse record than last year while having an easier schedule (not easy, just easier) then that is regression. Period. This team should be better than last year but, thus far, it is not. Lots of games to go, though – even if it doesn’t look that hopeful (their two wins are against teams with a combined 1 – 8 record).
    Sparano is terrible HC (he s a player’s coach and that is great but his game management is awful and hasn’t really improved). Henning loses games with his confusing (not for defenses), progress-stopping, inconsistent play-calling. Both men have insulted the fan base – derisive comments such as their most recent (“I could (sic) care less what the fans think” and, Fan = “Joe Shittheragman”) are indicative of a defensive posture. Why the need to be defensive? Because they know their team should be better than it is – and that is coaching, play-calling and personnel decisions (e.g. Roth, Taylor, churning the roster).
    Barring a turnaround (and the season is still young), both Ireland and Sparano will be gone. Peterson is not the answer and, hopefully, Ross knows that. To GeorgeAnderson: Ross’ celebrity ownership is not the problem. No-one really cares about that. The problem is that the team is not dong what it needs to and is far from where it should be in the third year of rebuilding (to wit: Jets and Falcons) – it is performance that matters to fans. The rest is just window dressing – ugly or not.

  19. William Sizemore – Ross talked about bringing in Peterson himself when he bought the team.
    Thankfully, Carl said at that time that he was not interested in football operations any more, although he might consider taking over the business side of the team. But a lot of things can change in a couple of years.
    So while this story is pure speculation, it’s not exactly baseless speculation. There is a job for Peterson in Miami if he wants it. The question is, which job?

  20. Hire Bill Cowher to be the HC and all other powers that be.
    Of course that makes too much sense which means it’ll never happen.

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