Jerry Jones: There won't be a coaching change

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is staying the course.  (And that course includes a lot of penalties and turnovers.)

Jones told NBC’s Alex Flanagan that Wade Phillips would remain as Cowboys coach following Dallas’ latest loss where they easily outgained their opponent.

The Cowboys have largely fixed their running game.  Their defense is playing well overall.  Another coach is not going to arrive to save this team.  At least not this year.

35 responses to “Jerry Jones: There won't be a coaching change

  1. Coach Wade can sleep well tonight knowing that the ‘Boys lost to a “good” 1-3 team. And it was close too! That’s a moral victory if there ever was one.

  2. “Jerry Jones: There won’t be a coaching change”
    So, Jerruh is happy with mediocrity. Please stick to that, Jerry. I love seeing the cowboys lose

  3. What’s the over/under on how many kittens Jerry’s going to put in a burlap sack and beat with a ball peen hammer after this loss?

  4. I just gotta say, the Cowboys issues, as always, start with Jerry Jones. Why does everyone in Dallas keep saying that “Oh, they’re so talented … they’ll turn it around” ? Because Jerry is the GM, and if Wade acknowledged that maybe they aren’t “all that” and the “shiznit”, it would be pointing the finger at Jerry and saying his “fantasy football team” was not impressively put together. But that’s what the players need to hear … that maybe they just aren’t that good … until they prove it on the field. Like the only coach that wouldn’t just be a puppet to Jerry used to say … “you are what your record says you are”.

  5. If fans will quit going to his stadium…then he’ll fire that pathetic excuse for a coach. Sorry Jerry…Wade is at best a retread coach. Jason Garrett could do better than this! Bill Cowher much better!


  7. Like I admitted last week my Bears suck and proved me right again this week. My guess is they’ll end up (at best) 6-10.
    It’s time for the NFL marketing wonks to say the same about the Cowboys and stop putting their sorry asses on national TV every other week. Jerry Jones sucks as a GM (once again, take away the Hershel Walker trade and he’s got crap sitting in his trophy case) and needs to fire himself.
    At least Virginia McCaskey fired her son and we ended up winning an NFC Championship.
    BTW: The Atlanta cheerleaders are far hotter than the Cowgirls. Dallas doesn’t even have that going for them.

  8. Can someone ask Jerry Jones, what other team owner would keep a gm who in the last 16 years has had one successful season. Most gms would be fired along with all the coaches. As long Jerry or Stephan are GM the boys will lose. Definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Please Jerry hire a real football gm.

  9. Dear Jerry:
    Stay the course. Cowboys Stadium has a thousand points of light. Changing coaches wouldn’t be prudent, at this juncture. Right now, I’m thinking Dana Carvey could do a better job rallying the troops than Wade-Just-A-Darn-Minute. How can you be such a control-freak, and not see that Wade Phillips has lost control of the team? The penalties and mental errors WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES are making the Cowboys the laughingstock of the NFL. Is that really OK with you? I’ve been a fan since Day 1 in 1960 when I was at the Cowboys’ 1st game with my Dad and brother. And we were there for the Battle Of Dallas against the Texans, where the loser had to stay in Dallas and the winner got the new Chiefs franchise in Kansas City. But I gotta tell you Jerry, sticking with Wade and his expressionless face is one of the biggest judgemental errors I’ve ever seen as a ‘Boys fan. He sees jigsaw puzzle pieces, but has no idea what they make when they’re all together. Big Picture. He doesn’t get it and has no idea how to make it happen. Wrong man for the job, period.

  10. Please sell the team.
    You can’t build a team with an accumulation of stars. These guys don’t gel.
    End zone celebration penalty? Really?
    Then Roy has the balls to complain about penalties after the game?
    Sell the fking team Jerry.

  11. Can’t wait for coach cupcake to point out the silver lining tomorrow hahaha….this team is hilarious.
    Jon Gruden, are you up for this rape fantasy challenge?

  12. What there needs to be is a GM/Owner change. As long as Jerrah Jonz owns the team and insists on being the GM they are doomed to lose. Perhaps he should own them forever.

  13. FoozieGrooler says: October 17, 2010 8:36 PM
    “Jerry Jones: There won’t be a coaching change”
    Of course not. Jerry’s the coach

  14. Another “quality” performance by the Cowboys…I guess it’s true that the team is a reflection of the coach and GM…
    Tex Schramm and Tom Landry must rolling in their graves right now

  15. The Cowboys won’t win squat until Jerry goes senile and is politely relegated to the owner’s box, like what happened to Big Stein with the Yankees. I bet the weird, blustery, Texas-sized windbag wishes he’d used a few of those precious draft picks on some huge, young road-grader OL’s instead of popping his wad on silly diva WR’s he didn’t even need. Then maybe his team would be able to race up and down the field AND score.
    Wade “Watchoo Talkin’ Bout, Mr. Referee?” Phillips would be the worst coach in the NFL if Norv didn’t exist.

  16. If you play Jerry’s statement backwards he clearly says that Bill Cowher is the next coach of the Cowboys.

  17. troll_aikman8 says:
    Jon Gruden, are you up for this rape fantasy challenge?
    Gruden wont take the job, because he has already experienced a wack job owner when he was with Oakland.
    He would slap the botox right out of Jerry’s badly lifted face.

  18. Please keep Wade as the coach…… The rest of the league will thank you beyond all belief jerry. Let’s face it. The Cowboys suck, their uniforms suck, that stupid star sucks, the new stadium sucks, everything about dallas coowboys suck. I can’t wait to see this damn team crumble even further and maybe they will move out of town. Cowgirls BLOW!!!!
    HAIL SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Was Rosenthal trying to suggest that the Cowboys defense…….is good?????????? …….Mediocre at best.

  20. As much as everyone wants to blame wade phillips, the one who should be fired is jason “brainfart” garrett. Who calls a a pass on a 3rd and 1 when thay havent been able to stop you all game. once again brainfart outsmarted himself.

  21. Dallas Cowboys are 1-4, I suppose finishing 12-4 isn’t out the realm of possibility…oh wait, yes it is!
    Just more factual evidence that last season was a fluke for Dallas!
    Have fun watching the Super Bowl this year Dallas fan….you certainly won’t be playing in it!
    Has Brooking stopped crying? He must have nightmares of Brett Favre and Minnesota by now!!!

  22. Jerry Jones has to be the most miserable person in the USA tonight. And that makes me so very happy.
    Stillers win, Cryboys lose.
    Life is wonderful.
    BTW, how long can this team and the talking heads keep saying that the Cryboys are the most talented team in the NFL? Doesn’t the license on that kind of crap run out somewhere around 1-3 or 1-4?
    When they were 0-2, I said they were headed for 8-8, 9-7 if they were lucky. Looking at their schedule again, now at 1-4, this team can easily go 5-12. 9-7 and even 8-8 appear to be out of the question.
    The streak of a team never hosting a Super Bowl now appears completely safe for another year.
    Life is wondeful.

  23. It isn’t the coach – it is Jerry!
    This isn’t a “talented” team. And it won’t be as long as Jerry is calling the shots.
    He should hire a real GM and stay the hell away from the team if he really wants them to be successful.

  24. The best thing to happen to the Eagles was losing 3 times to Dallas last year.
    They canned McNabb.
    Jerry thought his team had arrived. AND
    They only replaced one o lineman on what is now the oldest line in the conference, signed a huge contract to Austin and drafted anoteht diva.

  25. I think Jerry is a secret fan of the redskins who was picked on his whole life by The Cowboy fan neighbors, so he is making it his life goal to ruin this team. Good job Jerry! Your face looks like a Monkey mask turned inside out!

  26. I’ve been a fan of the ‘Boys since they began, and I’ve never been critical. Disappointed, yes…just like any fan at certain times. But this year is the most embarrasing season I’ve ever seen the cowboys have. They don’t get better, they get worse. When those 11 players walk out onto the field, they’re some of the best individual talent in the league… One of these days they’ll learn it takes a “team” to win… not individual efforts. Phillips and Garrett MUST GO. Dallas needs “coaches”, not a bunch of baby sitters handing out crying towels… But Jerry won’t do it this year and with the lockout looming for next year it won’t be then either. I feel sorry for us fans, but not the ‘boys… they’re getting exactly what they appear to be working for as a team…which is nothing.

  27. Where is boysroll???? Please come back. I miss all ur ignorant messages and very biased opinions. The Cowboys will still win the SB, remember?

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