Raiders willing to trade any player

In past years, the Oakland Raiders have made it known that most players on the roster are available in advance of the trade deadline.

Usually, the team holds back a name or two, like cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

This year, everyone is available, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Schefter teed off his report during Sunday NFL Countdown by making a reference to “rumor mongering,” a nod to the team’s past accusation that Schefter is a “false rumor monger.”

The development seems a bit odd, given that the Raiders are in the thick of things in the AFC West, tied at 2-3 with the Chargers and the Broncos behind the 3-1 Chiefs.

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  1. Pats have repeatedly said any player is available for the right price.
    This report essentially is rumor mongering. Raiders say this every year and no one ever takes up their offer.

  2. ‘development seems a bit odd’
    Nobody understands what the Raiders do. Sucks to be a Raiders fan, but it’s not the fans fault.

  3. I’m not sure what raiders franchise you’ve been watching, but ass backwards moves like shaking up the roster while you’re “in the thick of things” is precisely what I’ve come to expect from these guys…
    That said, “in the thick of it” or not, there’s still work to be done there.

  4. oh god didn’t we go through this LAST year only to find, surprise,surprise Schefter was full of crap AGAIN, he really should just stop

  5. One of these years it will happen, right? I’ll just keep reporting it every season until it does.
    Great reporting Schefter!!
    Doesn’t this apply to just about every player on every team? For the right price almost every player is “available”.

  6. Would love to get Nnamdi Asomugha on my team, but everybody knows Ted Thompson is way too Cheappppp to do that.

  7. They expecting to trade these guys for more high-1st draft picks?
    Assuming they get traded, the Raiders would likely give up a former top-10 pick for a 3rd, 4th, or 5th rounder. Shows how pathetic their war room is.

  8. The accurate reporting of Florio and Schefter.
    The Raiders and Most importantly Al Davis doesn’t bounce their ideas or what if’s to the media, So this info is nothing but speculation.
    I’m sure that everyone is available, for the right price!
    I’m sure Peyton Manning could be traded if someone were to give up a sh!tload of players/ picks too. Throw that out there Florio.

  9. # CharmCity207 says: October 17, 2010 12:07 PM
    Nnamdi is just like Revis – over-rated.
    Overpaid, maybe. Overrated? Shrug. Really good? Certainly. Let’s name the teams that wouldn’t like to add him to their roster. You first.

  10. “One of these years it will happen, right? I’ll just keep reporting it every season until it does.
    Great reporting Schefter!!”
    Exactly, haha.

  11. This guy is still around? Once he left the NFL Network I have not heard of him.
    Every year the same stick and every year turns out to be garbage. I am sure if the price is right any player on any team could be had.
    You people want to impress me, tell me about the Raiders trade for Moss before it happens or even hint about it.
    Let me know about Seymour Trade between the Raiders and Pats before it happens.
    Here is a little scoop, there will be NFL Games played this Sunday. My Sources tell me some will be played early and some will be played late. lol a bunch.

  12. Not surprised by the report, nor do I see it as rumor mongering. Think about the circumstances. How many untouchable players do the Raiders have? Not many. Nnamdi is one of the few that many would consider untouchable based on talent, but his contract isn’t designed for him to return next season. Look for the Raiders to not activate the final option of his contract. That means he hits free agency in the offseason. Richard Seymour is another player you’d think untouchable because of his talent level, but to date the Raiders have been unable to sign him to a contract, and had to use the franchise tag to keep him there this year. So, Seymour’s future in Oakland is certainly up in the air. McFadden has some potential as a RB, but every time you think you’re going to get some real value out of him, he gets injured. They have no must keeps at QB or WR. TE Zack Miller is probably their best and most consistent offensive weapon. So, considering all of these facts, exactly who should the Raiders be reluctant to trade? The only ones I can think of are their rookies, and that’s more due to the fact that you want to see how they develop before you consider moving them.

  13. Buffalo will probably be inquiring about Lyle Alzado, who even now would be their best defensive lineman.

  14. This is not news. Every player on every team is always up for trade, depending on terms. Florio could write this item about any team, but he does for the Raiders, because they are not his beloved Vikes or Steelers. In fact, he hates the Raiders, but I remember his posts a couple years ago for a press conference with Davis in which he actually admired Davis. But memories fade, and Florio can continue to hate the Raiders. I have no problem with that.

  15. CAn the Raiders trade the horrible Json Campbell? This guy stinks and doesn’t fit the offense the Raiders have. What a crappy QB!

  16. Aside from Nnamdi, why would anyone want to trade for any of these bums? Have you seen them play?

  17. Cro-Mags is right. Trade owners and take Raiders fans who suck up to dead al with him, Herrera and the rest of the idiots in the front office. Yes, :aldavisisanidiot: that means you !

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