Rams bounce back from blowout loss to add to Chargers misery

We wondered how the Rams would respond to losing 44-6 in Detroit last weekend.

With flying colors, as it turns out. Their 20-17 win is probably the most impressive of the Steve Spagnuolo era. Now we’re left wondering if the Chargers will ever do anything to respond to a season that keeps on going wrong. And it keeps going wrong in exactly the same ways.

The Chargers came out flat once again this week and fell behind 17-0 with more than 13 minutes to play in the second quarter. The first touchdown was set up by a long Danny Amendola punt return, continuing the trend of miserable special teams work by San Diego, and the comeback efforts were hampered by allowing seven sacks to a team that had 10 all season entering this week.

Yes, the Chargers were hampered by losing Malcolm Floyd and Antonio Gates to injuries during the game, but that doesn’t explain why they once again came out with no fire and it doesn’t explain why they continually aren’t able to come up with enough answers to beat teams that clearly have less talent.

That doesn’t mean they have no talent, though. Sam Bradford ran for one big first down and threw for another on a fourth quarter drive that led to a key field goal. After the Chargers scored a touchdown, Steven Jackson was able to gain 28 yards on five carries to get the team to the Victory formation. Jackson had 109 yards overall for the home team and rookie Danario Alexander caught a touchdown pass in his first NFL game.

There were some quibbles along the way — the Rams went into a shell offensively for a good portion of the second half while trying to eat clock — but you can’t argue with a result that keeps the Rams in the thick of the NFC West mix after six weeks.

14 responses to “Rams bounce back from blowout loss to add to Chargers misery

  1. The Chargers have done very well playing against the iron of the NFL. Any team having to face the Raiders and Rams in alphabetical order is gonna have trouble.

  2. The Charger team is fed-up with A.J. Smith and his antics, and now the players don’t care any more.

  3. Wow, what are the DisChargers fans gonna say about this one?
    Your window has closed, time to clean house.

  4. Could it possibly be because the head coach has less personality of that old shoe my dog chewed up?

  5. At least the rest of the AFC West seems to have finally improved slightly which should be enough to keep the Chargers out of the playoffs. I’m a Charger fan but we need to miss the playoffs before management will fire Norv and give Rivers a coach that can get him to the Super Bowl before it’s too late. I know a lot of people hate Rivers for some reason but he is one of the leagues premier QB’s and it’d be a shame if he never gets the chance. I don’t like Peyton Manning and didn’t like Elway but I’m glad they got the opportunity.

  6. I will continue to say (as I have since the day they got Turner) With Norv they wont win i have never seen a coach take so much talent (oh wait yes I have see Wade in Dallas) and do absolutely nothing with it. Pathetic

  7. RAMS fan here. Yes, it feels good talking about wins!!! I was at the Detroit game (UGH). Nice to see them bounce back!!!

  8. Chargers miss LT.. VJ, just a very avg. team.
    Rams are gaining the BIG mo.. learning how to beat avg. teams.

  9. Where are the Bradford haters? They still haven’t answered my query. It seems that the crow that they’re eating keeps them from being able to type their mea culpas. Fools.

  10. So would everyone like to continue to say the Giants did not know what they were doing when they made the trade for Eli?
    Merryman is gone Rivers the only one of the QBS drafted in the first round that year with out a SB win.
    Guess the Giants front office knew what it was doing when they took Eli
    Chargers have lost to the Raiders and Rams do they get the Bills this year?

  11. BigBlue,
    If you’re going to sit there and tell me that you HONESTLY think that Eli is better than Rivers then you have something wrong with you. Rivers is clearly a top 3 QB in this league and Manning struggles to hit top 10.

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