San Francisco could be Merriman's next team

Linebacker Shawne Merriman will be released by the Chargers once he’s healthy enough to play again. And it appears he will definitely play again in 2010.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Merriman wants to play in Baltimore, Miami, or Dallas.  But he’s unlikely to get his choice because he has to clear waivers first.

Despite a contract that pays him $3.269 million, the 49ers sound likely to put a claim on Merriman.  San Francisco will have a high waiver priority because of their record.  The team even debated trading for Merriman before he was released. 

Schefter says that Merriman could be healthy enough to play again in the next two weeks.

Merriman is reportedly hopeful that he’ll be released by Tuesday.

9 responses to “San Francisco could be Merriman's next team

  1. I’m a little late chiming in here, but according to Fox’s bald guru (the Glaze), Shawn would indeed be a UFA IF he can pass his physical BEFORE the trade deadline. If not, then he would have to go through the waiver process. It’s a distinction I feel is important, and might need an update, Greg (assuming of course, the Glaze is correct).

  2. @ Truegrinder80 – completely agree with u! he missed so many throws, you can tell that no defense has respect for smith and i dont blame them… out of 10 long throws 5 are incomplete, 2 ints, and 3 completed.. thats not a good number.

  3. Niners already have good linebackers and they don’t use steriods and do stupid things like that rediculous dance Merriman does when he sacks a QB.
    Merriman is done, toast. He can’t juice up any more and since he hasn’t been juicing, he has not even been mentioned during game coverage of the Bolts. Let Merriman get picked up by some loser team. That is where he should complete the remainder of his career, which could be short. A total disgrace to pro football.

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