Dunta Robinson suffered a concussion too

Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson, who dished out the most devastating hit in a day full of them, suffered a concussion on the play that also knocked out Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. 

Falcons coach Mike Smith broke the news Monday at his press conference, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jackson suffered a “severe concussion” that is expected to keep him out this week before Philly’s bye.  Even normally tight-lipped Eagles coach Andy Reid admitted it would be a “real stretch” for Jackson to play this week.

The NFL said Monday they will consider suspensions for helmet-to-helmet hits.  Robinson’s case might be the toughest to legislate because of where he initially made contact with Jackson on the hit.

It appears Robinson may have knocked himself out for a game either way.

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  1. I’m still not sure why people were calling that hit dirty… He hit Jackson in the chest while Jackson was trying to catch the ball. What was he supposed to do, let him make the catch?
    The hit was only a problem because they were both running at full speed but in opposite directions. It’s unfortunate, but not illegal, dirty, or intentionally hurtful. I thought the penalty marker at the time was questionable, but a suspension or fine seems excessive for just playing hard and trying to avoid the head.

  2. It was a huuuuge hit but wasn’t dirty. Jackson’s head hit Robinson’s shoulder. Just because it’s a huge hit doesn’t mean it’s dirty. I don’t get how the refs call that “hitting a defenseless WR”. Jackson had the ball and was crossing into traffic. It was viscious but not illegal.

  3. You love to see hits like that but you hate to hear about the aftermath. I wish both of these guys a speedy and 100% recovery.
    With both teams having a bye next week, hopefully they won’t be down for long.

  4. Dirty or not is not the issue. He was penalized for it and he dipped his helmet, even though he looked like he might have tried to turn his body at the last second you don’t lead a takcle with your helmet! Alot of players try to get that helmet shot in, look at Harrison from Pittsburg, he got away with it twice in his game. I realize football is a violent sport and we cheer the violence without taking into account how these players are droppin’ like flies from these hits this year.
    They were coming fast at each other but Robinson was in pursuit and was planning on laying Jackson out, just like any defensive player but I guess he didn’t realize how fast Jackson was going …

  5. I’ve not heard many knowledgeable football people calling the Robinson/Jackson hit dirty. The only questionable aspect was that it happened so fast it appeared to be helmet to helmet.
    There was another play where a Falcons player laid out Brent Celek even though Celek was about 15 yards ahead of the play and there was no call. Like most games, as fans we’re left scratching our heads on why some questionable penalties are called and then some obvious ones are somehow totally missed by refs.

  6. The same people that cheer the injury-causing hits will be the same people moaning about the quality of the NFL when D-League players are having to suit up.
    Suspensions is a nice step forward but automatic ejections for certain hits would help too.
    If hockey can attempt to clean itself up and is arguably a more violent sport, there’s nothing stopping the NFL from doing so.

  7. There isnt a way to stop these hits, coaches would have to teach players to be un-aggressive. That would make the game boring and less fans would watch. Fines and suspensions wont end it either.
    I just dont see how you can stop receivers getting blasted going over the middle unless you just ban certain types of routes to be run. That changes the game, which is a risk.
    I feel bad for these guys but it is what they signed up for isnt it?

  8. Good, he deserves at least that.
    Edogma, – Your mommy does not count as a knowledgable football person. Robinson’s helment came up underneath the facemask of Jackson and right into his chin. It was a purposeful cheap shot that should get dude supsended.

  9. maybe Kolb is the one that deserves the suspension for that one. like Stalin said “no person, no problem”

  10. Please take notice of this comment – this could have been a much worse situation.
    While I agree that something needs to be done about the concussion situation (including increasing roster size and continuing the use of independent evaluators of possible concussion situations), one area that’s not being touched on and of which I think this hit was an example is the potential for other injuries, potentially terrible ones, that can arise from the rules. If you watch the hit Robinson makes, it’s clear that he’s trying to avoid helmet to helmet contact, as he lowers his head and turns to try to lead with his shoulder. Due to the angle of the hit, his helmet still makes contact with Jackson’s body. However, because his helmet his down, to potentially avoid the illegal helmet to helmet contact, it looks like he was risking a potentially life-threatening neck injury. Serious neck injuries are usually the result of a player making a/being hit on the top of the helmet, compressing the spine. Coaches teach players as soon as they start playing football to always look at what they’re hitting and keep their heads up when making a hit, in order to avoid this type of contact and that type of potential injury. I don’t know what the answer to this problem is, but I do think that the other potential injury problems caused by a player having to hit more awkwardly then he might otherwise do needs to be at least mentioned. This could have been an even more horrific injury.

  11. Good grief, even Jackson’s teammates said it wasn’t a “dirty” hit. It’s a freaking contact sport, you folks should either man up or watch synchronized swimming. These guys get paid a helluvalot of money to ball, and Dunta was ballin’.

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