Harbaugh: No trade talks regarding Willis McGahee

It is with some relief that we can tell you Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, for the last time, that the Ravens have had no trade talks regarding Willis McGahee.

The trade deadline is 24 hours away and McGahee didn’t receive a single snap in Sunday’s loss to the Patriots.  That inspired some logical speculation that perhaps the Ravens were close to a deal for their backup running back.

McGahee seems unlikely to be back in Baltimore next year, but the Ravens don’t appear eager to give up their running back depth on a team with championship aspirations.

8 responses to “Harbaugh: No trade talks regarding Willis McGahee

  1. If he’s not on the block, then why didn’t he get any carries? It’s like they’re trying to break Ray Rice with all plays up the middle. It’s time for Cam Cameron to go.
    Anyway, I posted this song about the Ravens a week ago. It’s called “Black and Purple.” I took Pittsburgh-bassed rapper Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” and turned it into a Ravens anthem. I kind of regret all the props I gave to Flacco in the track after the game he had yesterday…
    Hits on the song have gone down significantly since the game yesterday. I wonder why…

  2. Well that sucks because the packers need McGahee in the worst way. Without a threat of a running game everyone plays pass and they’re going to kill Rodgers….Ted Thompson is too chicken he will make a mistake….and will get our franchise QB killed.

  3. This really had to be confirmed??
    What’s McGahee?? 42? What is a team going to trade for him? 3 towels and jug of gatorade?
    I’m sure if anybody offered Baltimore anything over a 5th round pick for McGahee….they would jump. No team will though.

  4. Trade him to Atlanta. Then he can be closer to Candy and get more airtime on Real Housewives Of Atlanta

  5. I was all for getting rid of McGahee early on but with the way our running game has progressed this year we had better keep him. Our backs aren’t hitting the holes with any committment, all seem to get to the line of scrimmage and do a 2 step or something.

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