Jaguars show they can't hang in AFC South

J. DelRio1.jpgNot all 3-3 records are created equal.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have actually overachieved to remain .500 after six games, but their 30-3 loss to Tennessee on Monday Night Football shows how far they have to go to be a true contender. 

All three losses by Jacksonville this season have been by at least 25 points.  David Garrard, who was knocked out with a concussion before halftime, has averaged five yards-per-attempt, with one touchdown, and six interceptions in those three games.

Jacksonville’s secondary is among the league’s worst and continues to search for answers at cornerback and safety.  The team’s high picks at tackle had a rough night against Tennessee’s defensive line rotation.  This is a very young team that will have rough days, but their total meltdowns are a sign they are a bad team as well.

The Jaguars have played four home games — all sellouts.  The city has done a nice invigorating the fanbase, all culminating with the mayor declaring it “Teal Monday” before the Titans contest.

This was a huge swing game in Jacksonville’s season.  They swung and missed.  It’s only getting tougher from here.

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  1. i think everyone knew this team was not exactly a contender. as far as not being able to hang in the afc south though, the colts are 0-2 in division so far. jaguars are 1-1. the colts-texans game was not particularly close either. so of course, the jaguars are at the bottom of the division, but they are still probably a good enough team to win the nfc or maybe even afc west, as sad as that is.

  2. What is this sites deal with jacksonville? Instead of talking about how tennessee played playoff calibur football you dog the jaguars. Its been documented the teams secondary and quarterback are its biggest problem. Tennessee is leading the league in sacks. Most lines are gonna have trouble with their rush. What aboujt how the jags kept them out of the endzone most of the second quarter? Or how they had two redzone turnovers that could of kept them in the game had they had a competent quarterback? This team is better then you think and I promise you next year you will be singing a diffrent tune when they draft a good qb. David has held them back this year. Report on the game for once, not just the loser.

  3. Seeing as how I couldn’t get a ticket outisde the gates tonight, I’m assuming wukong is either blind or completely retarded.
    This isn’t a super bowl season for the jaguars. This is a process. The city and the team are taking strides, but in a
    division like this you’re going to have to take some on the chin.

  4. I wish they’d quit using the word sellout. All those empty seats in the middle of the camera shot are Club Seats and don’t count toward the blackout. As soon as the general bowl gets sold out (and the game gets on TV) everyone keep talking about “it’s a sellout!” including “I refuse to do research before I post something as fact” Florio. However, even though the general bowl gets sold out and the game gets put on TV there are still thousands of high dollar club seats available. Those seats represent valuable revenue the team doesn’t get. So it’s not a sellout… it’s an ‘avoided blackout’. Get the facts straight for once Mike… people like you are whats wrong with journalism these days.

  5. Yeah, you’re right, I must have just imagined that ungodly number of empty teal seats that were shown every time the camera panned the crowd.
    And enough of the “It’s a rebuilding year” crap, Pollyanna. The damn franchise has been “taking strides” for fifteen years.

  6. THEKENFL says “What about how the Jags kept them out of the endzone for most of the 2nd quarter?”. You expect the media to glorify the Jags because they ALMOST kept the Titans out of the endzone for the whole 2nd quarter?lol.
    And to HARLOEISDEAD, when you said “but in a division like this you’re going to have to take some on the chin”, you must be referring to all of the ballsacks. The Jags better pick their game up, or their chins are going to start to

  7. please move the jaguars and buccaneers out of florida and into a state that actually cares about pro sports.

  8. Can’t hang in the AFC south? They are 1-1 in their division right now…the team that can’t hang in the AFC south is the Indianapolis Colts, the only team that is winless in the division at 0-2.
    That being said…the Jags need help, and Trent Edwards will only set them backwards.

  9. That stadium might have started full but it was maybe 20 percent full by early third quarter. Haven’t seen a stadium empty that fast during a prime time event ever. The cameras were working hard to not show empty seats but it was unavoidable.

  10. Good Lord, what a lousy team and the fans arent much better with their bailing out in the third quarter

  11. Is it time to officially make the UFL the NFL’s minor league and send the entire Jaguars team down to it? Not sure they could win any games there either.

  12. Does ESPN have a deal with the NFL to try and help J-ville promote the team and put them in primetime so they can gather more fan support and not move to LA? Why was a team that has had trouble with blackouts and empty seats for going on 4-5 years now on Monday night football? I know some games look good when the schedule comes out but due to unforseen circumstances turn out bad but this one should have never been a Monday nighter to begin with. At first I thought everybody was hitting the concession stands early but they must have decided not to come back to their seats at all. I actually watched more of the baseball game than this game.

  13. Sure, those Club seats in the middle of the field were empty, but 63,625 showed up.
    I will take that over the 32,218 that showed up in Oakland two weeks ago.

  14. Jags just didn’t show up. Period. It looked like the players were nervous and didn’t want to play that game. We were never in a position to even compete in that game.

  15. Too bad the marketing team cant invigorate Del Rio…running draw after draw when the team is down 20, but with 13 minutes left? I have always been looking for a coach who gives up but at least most will “look busy” Del Rio actually had a look like he didnt care the clock was running down. No way he should be a coach and too many good ones without jobs that will gladly compete for the full 60

  16. The CLUB seats in the middle that were empty – the people who bought those tickets were sitting in the CLUB! There were over 63,000 tickets sold for this game. Now there’s 2 road games & a bye week after laying that egg last night. Gonna be tough to sell tickets for the last 4 home games now.

  17. Feel free to point me in the direction of the team that won their super bowl title within 15 years of becoming a team.

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