Jason Campbell will undergo an MRI on injured knee

Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell had a quarterback rating of 10.7 on Sunday against the 49ers.  That’s worse than any start JaMarcus Russell ever had.

Campbell’s struggles were exacerbated by a knee injury.  He told Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area that he will undergo an MRI on Monday after suffering the injury in the first half.

Despite all the talk of progress this offseason, the Raiders offense looked rather familiar on Sunday.  At one point, they had five straight three-and-outs.  They had only two first downs during a ten possession run.  The 49ers allowed only 179 yards of total offense, their best day since 2004.

Raiders coach Tom Cable said after the game he never considered pulling Campbell for Kyle Boller, who was the team’s backup with Bruce Gradkowski hurt. 

Campbell’s effort could go a long way towards ultimately giving Gradkowski his job back.  Only Jimmy Clausen has thrown for fewer yards-per-attempt than Campbell this year.

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  1. Well, there was a lot of talk before the year began about Gradkowski getting hurt again (he did) and Campbell not being able to throw down the field (not yet decided-but not looking good for him at all). Boller came in and did a great job in the preseason, he is their best bet right now. I wish they would have kept Colt Brennan, because now they are a team with 1 1/2 QBs. Sometimes the “decisions” made by “coaches” don’t make much sense…

  2. “Campbell’s effort could go a long way towards ultimately giving Gradkowski his job back.”
    Greg: Grads IS the starter and will therefore will get his job back when he’s healthy.
    I thought everybody knew that, I guess not.

  3. Jason Campbell needs to find a new line of work … He should thank God he was employed in the NFL as long as he was and leave it at that
    One of the worst QB’s in modern day history to be given so many starts …

  4. This was terrible, the whole time i watched all i could think about was how Russell could have done a better job and then i looked and the numbers and i was right! I didnt know anyone could be worse than russell. Boller should be getting the shot, I know he was never great in his career, but he worked with OC Hue Jackson back in baltimore and is more familiar with the offense! I dont wish injury on anyone but i hope i dont have to see that joke under center for a while. I’m am a life long raiders fan and that will never change, i used to have season tickets at 18 years old, but then i thought why should i pay to see this garbage!

  5. “Giving” Grad his job back? There was never a question its Grads job as soon as hes healthy. The O plays totally different with Grad in there. Campbell is a slightly better version of Russell, hangs in the pocket too long, and slow to make the throws to open receivers. Giving them no time for YAC. If you watched Sundays game, and it was very hard to, you saw the realization in the Bay Area. We have 2 SHITTY teams. Either one will be lucky to win 8 games. If McFadden had played I think we would have won, we missed his speed. That said, both teams are still horrible. Start building for next year

  6. this is the best news of the day…cant bell is WORSE than russell and thats not saying much…bring in boller and fire fable for never considering taking cant bell out…10.7? i will take boller throwing left handed over jason any day…,

  7. I want to thank the nice people of Oakland for taking buffon off our hands.
    No pocket awareness, inability to read defenses, super low football iq= Jason Campbell.

  8. Gradkowski IS the starter what ever gave you any impression otherwise? Was it Campbell dumping off last week and the team using MBush to get a win against the Chargers? Was it the the fact that most fans don’t watch games, they read stats?
    I said this last week too. Maybe one of the Einstein stat-boys who lectured me on how Campbell had a lot to do with the Chargers game can reiterate their position that he should be on the field, and how he does not suck pickled eggs (trying to keep my profile intact).
    I see now that there is stat, 10.7 QB rating, for the blind fans among us that proves otherwise, your opinion does a 180 in one week. You must feel like a blind man in a maze without your precious stats. Try watching a game, it was obvious last week that Campbell, at best is a Trent Dilfer type winner. Give him some D and a good running game and he can work to not blow it.
    Campbell blows, it took me the preseason and week one of the regular season to figure that out. I think Cable knows that too. If Grad’s can’t go next week, bring Boller in.
    And as romantic as it sounds Colt Brennan is no ones answer. I know how they pine for him in Hawaii, but is he even working? Not the answer.

  9. All you have to do is look at the 1st play of the game for proof he can’t throw downfield. Murphy was open for 6 but Campbell threw way short and allowed the defense to make a play. I appreciate that he’s poised, but some sort of emotion wouldn’t hurt either. Dude is a zombie. However, playing behind one of the worst o-lines in football isn’t going to allow anyone to really succeed at QB. Shuffling every other week due to injury is the REAL problem here. Same f’ing issues they’ve had for several years now. Langston Walker and Mario Henderson are the worst tackles in the game.

  10. What happened to the guy who managed to throw for 3300 yards with no receivers in an incompetant Redskin offense last season?

  11. I wish no ill will on anyone, but I really hope he is injured enough that if Gradkowski isn’t healthy enough then Boller is the guy. And we better get a 4th QB, they are dropping like flies. If Boller goes down, then what?

  12. hey JSpicoli, so sad how you can go from a 107 to a 10.7….sad sad sad, but we all know the problem…so what is the solution (maybe besides Bill Parcells)
    whats even sadder is thatJason Cambell is indifferent with it, he could care less. The only explanition I can guess is he had the flu, and somebody told him to take nyquil. They should have been more specific, and said the “daytime” one…that or he hangs with J-Bust and drinks that cough syrup.

  13. 8-21 for 83 yards, 2 picks, no TD’s- even Jamarcus laughs at those stats. Is it a coincidence that so many talented players (Campbell, Sapp, Moss, etc.) go to Oakland and become colossal failures?

  14. Campbell has always been a terrible QB, so he can blame his performance on whatever he wants. I’m still not buying it. Once he made the stupid decision to throw the ball to a well covered Miller and got picked, he played like a deer in headlights. It was like he just up and shut down. Even worse, the guy shows no emotion or leadership. I can only hope he gets sent packing ASAP. It was a dumb move to not have pulled him at the half, or at the very least, after the first drive in the second half. It was obvious he wasn’t going to improve. The Niners did all they could to lose the game for three quarters, and the Raiders were too stupid to get a REAL quarterback under center to take advantage of it.
    The defense held out for as long as they could, but by the 4th quarter, they were gassed, and it made a terrible Niners offense look like a playoff team.

  15. Campbell= just another one of the many of dead als picks and trades that have gone wrong the past 10 years. I was in Cable’s corner up until this game when afterwards he said he never considered benching Campbell. I hope Cable starts to get a little nervous , not panicky but nervous and starts tinkering the minute things llok like they are going sideways. Yesterday was an abomination of play and coaching at all levels.

  16. Campbell will be best served if he is traded to a team that has the system for him. He’s not a dink and dunk mobility guy but a 7 drop passer. His style doesn’t fit the Raiders system or the horrible line. He has to go.
    He’s not a leader and he has shown us and the team enough to know he’ll never win as a Raider QB. Get him outta here.
    Trade him to Cleveland or Buffalo. They need a QB. Campbell put up worse numbers that Jamar-suck Russell.

  17. 1RaiderChile:
    Are you serious?
    Nobody is going to trade for what you yourself described as a 7 step drop passer.
    When you can’t find a guy to get it done with quickness you don’t trade for a guy who isn’t getting it done…especially when your lines are just as bad if not worse than what he just experienced.
    Side notes…Jacksonville’s line has played poorly but has very, very young talent while Buffalo is awful it has improved greatly in spots (with much, much more needed) near the exterior…Oakland’s line gave Campbell time on over 65% of his passes. He chose to hold and fail or check down and pray rather than attempt a real pass. The few he did attempt were so awful that I was begging god to roll back the clock and shoot Tony Siragusa in his fat nominally talented head before he tried to rape Gannon….End side notes…
    If Campbell goes elsewhere (I hope and pray) and we get something more than a sack lunch out of it (I hope and pray some more) then we win by a landslide as he has no ability to ignite a match let alone a team and Grads with his limited arm can and will do more in the long run.
    This was all stated by a 40 year Raider fan that has had his heart ripped in half and pieced together several times over the decades.
    The quick summation of that is…
    Campbell is shit and Shannarat fleeced us, even though the pick is a couple of years out.
    One last thing, I hope this didn’t seem personal as I really wasn’t attempting for anything like that I just completely disagree with you when it comes to Russell Jr.

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