Junior Seau hospitalized after driving SUV off cliff, report says

Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau, who was arrested early this morning on domestic violence charges, is reportedly hospitalized after driving his SUV off a cliff.

TMZ is reporting that Seau drove his SUV off a cliff in Carlsbad, California, this morning, just hours after he was released from the Vista Detention Facility. He survived the crash but was injured and transported to a local hospital.

A photo that appears to show Seau’s SUV at the bottom of a cliff near a beach has been published by TMZ.

Seau is in his first year of retirement from the NFL after playing his 20th and final NFL season in 2009 for the Patriots. He has always had a reputation as a pillar of the community, and his Seau Foundation raises money for child abuse prevention and college scholarships, among other causes.

27 responses to “Junior Seau hospitalized after driving SUV off cliff, report says

  1. Jeez, hope he didnt try to kill himself. always seemed like a nice guy.
    Probably came hom last night and his wife was banging the mailman.

  2. Maybe Vista Detention Facility and other similar facilities should look into avoiding or delaying the release of suicidal criminals… just an idea.

  3. WOW…Hope is going to be ok….Whats going on with this guy?…Could be Drugs and or alcohol involved here. When there is trouble like this booze and or dope is there somewhere.

  4. Sounds like there are emotional problems here. I hope he gets the help he needs. Sad story.

  5. wow, just wow.
    Should be interesting to see what the domestic charges against him were, since the details are not out yet. Must be bad for this followup action.

  6. Wow, imagine that, an NFL (or in this case ex-NFL) player with a great reputation as “a pillar in the community” who really isn’t such a great guy.
    Sounds like a suicide attempt and I hope he’s ok but when these guys, who become so used to hero worship and constant adoration, have to adjust to living, and fitting into, society just like the rest of us, they have no understanding of what it means to conform to the rules that most of us have been living by our whole lives.
    How many times have we watched a game on TV and heard the announcer say, “…he’s a great player, and a better person…”? These announcers have no idea what kind of people these guys are and in many cases that statement turns out to be complete BS.

  7. Very sad…. both on the domestic violence allegation and what one would assume is a suicide attempt
    These type of things take place every day to non-celebrities… the celebrity factor can make celebrities, more – not less – prone to negative responses to that pressure, regardless of their income or background.
    Let’s hope those who are IQ challenged refrain from tasteless comments on this one

  8. Holy Crap thats shocking news.
    First thought that comes to mind is brain trauma from years in the NFL.

  9. I know no one is going to feel overly sorry for guys who make many times as much as we do for playing a game, but the loss of one’s career and livelihood – due to injury or age – can trigger violent outbursts or suicide attempts
    We saw a young injured player kill himself just a few weeks ago because he felt he had no value if he couldn’t play football
    No telling what the details of this situation were but it wouldn’t be surprising if the end of Seau’s career were a trigger here as well
    … and given the type of tasteless comments many are fond of making in these situations, not surprising that a big strong football player would decline to get available help
    Sad – hopefully things begin to turn around where we talk about disorders of the brain as openly as we’ll discuss cancer or other physical ailments

  10. Thoughts are with him, the guy was a big part of the San Diego community, and did a lot for other people.
    However, people should be careful to anoint someone as a “pillar of the community”. This guy had extremely well talked about (outside of mainstream press) habits that didn’t make him the model citizen.
    Hope he and the DV victim are both okay, and if the charges are true, that he gets himself the appropriate help.

  11. Think this could be a depression-induced outburst due to brain damage from repeated concussions?
    Interesting that this would happen on the same day as helmet-to-helmut hits are under a microscope.

  12. The “roid rage” comment above may have been partly in jest but honestly, the actions reported today with the domestic abuse first and driving off a cliff second, show that this is a guy with something wrong in his melon and whether it is because of steroid use or too many hits to the head or something else, the guy needs help.
    Hope he gets the help he needs.

  13. Just because a guy can run faster and tackle a guy with the football doesn’t make him smarter then the average guy on the street.

  14. Media outlets are reporting Junior Seau drove his truck off a cliff after reading Pro Football Talk.
    Excerpt from his note:
    “Pro Football Talk is journalism just like I am a chef when I eat a 5 star meal, barf it up and serve it to people.”

  15. Sometimes you just have those days where you get charged for domestic violence then drive your car offa 30 foot cliff. Happens to everyone at one time or another.

  16. Another member of the National FELON League shows his “true colors?”
    Tough enough to “beat up on a woman” and a total spineless punk when it comes to facing the music?
    I cannot wait to hear HIS story? About how he had a “tough childhood” or maybe had crap parents, etc.
    One thing remains clear:
    There will always be a place for FELONS, Drug dealers, wife-beaters, hit & run punks, gun-toting slugs, dead-beat husbands, drunken drivers and dog killers… yes sir… that’s the NFL.

  17. @Speedy Palm Harbor, who says:
    There will always be a place for FELONS, Drug dealers, wife-beaters, hit & run punks, gun-toting slugs, dead-beat husbands, drunken drivers and dog killers… yes sir… that’s the NFL.
    yet you tune in each week to watch these guys, right?
    so….why is that?

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