Kevin Kolb doesn't know who the Eagles' starter is

Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb is just like the rest of us: He has no idea what coach Andy Reid is thinking when it comes to the team’s quarterback situation.

Asked this morning on SportsCenter if he knows who the starter will be in the Eagles’ Sunday game against the Titans, Kolb answered, “I do not.”

To recap: Reid insisted early this year that Donovan McNabb would be the starter, then traded McNabb and declared Kolb the starter, then reiterated that Kolb was the starter after Michael Vick played well in relief of an injured Kolb, then changed his mind and benched Kolb for Vick, then ducked the question when asked who his starter would be after Kolb played well in relief of an injured Vick.

Kolb says that either way, the Eagles’ offense will play well.

“Everybody has confidence, whether it’s me or Mike out there, that we’ll keep putting points on the board,” Kolb said. “It’s Mike and my duty to do our best to make the decision as hard as possible.”

For Reid, it’s been a very hard decision, all year.

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  1. Its a big non issue. As long as both QB’s get along for the good of the team and the team is winning its not gonna matter who the QB is. olb will probably start next sunday and Vick should come back ready to go after the bye week.

  2. The horse is dead, quit beating it already.
    Having two quality qb’s that have proven they can win is hardly a problem for the team, or it’s fans. It’s more of a problem, or dilemna, for the media who want to find just the right angle from which they can exploit it and create a story.

  3. What a nice problem to have. I wish Cleveland had this problem the last few years, two very capable QB’s on the roster. Instead we had to suffer through Quinn/Anderson!

  4. Oh no, the Eagles have two excellent options at quarterback and are tied for first in the division! This is terrible news for we Eagles fans! How will we ever recover from this terrible dilemma of having too many good quarterbacks to choose from?

  5. So, Kolb was the starter and got benched for poor play.
    He’s pressed into duty, performs very well, and doesn’t get his starting job back?
    What’s wrong with this picture?

  6. Ryan says:
    October 18, 2010 11:10 AM
    What a nice problem to have. I wish Cleveland had this problem the last few years, two very capable QB’s on the roster. Instead we had to suffer through Quinn/Anderson!
    –No worries, Cleveland has lots of other problems to worry about. My neighbor is a Browns fan, and yeah….he’s relieved that he lives out of market so he doesn’t have to watch the games. Give it a few years though…I think they’ll get there with Holmgren at the helm.

  7. Isn’t there something is odd about vick showing up late, not on the sidelines, and the trade deadline approaching….
    A trade to Arizona (the only team who NEEEEEEEEDS a QB) that has a reasonable chance at making the playoffs????
    They cant be serious about making th eplayoffs with Max Hall…should have give a 2nd for Donovan, they cant make the same mistake twice.

  8. Yeah you really are reaching to make Reid look bad. I’m no Eagles fan, in fact I’m pretty jealous of the problem they have. When over half the teams in the NFL are having trouble finding one starting QB, the Eagles have two. Quite the problem to have, and honestly if I were Reid, I would have no idea which way to go either. Whichever one you throw in there is performing at a pro-bowl level.

  9. Kolb said – “It’s Mike and my duty to do our best to make the decision as hard as possible.”
    Awesome Kevin!! Best starting and BU QB combo in the league!!
    Fly birds, fly!!
    PS – how ’bout them cowpokes?!?!?!? hahahhahahahaahah

  10. It is honestly a tough decision. I do not like Andy Reid, but I cannot blame him for not knowing who to play.
    If I were the GM, I would pick one, trade him while his value is so high, then re-sign the other for a few year.
    Vick is only under contract through the end of this year, so if you lose him, you let him walk away for nothing. If you re-sign him, you tell Kolb he is gone. Very similar to the McNabb situation this past off-season, except the timeline is even shorter now.

  11. with the o-line the Eagles have Reid needs to servicable QB’s. Vick will come back for a few weeks, get hurt again and then Kolb will be back in. Whoever’s less hurt is the starter.

  12. To all those calling for a Vick trade…
    If they keep him they will get at least a 4th round pick in the offseason when he signs somewhere else. Possibly a 3rd depending on how well he plays the rest of the way. Can they get that for him right now? and if they can only get a third right now is it worth going thin (like, real thin) at QB for the rest of what seems like a wild season?
    Give me both of them now and a comp pick in the offseason.

  13. When reporters asked Andy Reid who the starter was going to be next Sunday he stated” as soon as Jeffery tells me who he wants I will look like a fool again and tell the fans. I do know that it will not be Mcnab or Garcia. Wait did we resign Garcia?”

  14. If you where Andy Reid, what would you do?
    Personally, I would do the same thing he is doing right now. And guess what? He is winning!!

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