Panthers bench Jimmy Clausen, will start Matt Moore

A week after Panthers coach John Fox said he would reassess his quarterback situation, the Panthers are turning back to Matt Moore as the starter, and sending Jimmy Clausen back to the bench.

We have struggled on offense since the beginning of the season and sometimes it helps to step back and watch and Matt has had a chance to do that,” Fox said in a statement released by the team.

Moore started the first two games of the season before giving way to Clausen. Now the Panthers are 0-5, and Fox has decided to turn back to Moore.

No matter who’s under center, the Panthers’ passing game has been atrocious. Clausen has completed 47.3 percent of his passes with one touchdown and three interceptions, and a passer rating of 52.2. Moore has completed 42.4 percent of his passes with two touchdowns and six interceptions, with a passer rating of 33.3.

21 responses to “Panthers bench Jimmy Clausen, will start Matt Moore

  1. Yikes!!! And I thought the Bills were bad (they are)…… least Fitzpatrick is better than those two. Too bad the Bills don’t have Carolina’s Def, they might have a couple of wins.

  2. Ughhh this is the dumbest, most poorly run, excuse for a team in the NFL right now. Why bench our QB of the future and not let him take some hits and earn his stripes? Richardson has given him nothing to work with and cut all veteran leadership around him. I’m starting to think Big Cat wants a lockout to happen so he can sell this team behind closed doors. What is going on here?!!! Matt Moore apologists, if you even exist anymore, save it; he won’t be a part of the team for much longer besides he’s getting too old for Richardson’s liking.

  3. I think we might need to reassess our coaching situation. What did they expect when we took an offensive coordinator from Cleveland a few years back. Why haven’t we tried to get something for Steve Smith yet coach? This year is done might as well and throw in J. Stewart too.

  4. For those “experts” who thought tat the Bills should have drafted a QB early in the last draft, may I remind you that there was only 1 quality QB available at the top of the draft and he did not last very long.

  5. To Clausen’s defense, if he had some receivers who could actually catch a ball thrown to them, his completion percentage would be much higher. I’d like to know how many of those passes hit them in the hands. I’m sure a lot. I’m not making excuses for the kid, he is struggling. However, the receiver core is terrible and so is his coaching staff. Jeff Davidson-worst Offensive Coordinator in the league.

  6. Probably for the best. Clausen looks absolutely lost out there and I’m not sure they’d even win a game this year with him starting. Not that Moore has been that much better, but at least he showed flashes last year. Then again, I’m not sure why John Fox even gives a crap at this point since he’s certain to be gone at the end of the season.

  7. As long as the Bucs can beat the Panthers (again) I’m happy, because I will be at the game. I only get to go to about 1 game per year since I live 2,000 miles away, so I picked the easiest game on the schedule. Sorry Panther fans, I felt a similar pain last season.
    See you in November

  8. This is the equivalent of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, and probably the best thing to happen to Clausen this year. Besides, both Fox and Moore will be gone next year.

  9. When Fox benched Moore, he destroyed any remote chance of remaining head coach. Carolina is a bad team with no plan for getting better.

  10. I think they should leave in Clausen. What have they got to lose? Either they develope a QB or they get the first overall draft.

  11. Just play Tony Pike already and at least salvage a few wins this season. By far and away, the strongest arm on the team!

  12. Explain to me how Carolina is a bad team with no hope of getting better. John Fox will be gone next year, and with him will go all of his coordinators. We have a young quarterback with a lot of upside, 2 of the best running backs in the league, 2 of the best young linebackers in the league, and a talented young defense. We are a new coach, a couple of wide receivers, and a couple of defensive lineman away from being contenders again. All of that can be accomplished easily with one good draft, and the 60+millions of dollars we will have in free cap space next year. Jerry Richardson knows what he’s doing, he made his billions, and he’s put together some great Panthers teams over the years. The house cleaning that went on this year was a direct result of the upcoming expiration of the labor agreement. Once a new deal is in place, the Panthers will return to contention soon enough. And Tony Pike is not the answer, what is with you people thinking putting in new quarterbacks equals instant wins? The position takes time to develop.

  13. It made zero sense to bench Moore and go to Clausen if that wasn’t a permanent move for the season to let Clausen develop for the future. They pulled the hook on Moore far too early IMO especially as they are now going back to him. It speaks to some unknown motive for sure.

  14. Its the deadbeat coaching staff thats more intent on focusing on their futures elsewhere. We are young and rebuilding but there is no reason we should be 0-5. Our offfense is embarassing but I like Jimmy Clausen and he is our future, maybe he needs a break to take a step back and watch but who knows. We have “unnamed execs” taking shots at our coaching staff now. If there are execs from other teams really saying it then you know somethings wrong.

  15. the Panthers made the dumbest move here, I like Moore, but benching a rookie is a very dangerous road to go to. If you wanted Moore to start you should NEVER have benched him. It SEEMS like Clausen is going to be gone after this year. I just dont understand giving up on Clausen so fast.

  16. @ Yephello
    Your exactly right. This season is like an extended preseason. The new coach that comes in will have plenty of film on alot of young raw talent, a low draft pick, and more then enough cap room to sign some free agents in 2011. We already have some of the pieces, we just need a coaching staff that can add the right guys and put everything together.

  17. (“PIKE PIKE PIKE PIKE!!!!!!!!!!”)
    Pike’s got a worse arm than Clausen, no Pike, Clausen has been given up on WAY WAY WAY too soon, in other words Andrew Luck will be a Carolina Panther, if not him, Jake Locker.

  18. Clausen and Matt Moore have thrown some ugly passes but the receivers have dropped more than they’ve caught! Even Steve Smith dropped a couple in one game….it ain’t all the QB’s fault, that’s for sure!!!

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