Shanahan: "Pretty good chance" Haynesworth sticks

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan knows how you feel.

“God, I’ll be so glad when that’s over with so I don’t have to talk
about this anymore,” Shanahan said in reference to Albert Haynesworth trade talk.  “I’ve answered this question for the
last six months, every day. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

With that out of the way, Shanahan said there’s “a pretty good chance” that Haynesworth will remain with the team.  Even if Shanahan revels in being oblique for one more day.

“I just try to keep you guessing a little bit,” Shanahan said. “You just never know. You just have to wait.”

We’re still waiting for the Redskins to figure out what to do with their $23 million man.

15 responses to “Shanahan: "Pretty good chance" Haynesworth sticks

  1. Play the Hell out of him, cut him in the off season. Just like Shanahan Im sick of hearing about this too.

  2. “Shanahan: “Pretty good chance” Haynesworth sticks”
    “Now we just need someone big enough to throw him againts a wall to find out”

  3. emabarrasing org…..lets all face it. they are lucky to be 3-3 right now as two teams they played gave them the games so they really should be 1-5. actually, 0-6…….
    the defense is rated last in the league…i repeat…the defense is rated last and is on pace to set an all time most yds given up in a single season…worst ever….OMG. Offense sucks too…..

  4. I don’t know, maybe you’re one of those individuals who doesn’t want to save money on car insurance….maybe you’re an alien from another planet!!!!!!
    Give shanny time, he’s gotta get rid of the old and bring in the new, can’t do it all in one season.
    but if they still have a lousy line and McNabb in 2 more seasons, …………………..

  5. hey boysroll, i mean skinsblow, your cowboys are like in the top 5 in defense based on yards and get this…you are 1-4 and a lock to miss the playoffs. HAHAHAHAH loser.

  6. Skinsblow1 is probably boysroll because he is too embarassed to post on this site anymore. Hmm I believe the offense is in the top 10 so they don’t suck. Defense gives up a lot of yards but is creating lots of turnovers and hurting people. 2010 NFC East champs!

  7. Maybe the Skins should be 1-5.
    But they aren’t, and the Cowpies ARE 1-4, and yet the football world refuses to declare them done for the year? Give me a break.

  8. skinsblow1 is cowboysroll (over4otherboys) in disguise. you r a bigger douche than we thought, what a pussy.

  9. now nobody will give you nothing…i guess just keep deactivating him, and let him cash the check….. for what it’s worth, the raiders will give a 7th rd pick for him.

  10. We’re still waiting for the Redskins to figure out what to do with their $23 million man.
    So am I. He says he’s ready to play and wants to play. Damn sure would have been better on the field rather than sitting in a box watching the game. If your not going to play him then cut him…either way Skins arent getting any money back.

  11. and we have found boysroll. the evidence just keeps piling up buddy. Skins could easily be 5-1 as well.

  12. The entire NFC “LEAST” sucks this year.
    As for Fat Al…….who would be dumb enough to take that fat tub of lard in a trade? He’s not even worth a 5th rounder at this point.
    Play him, ruin him, cut him.

  13. I thought Shanny was doing the right thing for a while with Fat Albert, but now this has gotten completely out of hand. I believe…….Albert plays the other night, the Skins have a much better chance at applying pressure on the QB and he can occupy a whole lot more space than many of the other players that are in there instead of him. Just let the guy play out this year, or don’t and send him home for the year. Enough of this herky jerky stuff.

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