Bears release Charles Grant

The Bears released defensive end Mark Anderson a few weeks back, in part because they wanted to add Charles Grant for some veteran know-how.

Two weeks later, the Bears came to the same conclusion that the Dolphins did earlier this year: Grant couldn’t help them.

Vaugh McClure of the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday that Chicago released Grant.

The team’s defense has played well overall, but an inconsistent pass rush remains a major problem for Chicago.  Former Bears defensive end Alex Brown saw the news on Twitter and gave the team a suggestion:  “Wow!! They should look at my dude Bobby McCray.”

Or maybe they shouldn’t have released Brown in the first place.

22 responses to “Bears release Charles Grant

  1. Mistake on top of mistake. Other than signing Peppers, it’s been a year of unbelievable error.
    Lovie, it’s time to go.

  2. Oh – you mean a UFL reject didn’t come to Chicago and become a star? It’s not like he was an O-lineman.
    You are absolutely correct. They should not have released Brown. This is what every Bears fan said before and after it happened, but as with everything Bears, the organization is oblivious to that which is obvious to the rest of the world.
    It won’t be long now before we Bears fans can no longer use the saying “at least we’re not the Lions” to make ourselves feel better.

  3. They need to send a fourth rounder and T. Harris to the pats for Mankins. I’ve got a feelin that the Tommie were seeing now, is the Tommie he’s always gonna be. If we don’t get any help on the O-line, were screwed. They should also think about sending a 5th rounder to Oakland for R. Gallery. If the line doesn’t get fixed, we finish 7-9 at best. If it does maybe were a playoff team. If I was Jerry, I think I’d be gettin a little trigger happy with the later round picks. He and his idiot coach are both gone without a playoff birth and there isn’t anyway way in hell the Bears are a playoff team with this line.

  4. Lovie Dovie must go. They have changed players and coaches and he is the one constant (well and Angelo). The bears are where players go to die! 8-8 at best.

  5. they better be doing this to open up cap space to bring in an offensive lineman, why cut him just to cut him.

  6. The Bears in the Jerry Angelo era have made nothing but bad decisions on personell and coaches.. Tim Ruskel, ? are you kidding me.. They need to hire a GM with brain. Maybe they should gave Angelo the concussion tests.. You build a team around an offensive line. If their the not any good your team will suck more times than not.
    As far as Tommy Harris, what the hell happened to him? He used to be a good player. I just don’t understand it… How do you go from a first rounder to a bum? not even worth a 4th round pick……………… Way to go Jerry, just keep um comming.
    The Mckaskey family should be embaressed.

  7. Trade a first rounder for him—Jerry Angelo wastes them anyway!!!! Millen was a better GM than Jerry and he is gone……..and we have Martz and Marinelli…..look out for the Lions!!!!

  8. The talent depletion at offensive line falls squarely on Jerry Angelo’s shoulders. He has, however, acquired the best players (Cutler and Peppers) on both sides of the ball, in the past 2 seasons.
    Tice needs to coach up the young and inexperienced o-line.
    Martz needs to call plays more suited to the limited roster he has to work with.
    Smith needs more post-game press conferences like the one he gave after the Seattle debacle. Did anyone else notice he, for once, gave simple, direct, straight answers to questions and his southern drawl completely disappeared.
    Cutting Brown freed up the funds to sign Peppers. Idonije has 4 sacks through 6 games, which is fine. It’s the 3-technique tackle position that is killing the Bears d-line (Tommie Harris).
    PFT readers can now continue their miserable lives expressed by negative posts on every Florio article.

  9. Ruskell is the reason that Pete Carroll dumped 75% of the Seahawks from the day he was hired
    Bad Drafts, Bad Trades, Bad , Bad, Bad… and he’s all your’s Bear’s Fans!!!

  10. Gringo is the only one reading between the lines… why cut a roster spot unless you have someone to fill it? Hopefully that someone isn’t just a practice squadder.

  11. Letting Alex Brown go was the biggest mistake of the offseason for the Bears.
    Pairing him up with Peppers would have been dominant and allowed Idonije to continue to work on the inside with Harris. Brown was great against the run, decent against the pass, and was a true leader in the locker room and sidelines.
    Now, whichever side Peppers lines up on, all the opposing team has to do is go the other way or just double team Pep since Harris is just going to fall down in his hyperbaric chamber.

  12. Biggest mistake of the off season was not figuring out the O-line situation, in the end it will probably break…Da Bears! Then again we did make it to the superbowl with X-Grossturd and a solid D and Devin Hester……..

  13. It’s amazing how excuses and Jay Cutler seem to hang around each other.
    The guy has never had a winning season and never played in a playoff game.
    He just isn’t a winner…..not sure why, but he just isn’t.

  14. Dear PFT,…
    Now that I have expressed my negative post on this article. I guess I will get back to my miserable life….. Nice pft, nice…. Isn’t that what this whole site is based on?…. Negatives?

  15. I have to say from day 1 I was completely confused as to why they would’ve cut Brown to begin with. There was absolutely no reason for it. Pair him up with Peppers and both become better for it. Idonije is a solid player, but it takes time to adjust from interior to outside D-line.

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