Bill O'Brien on Randy Moss flap: "That's what we do"

Patriots quarterbacks coach Bill O’Brien calls the team’s offensive plays, and he had a dispute with Randy Moss during halftime of the team’s Monday night game against the Dolphins over Moss having only one pass thrown his way. But O’Brien says people who think that dispute is the reason Moss was traded are overreacting.

“I’ve been coaching for upwards of 20 years, and that’s what we do,” O’Brien said, per the Boston Herald. “We coach and the players have input in what we’re coaching. Things like that are going to happen.”

Although Patriots coach Bill Belichick has previously denied having his own run-in with Moss on the plane home from that game, O’Brien seems to be confirming that the report of the locker-room blow-up was true. O’Brien just says it’s not a big deal.

“Randy and I had a great relationship, I really enjoyed coaching him,” O’Brien said. “He’s moved on to Minnesota and I’ve moved on to [New England’s next game at] San Diego. In coaching sometimes, things like that happen. That’s coaching. Football’s a tough sport, and that’s the way it is.”

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  1. Nice to see something other then BS coming out of New England. Tell Brady and his Coach just do not say anything rather then come out and give interviews filled with nothing but bull.

  2. Whatever you think of Belichick and staff, kudos to them for their absolute refusal to give the idiots in the media anything at all to write about their in house matters. Its possible Moss and Belichick came to blows, but you’ll never know because any possible dislike Belichick may or may not have for Moss, its definitely nowhere near his hate for the media and their non stop attempts to publish trivial nonsense, such as if Moss insulted Brady’s hair or not.

  3. Vic Ketchman wrote “I am in awe of the Patriots” after the trade.
    It may be that he was right and the Patriots know what they are doing.
    Which would be harder to say if a few bounces had gone wrong and all we were hearing was how Randy would have made the difference against the Ravens

  4. Wow….you guys are REALLY trying to make a story out of this, aren’t you? I don’t really see anyone else knocking on this door hundreds of times, but if anyone can paint Randy Moss or the Patriots in a bad light, you’re sure turning over every stone to do so.
    Kinda sucks that neither one is willing to bite, hunh?

  5. @rusH1023
    Do you come with an interpretor? I am gathering that you are a fan of Tom Brady’s fancy new hair. Good luck with the hair, Deion Branch, and your sleeveless coach.

  6. ummm…. didn’t O’Brien also say that it happened three years ago? Media are so desperate for inside stuff out of NE that they blow anything out of proportion (this means you, Charley Casserly).

  7. #
    # NFL4EVER says: October 19, 2010 3:16 PM
    I thought BB’s assistants were not allowed to talk to the media?
    They weren’t. A lot of HCs didn’t let theirs talk either(like John Fox), BB was just famous for it because a lot of media hate him. I believe in 06, the NFL forced HCs to allow a certain # of their assistant coaches/week to be available to the media for questions because of the lame supposition that assistants who weren’t allowed to talk to the media got unfairly passed over for better jobs. Typical Goodell thinking…in other words…dumb & nonsensical. So BB has no choice now. πŸ˜›
    GC in DC- the article says three weeks, not three years. BO’B wasn’t the playcaller 3 years ago.

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