Parcells calls departure a "leave of absence"

Though Dolphins V.P. of football operations turned consultant Bill Parcells has cleaned out his office and vacated the team’s facilities, he apparently won’t be setting up shop with another team soon, according to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald.

Parcells reportedly is calling his latest move a “leave of absence,” and he has left open the door to help the team prepare for the 2011 draft.

Darlington confirms that Parcells indeed is gone from the facility, even though he’s saying he’ll eventually be involved in some capacity with the team.

Under his current contract, Parcells can leave the team at any time,
collect the balance of his pay, and go work for someone else.

Thus, this report could be just another piece of Parcells’ leverage for his next deal with his next team.  If/when the possible next team balks at his asking price, he’ll say, “Fine.  I’ll just keep helping the Dolphins.”

So make no mistake about it.  Parcells is in play for another job come 2011.  By appearing coy he will ensure the creation of a sense of pursuit — which will serve only to open up the purse strings.

29 responses to “Parcells calls departure a "leave of absence"

  1. Parcells is just a figurehead . I hope Ireland sticks around he’s good at finding talent . Parcells screwed up that pw pick badly

  2. He just knows that Dolphins suck, so he is leaving them and their “tool” of a coach, sad draftees, and the miserable fan base in Miami. Goodluck where ever you go Parcells!

  3. Overrated.
    When’s the last time this guy won a playoff game? How many other guys have won playoff games since he last won one?
    Plus the fact he’s quick to leave when the going gets tough & distance himself from what he just built… thanks for Pat White, Bill. Good call.

  4. I think parcells is over rated…. Dallas was just as good with Phillips. And Miami is better but still not real good….. parcells is good but I’m jot sure be deserves sooo much credit

  5. Why do teams let him do this? Parcells is a fraud and football teams keep falling for this shtick. He needs to be ignored, even by teams as desperate as Buffalo.

  6. The Larry Brown of football. Bloodless but effective mercenaries who never stay long but generally leave teams in much better shape than they found them. (not you, Knicks)
    Also similar in the fact they still bank on the credit for championships won long ago. Both have a total of two in their very long careers.

  7. Can’t trust a person who is not loyal. Never did trust this guy. Does everything for his own personal gain.

  8. Im trying to figure out which teams that would want Parcells at the end of the season, the Jags maybe. He isnt going back to the Coyboys unless he coaches. The Raiders perhaps but Al Davis is too much of an ego manic and lunitic to work for considering Parcells has quite the ego himself.
    I dont see many teams that would want or need him, not to mention as a coach he is very good as a GM not so good.

  9. His time has passed.
    Just about anyone could have improved on 1-15 and he does not leave the Dolphins in good hands with Ireland, Sparano and Henne.
    The buck stops with him and there were more misses than hits during his reign with both draft choices and free agent signings. The Dolphins went from being extremely awful to extremely average. I for one am not impressed.
    It’s frightening to think Carl Peterson is going to be the next guy in charge, but the organization has become a joke, so what’s one more clown………

  10. Parcells is very good….how many 1-15 teams do you know of that bounced back so quickly? The cowboys were a 5-11 team every year until he turned the roster over in 3yrs gave them a 3 yr window where they had one of the top 5 teams in terms of talent. If i’m the Buffalo Bills, Lions, or 49ers i would hire him in a minute. There is no doubt that the Parcells-Belicheat tree puts a team on the field real fast that competes. Look at what he did for the Patriots when he got there, and the Jets, Cowboys,Dolphins….Look what Belicheat has done with the Pats and what there boys are doing in KC…….he may not be able to win the big one but he gets the fan base a good football team fast. Take a bow Tuna another job well done!!!!!

  11. For people calling him a fraud, wasn’t he responsible for changing the coaching staff at Miami ? Or did it happen before his arrival ?

  12. Lets just say it wont surprise anyone in KC when he’s chilling with his son-in-law at Arrowhead next year…

  13. It’s sad that, as a Bills fan, I can’t even fantasize about us bringing in Parcells. He’s out of our league….even in my dreams.

  14. parcells is almost 70. he is old. he is saving his strength for the next draft. he is an awesome head coach and realized he was too old for the job in 2007.
    5 years after he finally retires (or dies) from football he will be an automatic HOF.

  15. He can hit the bricks! Not sure how much he has ACTUALLY helped this team over the last three years. Some questionable picks. Some questionable free agent signings. The nucleus is good but Ireland and company can continue growing what is already there.

  16. Overrated? How quickly we forget that the Dolphins won ONE GAME three years ago. Lots of teams will suffer for 10 years in an attempt to break out of a hole like that (i.e Lions, Bills, Rams, Browns, Oakland, should I continue?). Parcells and the Dolphins turned into a playoff contender for years to come the very next season! To discount that and claim “overrated” is very short-sighted.

  17. @gforce89
    I’m laughing my ass off ! Where did that comment come from?
    As far as Parcells goes, how would he react to one of his players being a quitter? That’s really what he’s doing at this point.
    Go Steelers !!

  18. Parcells and Undead Al are on “good terms,” which is to say the Tuna has never bad mouthed him (at least publicly).
    This team STILL has no direction, a reflection of its backwards thinking owner.
    I don’t care who coaches this team in 2011; as long as there’s no GM not named Al Davis, it won’t make a difference.

  19. @noojoiseyjets2010- it is YOU and your franchise that sucks. Never seen such excitement over so little as from the bottom feeding junk jets.
    Keep deluding yourself- face facts- you’re a loser.

  20. He made them better… but they arent a championship team. So I’m not sad.
    However I will be sad if King Karl takes over 😦

  21. My favorite thing about Parcells is that, if you ever played for him, were at least decent, and can still walk without mechanical assistance, you will get a call to try out for his new team.

  22. @ paintman . I read that parcells was enamored with pw back in pws college days . Were you innthe draft room ? In any event I do trust Ireland and hope he drafts like he drafted this past year . Ppl talk about all the misses but what about all the hits ?

  23. The guy who referred to Terry Glenn as ‘she’ is quitting mid-season? Wow.
    In related news, Wade Phillips’ seat just got turned up a few degrees.

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