Patriots-Bears Logan Mankins trade probably not happening

Although it’s been floated as a possibility and could make sense for both teams, a trade that would send Patriots restricted free agent guard Logan Mankins to the Bears is probably not going to happen today.

ESPN Chicago reports that the Bears kicked around the idea of trading for Mankins but decided that the price was too high. There’s been talk that the Bears could get Mankins for defensive tackle Tommie Harris and a fourth-round pick, but that doesn’t look likely.

Mankins has declined to sign his one-year tender offer with the Patriots, and in order to acquire him any team would need to both meet his contractual demands and meet the Patriots’ demands for compensation.

And so the Bears, who would like to upgrade a line that has allowed Jay Cutler to get sacked 23 times this season, aren’t likely to get that upgrade via trade today.

30 responses to “Patriots-Bears Logan Mankins trade probably not happening

  1. The Bears are making a mistake. Mankins could come in and have a direct effect on them. They should do what they need to do.

  2. Why keep Mankins?
    He hasn’t played all season,possibly is going to wait until the last 6 games.Play it out and go bye bye.
    He will not recoup what he has lost.
    The money is gone.He turned down $6,000,000 a year.His pride will most likely be the reason for his departure from New England.
    He will go somewhere else,why not force the issue?

  3. The Pats can’t trade Mankins because he is not under contract. They can trade the right to sign him, but the acquirer would have to negotiate a deal with him. Sounds expensive to me.

  4. … seems like Mankins wants to cut off his nose to spite the Patriots
    Letting the Patriots trade him for some – any – value as opposed to having him play out the remainder of the season (if he even reports) seems like something Mankins isn’t interested in doing
    Still, it’s Mankins’ call – he unsigned and not required to play – and although it might make more sense for him to play now and possibly earn a contract extension before a lockout, if he’d rather sit out and come back in 2 years at age 30 after a lockout expecting to get more than his current offer from the Patriots, that’s his call.
    It’s bad call on his part because he’ll surely lose money – but it’s still his call.

  5. “ESPN Chicago reports that the Bears kicked around the idea of trading for Mankins but decided that the price was too high.”
    Who is doing the Bears’ math? How much is a dead $50 million QB worth?

  6. Patriots will regret not paying this guy. Guards like him dont grow on trees. They should pay him and get it over with like the Chargers did with McNeil.

  7. makes no sense for the patriots. logan mankins is a first round talent. tommie harris sucks..and a 4th round pick isnt enough..but the pats should prolly just take anything for him at this point..

  8. Why wouldn’t the Bears do this, Harris sucks and a 4th rounder is nothing. Do they not realize that their oline of late round picks and nobodies isn’t working at all. They cant block themselves. Its a win win for them, they get rid of a guy who hasnt shown up in 3-4 years and get a guy who could help save their jobs by not getting the QB killed. It makes almost too much sense for the Bears to pull the trigger.

  9. RIP Jay Cutler.
    OLine has been ignored repeatedly. Williams is only high draft pick despite a horrible line year after year.

  10. The Vikings should trade for him, since they’ve traded already for everything related to offense, except for the obvious – run-blocking and pass protection.
    What good is Randy Moss if Favre can’t get a pocket to step up into and throw, and for enough time to let the deep route develop? Also, what good is All Day when he’s crawling up the backs of his O-lineman, constantly? Not sure if that is poor run-blocking, or ridiculous impatience by AP, but he’s old enough to settle down and wait for his blockers to open up holes.
    The offense simply isn’t going to get to the level it needs to get at with the current O-line. Last season, the O-line appeared to protect better as the season wore on, but not sure if that was the O-line or Chester Taylor.
    Watching Minnesota’s pass protection is painful because when they begin the game, it appears as though they’ve never practiced together – ever. Also, the backs attempting to pick up the blitz is a joke. How do you, as a coach, continue to accept failure in this regard???

  11. Patriots will regret not paying this guy. Guards like him dont grow on trees. They should pay him and get it over with like the Chargers did with McNeil.
    By various media accounts the Pats offered him good money ($6 million a year) but they turned the Pats down; apparently not enough guaranteed. I am surprised the Pats offered as much as some of those reports claim because Guards are generally replaceable. Left Tackles, like McNeil, ar much tougher to find.

  12. The agent for Logan Mankins has cost this guy millions. He (Frank Bauer) scoffed at a very good offer and determined his client’s value to be that of a premium Left Tackle. As a guard, a contract of approximately 35 million, loaded with guaranteed money is nothing to scoff at. Chicago, you’re a great team filled with tremendous tradition. It would be a bonus to get Mankins, but the downside is the sh!t for brains agent accompanies him.

  13. Tommie Harris and 4th ? LMFAO I would take a bag of balls for Tommie Harris straight up. Then we can throw in a 4th rounder. If Angelo really dosen’t want to do that deal someone needs to drive over to Halas Hall and give him the Moe Green treatment. No way Pats only want Tommie and a 4th.

  14. But Tommy Harris has looked great in practice according to Lovie.
    Umm Lovie…In practice he is playing against the Bears offensive line, everyone looks great against them!

  15. If I could place a bet in Vegas for this to happen, I’d take the bet based on odds.
    The Bears are becoming what the Redskins once were — a team that trades away a lot of valuable draft picks for veterans. So odds are whatever good draft picks they have left, they’ll trade some away to fill a need.
    The Patriots are the opposite — a team that will trade productive veterans for draft picks. With at least six picks in the first three rounds of next year’s draft (seven if they get another for Mankins), they’ll have plenty of opportunity to replace him.
    Trade seems logical based on the two organization’s opposing philosophies.

  16. jd : you are correct!
    the Bears give away the farm to acquire Cutler but “determine” a trade for Mankins is to rich to save the player they gave all those picks up for.
    wonderful logic there Jerry!

  17. The trade makes sense for both teams. We all know about the state of the Bears line. And while Harris is not a stud DT, the fact is that the Pats are thin on the defensive line due to a couple of injuries. They’re thinner at DE than DT but still, having some depth on the line is not a bad thing at all.
    Doubt it will happen–it makes too much sense. lol.

  18. I’m gonna go ahead and accuse PFT of toying with my emotions on this one. I would love Mankins but doubt that NE wants Tommie(maybe a younger less injured lineman).
    As much as I hate to give Angelo credit, I have to think that a GM to blame for an embarassment of an O line whose job is already in jeopardy would make the move for one of the best guards in the game.
    Then again, I’ve never seen JA make a good O line move.

  19. Mankins is, admittedly, a beast. He’s tough, durable, angry and consistent. But at the same time, he’s a guard. Guard’s who are tough are a-dime-a-dozen.

  20. Mankins is not a big spender and can afford to sit out a year and wait. The Pats develop their own o-line from F/A’s and lower picks. There was a verbal clash between the owner of the Pats and Mankins in which Kraft demands a public apology. The agent was supposedly keeping the true money offer secret from Mankins. Lots of bad things usually means you get a ticket out of Foxboro. Dis Kraft and you are assured of one.

  21. “Patriots will regret not paying this guy. Guards like him dont grow on trees. They should pay him and get it over with like the Chargers did with McNeil.”
    @Benny Mendenberger-Ward,
    You obviously don’t know much about the Pats or the personnel on their O-line, or their coaching.
    The Pat’s O-line is playing great. Scarnecchia is the best O-line coach in the league and has continuously coached up low round draft picks, college wrestlers and linemen discarded by other teams to where they have done a great job over the years.
    Mankins is not needed. In fact at this point I believe he would weaken the line unless there were injuries.
    The players out there now have played together as a unit for months between TC and the games so far. There is an edge and quality of play that comes from knowing instinctively and without having to think about it what the guys next to you in the line are going to do in any given situation. That edge comes from playing every day, not from sitting on your ass whining about money for months.
    Mankins made huge mistake in turning down a very generous offer from the Pats. I doubt he will ever get the contract he wanted or even what the Pats offered him this year.

  22. Mankins was a left tackle in college. Can play there if he had to in Chicago.
    This would be a steal for the Bears.

  23. #
    line move.
    # rusH1023 says: October 19, 2010 12:53 PM
    Mankins is, admittedly, a beast. Guard’s who are tough are a-dime-a-dozen.
    Can you let the Dolphins know where these dime-a-dozen tough guards are?????
    Bill “run away”Parcells
    Jeff “I drafted Pat White”Ireland
    Tony”fist pump field goal”Sparano

  24. Al has a history of dealing with NE for better or worse… Al should look into this…. would be an immediate upgrade to what Oakland haswhich right now is complete and utter crap… And Al has a history of overpaying big name players in spite of performance sometime….

  25. CliveRush says:
    Mankins is not a big spender and can afford to sit out a year and wait.
    Donald Freaking Trump wouldn’t sit out a year and lose seven mil.
    Yours was the dumbest statement on PFT today. Congratulations.

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