Redskins drop asking price for Albert Haynesworth

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said yesterday that there’s a pretty good chance Albert Haynesworth will still be with the team after today’s 4 p.m. Eastern trade deadline. But that doesn’t mean Shanahan isn’t open to a trade.

In fact, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Redskins, who have consistently asked for a second-round pick in exchange for Haynesworth, could be dropping their asking price today.

The Titans, Haynesworth’s former team, appear to be the most likely to make a move to bring Haynesworth back.

Haynesworth has played in three games and missed three games this season, including the last two. Although the Redskins gave Haynesworth time off to deal with the death of his brother prior to Week Five, La Canfora reports that Haynesworth is “miffed” he didn’t play in Week Six.

71 responses to “Redskins drop asking price for Albert Haynesworth

  1. Should the Eagles maybe try and pick him up? They lost Bunkley for the season and if they could pick up Haynesworth for a 4th, thats a deal and a half. Problem being his contract, I suppose.

  2. Albert won the peeing contest, time for the team to admit it, wipe the egg off their face and move on.

  3. Instead of trying to move his contract, the Redskins should try to offer him by the pound. They could probably recoup most of the signing bonus that way. 350 lbs. of fat lazy crap must sound like a deal to some GM.

  4. The Skins, and specifically, Shanahan, need to move Albert for the best possible price and call it a day. I was all for Shanahan’s hard-line earlier, but the team is competitive and they really don’t need this to be an issue week-in, week-out. If there is no future for Albert, his value is probably going to be higher now than next offseason, so they might as well grab what they can, and for once, stockpile picks. The DL is passable enough for now.

  5. how does hearsay and a guess that the skins *might* be dropping their asking price constitute the headline “REDSKINS DROP ASKING PRICE FOR HAYNESWORTH”?

  6. Doesn’t Shanahan only have ONE playoff win w/out Elway? Classic example of a QB making a coach look good. A good coach would have Haynesworth on board…but then again….who ever said Shanahan was a good coach?

  7. *ahem* –Albert Haynesworth to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for 289 lb. DL Jamaal Anderson & a 5th round pick in the 2011 draft. Big angry meat between Jonathan Babineaux & Kroy Biermann is what the doctor ordered and would’ve helped out big time versus the Iggles. Nothing against Corey Peters or Peria Jerry, but we’re talkin’ ’bout Big Al here. Make the move, Tommy D..

  8. ring……ring………ring
    Hi Mike, this is Mike Zimmer with the Cincinnati Bengals…………………We’d like to talk to you about Albert, and quickly…………

  9. Shanahan acts like a child. Haynesworth doesn’t help his cause but cmon let him play.
    After moving to DC last year it’s pretty hard to like Shanahan. He’s always pissed about something and acts like a jerk.
    He does hate the media so I guess I do respect him for that.

  10. La Canfora is the worst. He was a beat reporter that used to cover the Redskins and Snyder locked him out . Then the Redskins PR staff started to give him bad info .
    However seeing Albert go wouldn’t be a bad thing for the Redskins.

  11. The Skins should be offering a pick to anyone who will take that reeking pile of fecal matter off their hands.

  12. Saints might be interested in this guy. Even though they have the 16th ranked run d, Williams might be able to push the buttons to get this bag of dookie to play again.

  13. The headache in DC doesn’t belong to Cooley, but is caused by Haynesworth’s continued presence. He has moved past the point of diminishing returns and needs to move on.
    So what if the Redskins end up facing him (if he goes to Tennessee)? That’s one single game. Keeping him on the roster could adversely affect the ten remaining games.
    Take a 4th rounder now (or 3rd, if someone is so inclined). If Bruce Allen doesn’t trade him for pennies on the dollar now, he may be cutting him later for no return at all.

  14. # blacktoothgrin says: October 19, 2010 10:09 AM
    Wonder if they’d trade Haynesworth for Jason Campbell straight up
    That’s what I was going to suggest. Al Davis should trade back Jason Campbell and some Outback Steakhouse gift cards for Fat Albert.

  15. 6Raiders could use him. come on Al pull the trigger..
    I heard from Raiders413 sources which so far have always been right and show up ESPN AND PFT everythime that there might be a huge trade today. The trade is Nnandi Asomough for Larry Fitzarld

  16. Hey Visible…
    Quick question….How many Super Bowls did Elway win w/o Shanahan?
    Answer: 0
    Next Question…Who is the second most “winningest” active coach in the NFL?
    Answer: Shanahan, right behind Belichick. And by the way he has not had Elway since 1998.
    I’d say a few people think he is a good coach. You sound like a scorned Bronco Fan who is stuck with the real mess that Bowlen has made since letting MS go.

  17. visible…shanarat only has 1 playoff victory without elway….wow…I did not realize this guy was so inept without a hall of famer.
    Love to hear that though and does not bode well for the 4skins……last place nfc east…mark it down suckas!!!

  18. jimcg511 says:
    October 19, 2010 10:15 AM
    How about Mankins for Haynesworth??
    What do the Patriots do with Wilfork?
    Move him to running back?

  19. toonster says:
    October 19, 2010 9:47 AM
    The Skins, and specifically, Shanahan, need to move Albert for the best possible price and call it a day. I was all for Shanahan’s hard-line earlier
    –Why? The man is a thief who has always been lazy and had a bad attitude. Remember the face stomping incident in TN? He stole tens of millions from the Redskins. He’s a human turd, in my book.

  20. The Skins already paid most of the contract – he’s now very affordable for any team… the Eagles should look at him for a pick. an inspired Big AL is a Beast.

  21. @Visible
    They went to the AFC Championship with Plummer, so, he has more than 1 playoff win w/out Elway (I’ll be it not many, but still…)

  22. jimcg511 says:
    October 19, 2010 10:15 AM
    How about Mankins for Haynesworth??
    Isn’t what started this whole thing was the fact that Haynesworth doesn’t want to play in a 3-4 defense. I don’t see a Mankins for Haynesworth ever happening as the Patsies play a 3-4 defense as well.

  23. BrianMD says:
    October 19, 2010 10:19 AM
    At this point, Haynesworth is worth a pack of hot dogs and some ho-ho’s.
    you don’t mean a whole pack of hot dogs do you? maybe if there were only 3 left in there, i would agree with you, but not a whole pack.

  24. @Titlesong – how many super bowl appearances and playoff wins does Elway have w/out Shanahan? And Shanahan w/out Elway? Yep, exactly.
    @skinsblow1 – Shanahan is not inept but he is nothing special is my point. He has been fired as a head coach twice and has no post season accomplishments in either gig without Elway.
    I’m sure Shanhan will improve the regular season record of the Skins, but anything more than that is false hope.

  25. Tired of the “Shanahan hasn’t won without Elway” argument.
    How many games did Bill Walsh win without Montana? Does anyone ever question Walsh’s coaching credentials?

  26. To bad we can’t draw pictures for comments. My art work would show Shanahan trying to plunge Haynesworth down the toilet into a 3rd round draft pick septic tank.

  27. titans don’t exactly need him, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t be a big boost to an already great line. jason jones is playing as well as haynesworth did a couple seasons back, and im sure washburn could get haynesworth producing again with him back in a 4-3 scheme. i think you’d have to almost play an extra lineman so that you could stop that interior of the line. the last thing i’d want is to have him end up on the texans or something, so someone pull the trigger: titans or nfc team. do it.

  28. jimcg511 says:
    October 19, 2010 10:15 AM
    How about Mankins for Haynesworth??
    Isn’t what started this whole mess, the fact that Hanyesworth doesn’t want to play in a 3-4 defense. If I am not mistaken don’t the Patsies play a 3-4 defense. I am thinking that a Mankins for Haynesworth swap just isn’t going to happen.

  29. Hey Stinkyfinger, do you pay any attention to stats?
    Seattle is ranked something like 4th in run defense… is one of the few areas they don’t need any help in!
    The Skins made their own bed and now have to sleep it in. Everyone knew AH was a head case and that there would be signficant risk in signing him to a $100M FA contract….one of these days DS is going to learn to build through the draft!

  30. I noticed several comments from Eagle’s fans saying that the Eagles should trade for Haynesworth. Honestly, what makes you think that the Redskins would deal him to the Eagles. Shanahan doesn’t seem like the type of guy who trades Fat Al in division. I know Philly traded McNabb to Washington but I don’t see Shanahan reciprocating…he’s too much of a “don’t want to give you a competitive advantage” guy for that…
    FWIW, I think it’s really highly speculative that the Redskins deal HW today. Despite what the headline says, the Redskins have not announced that the asking price has been dropped. That’s just complete speculation, which is fanning the hopes of fans of teams that they could get HW for a 7th rounder. Newsflash: Vinnie Cerrato no longer works for the Redskins.

  31. How many Super Bowl wins did Chuck Noll have without Terry Bradshaw?
    How many Super Bowl wins did Tom Landry have without Rodger Staubach.
    You guys are real football experts…

  32. Play the guy already ,he’s 10x better than anyother D-Lineman on that Redskin Roster, ,Maybe he can help the D that’s giving up the most yards in the NFL to this point ,you’ve already paid him 32 mill. try and get something out of that,with his play, instead of taking a beating getting a 4th or 5th round pick

  33. The Bucs could make a huge splash and vastly improve their playoff chances by making a trade or two. The D-line is in complete shambles….Price, Mccoy, Sims and Miller have been exposed the last few weeks between 500-600 yards in rushing and getting absolutely ZERO pass rush. I dont care about the baggage haynesworth has…or his huge contract…or how he doesnt fit into the youth movement and isnt a locker room guy. Young locker room guys dont clog the middle and shut down the run. There is nothing…and I mean NOTHING worse than seeing a team average a first down qain everytime they hand it off…I would rather see 9 guys in the box and have Brees throw for 500 yds. Stop the run. Haynesworth would take this line from being near the bottom to being middle of the pack…which sounds perfect to me. The other splash would be to go out and get a decent RB….Carolina wont trade Stewart…especially to the hated Bucs…but there are plenty of other names out there that would work…Marion Barber…Laurence Maroney….Steve Slaton…anyone of these will do…..give Freeman a chance to compete. Its extremely hard without a running game and always playing from behind.

  34. Play the guy already ,he’s 10x better than anyother D-Lineman on that Redskin Roster, ,Maybe he can help the D that’s giving up the most yards in the NFL to this point ,you’ve already paid him 32 mill. try and get something out of that,with his play, instead of taking a beating getting a 4th or 5th round pick

  35. We will see. Jason La Canfora is the genius that said a draft day trade was imminent. As one of his final acts as beat writer for the Washington Post he said that the Redskins would not try to sign Haynesworth as a free agent because they didn’t have the cap room.

  36. LandlockedBucsFan,
    Have you been going to the games or watching espn for highlights to get your info. You can’t possibly have seen them on television. Bucs don’t make enough to eat that contract.

  37. Stinkyfinger, please don’t speak for Seattle like that. The Seahawks don’t need his presence on the field and especially off it. We just cut our last cancer, Housh, why add another?

  38. New England should give Washington a 3rd round pick. NE has always brought in bad guys and made them conform to what they do or the Philadelphia Eagles should give a 3rd round pick and fill Bunkley’s spot. Andy is into giving 2nd tries. Haynesworth deserves a mulligan in Washington. He is under utilized. Just let him play

  39. why would the panthers trade stewart ? williams is a free agent next year, and i doubt he is gonna be staying in Carolina after this season .

  40. Houston and Tennessee or Philly seem like the logical fits !
    If i am Houston, i offer a 4th this year and steve slaton and get it done. the skins are thin at RB

  41. Bayou,
    I have watched every Bucs game for the last 4 years(gotta love NFL sunday ticket) and went to 3 of their games. So, no espn highlights is not where I get my info. Not sure what info I presented that offended you enough to want to comment on my comment. The Bucs have allowed exactly 562 rushing yards in the last 3 games. So I was correct in the 500-600 yds rushing comment. So that cant be it. To speak about the Bucs eating a contract….Yes, they can eat Haynesworths contract….they have the lowest payroll in the league and they pocket the leftover money that they dont spend on contracts…NFL shared revenue. The money teams spend on their payrolls are not based upon game attendence and concession/parking money. So you are sadly mistaken if this is what you are hinting at by saying the Bucs dont have the money. They do…they are just being a little too conservative with it in mine and many Bucs fans opinions. Go back to sleep.

  42. @ jimcg511 says:
    October 19, 2010 10:15 AM
    How about Mankins for Haynesworth??
    BB will NEVER trade for Albert’s bad attitude.
    Who is Albert to tell BB where and when he’ll play?

  43. Don’t listen to anything JLC has to say about the Skins.
    He’s out just to stir things up. We’ve heard trade rumors from him before about the Skins and he’s NEVER been correct.

  44. He won’t be around long if he continues to miss offseason workouts. I’m sure that Shanahan won’t stand for that.

  45. I love the rumor of Slaton and a 4th rounder for AH. Skins need depth at RB. Hope it comes true.

  46. @skinsblow1 aka boysroll Cowboys are 1-4 last i checked and still have to play Gmen(twice) Phily(twice) GB NO and Indy. Maybe save the smack talk for next year.

  47. This reminds me of Rod Marinelli at Detroit. Rod came in with the “my way or the highway” attitude. The Lions got off to a 6-2 start his second year. Then shaun Rogers got hurt and the Lions won only one more game. The next year Rod gets rid of Shaun and they lose every game.
    Gruden did the same thing in Tampa. His ego was too big and he ran players out of town and in the process he ran a super bowl team into the ground.
    This style of coaching simply does not work. If Shanahan cared about the program instead of his own ego, he would get Haynesworth playing at a high level. This is a bad sign for skins fans.

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