SI's ranking of NFL power brokers contains an apparent typo

When Rick Cordella, V.P. and G.M. of, passed along on Friday a link to a Sports Illustrated list of the NFL’s “most powerful people” in the NFL, I assumed he was punking me.

But then I saw it in print.

And it’s apparently a misprint.

This isn’t false humility.  There’s no way I belong on the list.  No way.  (More than a few commenters surely will back me up on that point.)  Indeed, my very presence on the list could call into question its overall accuracy and validity.

That said, now that I’ve seen it in print, they can’t take it back.  Sure, they can emerge from their booze and/or reefer-induced stupor and remove me from the digital list, but I’ve got the proof.

In all, five folks affiliated with NBC landed on the list, each of whom genuinely deserve the recognition far more than this Internet hack:  NBC Universal Sports & Olympics Chairman Dick Ebersol, Tony Dungy of Football Night in America, Peter King of Football Night in America, and Dan Patrick of Football Night in America.

Of course, this list was compiled and published before Week Six, during which Rodney Harrison of Football Night in America established loudly and clearly his influence over the game.  If they were compiling the list right now, he’d have to be on it.

So I’ll yield my spot to Rodney.  It’s easy to do, especially since I’ve already got a copy of the printed list mounted under bulletproof glass. 

57 responses to “SI's ranking of NFL power brokers contains an apparent typo

  1. The site is huge. Widely read by NFL people, journalists, and most importantly fans.
    The issues pushed here come to the fore nationally. Sometimes riding the wave, and sometimes starting it.
    I’d say it’s impossible not to see it and indeed, it is false humility. Unless you’re just dumb.

  2. Well, can’t argue with the reason/description provided. Even the angry Trolls actually have to *come* to the site, to spout off, right?
    Take the credit on behalf of the staff you have slaving, errr I mean, working for you.

  3. Yes, they meant to write Mik Glorio, of
    Congratulations, Florio, but you should have let 3G write the article and congratulate you, instead of pointing it out yourself.

  4. Of course you belong. Too many important people have been reading your opinions and reports for too long now to not have it be true.

  5. Are you pretending to be modest? Awwww
    I don’t visit peter king’s site daily and don’t care what Harrison has to say, so I’d say the list is about accurate.

  6. Florio, Florio, Florio! Your inclusion on that list justifies me reading this blog; especially to my BOSS!!!! Good Job, Internet Hack!!

  7. Florio Has Arrived! Congratualtions. You take enough abuse, you deserve a brief reprieve.
    It’s nice to see a website like blend with NBC in a manner in which it receives national notoriety, while maintaining it’s “mom and pop” feel as a blog….complete with typos and unsubstantiated death rumors (reprieve is over!)

  8. Florio – Rather than yield your spot to Rodney, you should yield it to Gregg Easterbrook. How does King make this list but Easterbrook does not? TMQ >> MMQB.

  9. Oh, I get it – there’s a little, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” thing going on here.
    Only positive feedback for LORD FLORIO shall be posted.
    Congrats, General Zod.

  10. some of the stuff you say annoys me (like saying AJ’s pass interference was what won us that game, shoulda just been a none call) and so does your face a little bit. but honestly your site is BADASS and i visit at least 20 times a day during work and a few times when i get home. everybody i know visits this site to get up to date with whats going on in the NFL. this nbc site is the best of all the sports blogs on it and your info is useful and usually accurate.

  11. Dungy? Honestly?
    That man is horrible on television and if he has influence over Goodell like the article suggests then Goodell needs his head examined. America is sick and tired of the Dungys of the world.
    And how do you put Manning, Favre, and Brees on a list without Tom Brady?

  12. Whoever convinced Dick Ebersol that an opening number by Faith Hill was a good idea needs to be on that list.

  13. As much as I disgree with you sometimes, Florio, I have to agree with this. I listen to Sirius NFL Radio pretty much non-stop, and I can’t count how many times you have posted a story that they end up talking about 10 minutes later. Congratulations on some well-deserved recognition.

  14. Congratulations, Florio! You are a force to be reckoned with … was Matt Millen on the list also?

  15. That’s an honor, Florio. A completely insane out-of-this-world honor … the NFL is an American institution. Congratulations.

  16. The only thing left to achieve on your list Florio, is for the Catholic church to make you a saint.

  17. Shut up Florio, I can almost see the tears in your eyes and the hard-on in your pants. But it is by no means an error. It is definitely deserved, otherwise I wouldn’t be in here all the time.

  18. On this one, you are right Florio. Your first time ever. Congrats!
    Now, if they can put you on a list like this, surely they can put Rush in the Rock ‘n Roll HoF (Shame)?

  19. Before you aligned with NBC, yeah, you probably didn’t have the same name recognition that you do now. Plus, the way you litter the airwaves with your talking head appearances makes it pretty hard for you to be ignored.
    Even when this site was a just a fledgling product some 5-6 years ago, I thought it was going to go somewhere big. From covering the once controversial Rooney Rule to providing mind-numbing coverage of each NFL draft, your hit count was boosted bit by bit until people eventually took notice.
    The must-read Rumor Mill is probably a league-wide staple, although many NFL’ers would deny visiting here. As to the ridicule you guys are subjected to over those rumors–more than a fair share of those turn out to be true.
    The honor is deserved and your smart readers all can see that. Just try not to become a caricature of yourself like Chris Berman has, if YOU end up doing this for 25 years.

  20. Just missing the cut: Deadspin’s AJ Daulerio. He’s cornered the market on athlete dong pics.

  21. It’s a reflection how far this new medium has come not only in the world of pro football but in all our daily lives.
    I also see through the humility. Congratulations.

  22. I’m sure you were disappointed to scroll further down and find that Rex Grossman also made the list.

  23. Of course you belong on that list Florio.
    You led the charge for 4 or 5 months straight that helped expose Vick and land him in jail. Then you did the same thing to Plaxico Burress.
    You took every chance you could get over the last 4 years to take swipes and Favre to smear his legacy.
    A real journalist reports the news – you work to become the news to achieve your real goad. To make it on TV.
    Congratulations on being on the list Florio

  24. The Brain [Florio]: “Hurry up, Pinky, If we don’t get to Carley Simon’s house I’ll never know if that song was about me.”

  25. Good job Florio. It is nice to see you get the recognition you deserve. You’ve earned it over the years…now don’t let that go to your head, there is still plenty of room for improvement!

  26. Don’t short change yourself there Flo’! You’re website is the voice of the fans…and we pay to watch the sport. Or…..they really meant to hit the Jay Glazer button anf hit the “jackass” button instead. Good one Pioli!!! Hail!

  27. Florio, you take the heat, take the credit.
    Keep in mind that the self proclaimed sports voice of NY, Mike Fatcessa, didn’t make the list, and he has a voodoo doll of you.
    I think that he might eat it.

  28. Love him or Hate him, hard to take a list seriously that doesn’t list Al Davis as an influential owner. Every business matter the NFL does is greatly influenced by Al’s business sense.
    That said, please retire Al – you’re killing me and the Raiders!

  29. Modesty is one of your best attributes I must say…congrats tho, I’m from the Uniontown Pa. area and it’s nice to see a local guy make big.

  30. If you can create a site that a guy like me in an important advertising demographic reads 365 days a year, you should be on the list.

  31. Dieon Sandersand Mike Irvon not on list? Oh wait they are still crying why they are not in top 10 of bets NFL players of all time!

  32. This is psychology 101 folks, as I can see about 90% of the commentators already fell for it.

  33. Florio, you get so much grief from a lot of people who are hourly checking this site for for updates…kudos and keep up the good work!

  34. Tex Steel is EXACTLY right. (You still suck, Florio). Now don’t stop writing Big Ben articles so we can know exactly how clost to Stalinism we are approaching by the commentors ignorance of due process and lack of any evidence of any crimes.

  35. Way to be on the cutting edge of the news business Mike.
    This was in the foldout section of the issue of Sports Illustrated … LAST WEEK !

  36. usually id slam you, (no homo) but gotta give respect where its due, i found this site about 5-6 months ago and its up there with facebook when i log onto my computer.

  37. I may not agree with Florio’s lack of journalistic ethics or his emphasis on sensational stories that value page hits over truth but I doubt there is a more influential source of news than Everyone reads it; fans, players and coaches. Florio for all his faults is extremely hard working and well connected. This site is on top of NFL news before any other site. I just wish Florio would grow up a little, and show more patience, integrity and dignity. But then again we are talking about football fans. Not people commonly associated with three digit IQs.

  38. C’mon Mike – of course you belong on the list. You do an incredible job, you take major abuse every day, and you come out swinging the next day. You know that and can take righteous satisfaction from it. This site is absolutely unique and valuable on several levels, to so many people. Of course it’s influential – no false modesty here, please. You’re as dedicated to this work, and consequently as dependable, as any top QB is to his film.
    It’s provocative and that alone would keep it on the air, so to speak. The occasional cheap shots and innuendo, belaboring points already won, relentlessly haranguing us with unpopular opinions, the last paragaph hook – all things your staff is still balefully trying to imitate instead of trying to develop their own style – those sometimes unappetizing things are the very things that get us all here –
    Some to say, My oh my, good heavens! Do you think it’s true? Just look at that! Some to say, Hey Florio, you’re an idiot! (Insert prejudiced, subjective, a hopeless homeritic, just plain wrong, a hater (sic Dan Patrick), way off course, unfair, etc., etc., etc.
    I cannot imagine a more compelling intellectual combination for such an endeavor than the Lawyer and the Sports Fan; the lawyer, thick-skinned, perhaps cold-hearted, analytical, I-can-argue-any-position-and-win, and the sports fan, passionate, illogical inconsistent, and at times irrational.
    When you figure in the Businessman, you’ve got a killer website and a limitless future. While I loathe some of the things I’ve seen on the site, I know that in order to get to my favorite kinds of stories on here, the articulate breakdowns of all kinds of complicated situations, the drawing of parallels between positions of disparate groups, the linking of one situation to another that sheds light on both, etc., the occasional pieces that reveal that The Editor Has a Heart, I just have to tolerate the other stuff.
    There is something else I love about this site, though, and it probably has nothing to do with you: despite some appallingly repugnant remarks that come from fans of all teams, there are occasionally gold nuggets of football knowledge from some other fans, and, actually, astonishingly, wit.
    How about that?! So feel good, even though you’re still only 5’2″ and your toupee needs a trim.

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