Titans-Jaguars one-liners

Even with Kerry Collins at quarterback replacing an injured Vince Young, the Titans didn’t miss a beat in a 30-3 victory.

Safety Michael Griffin nabbed an interception for a third straight game.

The Titans defense dominated Jacksonville’s offensive line on the way to four turnovers.

Chris Johnson was bottled up most of the day, but some late timeouts by the Jaguars helped him top 100 yards.

Titans WR Kenny Britt has shown a knack for getting in the end zone.

Even the Jaguars website can’t figure out which team is the real Jaguars team?

Trent Edwards led the Jaguars on two deep drives in his first three possessions after replacing David Garrard, but couldn’t get Jacksonville into the end zone.

In a massive understatement, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said about his struggling secondary, “We need to improve on the back end to make plays and get off the field.”

TE Marcedes Lewis, who had been playing at a Pro Bowl level, had a huge turnover and drop for the Jaguars.

The Monday night spotlight exposed too many Jaguars flaws.

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  1. The biggest flaw is that the Jaguars just don’t have the talent yet. It’s partly because of Shack Harris, but it’s coming time for us to stop blaming Shack. He’s been gone long enough. Part of this blame is on Gene. He’s so hell bent in getting rid of everything Shack brought in (except the obvious) that the massive amount of turnover has left the team talentless. Gene’s approach of building through the draft will work in the long run, but it’s gonna take a long, long time. The secondary is atrocious, the linebackers are slow, the offensive guards are horrible, and the QB is consistently inconsistent. It’s gonna take a long time to fix all that.

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