Tomlin defends Harrison but supports suspensions for head shots

Steelers linebacker James Harrison has been widely criticized this week for sidelining two Browns players with concussions on Sunday. But Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Harrison did nothing wrong — even though Tomlin also said he supports the NFL cracking down on helmet-to-helmet contact.

Tomlin said today that he stands by his post-game comments saying that Harrison’s hits on Browns receivers Mohamed Massaquoi and Joshua Cribbs weren’t dirty, but he will support whatever the NFL thinks it needs to do to make the game safer.

“I’m all for player safety. I think it is the proper initiative that the NFL has,” Tomlin said. “I think we need to safeguard the men that play this game to the best of our abilities and make it as safe as we can. I’m a proponent of player safety and whatever rule or rule adjustments we need to make to make it safer.”

Harrison wasn’t flagged for either hit, and the shot on Cribbs isn’t expected to draw any league discipline because Cribbs was running with the ball at the time. The hit on Massaquoi is likely to get Harrison a letter from the league office.

Tomlin said he doesn’t think helmet-to-helmet contact can be eliminated, but he does think players can be coached to avoid unnecessary blows to the head. And he thinks the league can impose stricter discipline when needed.

“Helmet-to-helmet contact is going to occur from time to time in football,” Tomlin said. “Things happen fast, these are big, moving people. I think the issue is here that we coach a lowering of the target, to reduce the number of those opportunities and to talk about flagrant or egregious approaches.”

47 responses to “Tomlin defends Harrison but supports suspensions for head shots

  1. And Mr. Tomlin…that matter of Harrison using HGH…is that something the league should look into??

  2. have people forgotten that bills tight end whos name escapes me but he tried to block with his head and HE became paralalized… really this is stupid cuz not only will you most likley hurt others but yourslef….i agree with this new rule but its stupid to do it in the first place

  3. That dumbass just shot himself in the foot by saying he’s doesn’t care if he hurts anyone. Him and Merriwether will be able to enjoy watching their team from the comfort of home for a week or 2.

  4. stiller43 says:
    October 19, 2010 3:43 PM
    Massaquoi doesn’t lean down into the hit and it’s never a shot to his head/neck area.
    ….and if your uncle had a va jay jay, he would be a she. we get it.
    Thanks for your enlightening breakdown.

  5. gforce89 says:
    October 19, 2010 3:45 PM
    Steelers suck. Tomlin is a loser and so are his players…Ben, James, Hines…all douchebags!
    You are a huge baby. Stop posting, and cut back on the estrogen.

  6. The way to prevent these hits is for the tackler to see his opponent. Harrison led with the crown of his helmet with both hits.

  7. I’m a Browns fan. and I remember alot of people were defending TJ. Wards hit. This is the same thing. the Mohomed hit looked to me to be against the rules. does this make Harrison a dirty player. just like it doesn’t make Ward a head hunter.
    @stiller43. that’s what was said about Shipley he ducked down into Wards hit. that’s human reaction, but its still against the rules.
    If the tables were reversed and one of are linebackers did that to one of the Steelers Browns fans would be saying the same thing Steelers fans are say. I highly doubt Harrison woke up that day and said I’m going to hit anyone helmet to helmet. but you have some big fast men running in a small area its going to happen.
    I think Cribbs hit was a good hit sorry he got hurt but a good hit. but Massaquoi hit was Illegal. but not Dirty

  8. Massaquoi shouldn’t duck his head down if he doesn’t want his head hit and Colt McCoy shouldn’t leave his players out to dry.

  9. I think the problem is that these guys aren’t trying to make a tackle. They’ve been coached to lead with their helmets, launch themselves into the other guy, and hopefully create an incompletion or a fumble by dislodging the ball. If a defender goes flying through the air, with his arms at his sides, they should flag him.

  10. Massaquoi doesn’t lean down into the hit and it’s never a shot to his head/neck area.
    True as that may be, Ray Anderson made it sound like the onus is on the defender to make sure there is no contact with a receiver’s head – even if the receiver moves his head or body into the defender.
    At the end of the day the league wants defensive players to hesitate before delivering a big hit. It leads to less injuries and ultimately it’s likely going to lead to more points being scored. I think the league considers both of those good things – especially if they’re going to move to an 18-game season.

  11. I’m all for player safety and suspensions should be handed out for any head shot, cheap shot, or dirty plays.
    But just don’t flag or suspend my players cause they would NEVER do anything like that.
    Mike Tomlin

  12. If Massaquoi has enough time to bend down into the fetal position because he recognizes the hit coming, then is he really a defenseless receiver then???
    To be truly “defenseless” it would require him not knowing that the hit was coming and had no time to react/protect himself. The crouch down would constitute ample time to protect.

  13. The hit on Massaquoi is likely to get Harrison a letter from the league office.
    If a letter is all, yet another example of the NFL favoring this franchise.

  14. Start counting now folks and take notice.
    My prediction is that at the end of the season the Steelers and Titans will be at the very top of the list with hits that are eligible for suspension, but will have the fewest suspensions.
    The 2 dirtiest teams in the league with the most illegal hits will suffer less consequences than other teams.

  15. Ever since Tomlin promised to “unleash hell” last year…and then got his ass handed to him…nothing he has to say has any meaning. Harrison is just a cheap-shot player, period…the “Hines Ward” of the pburgh defense.
    And when what happened to Massaquoi, happens to someone wearing the black and urine, it will do my heart good, listening to all those apologist pburgh fans bitch and howl about how unjust it all is that no one gives a damn about it.
    And it WILL happen.

  16. Harrison could have really launched at Massaquoi. Looks to me on video like he might have held up a bit. I could be wrong though. I still have trouble seeing the whole hit, I haven’t gotten to see a good slo-mo replay. At full speed it is very fast, and hard to see what part of Harrison hit what part of Massaquoi. But, I might be wrong – he may have been head-hunting.
    The Cribbs hit – Cribbs was redirected towards Harrison at the last second by Woodley’s hit from the other side. Hard to see what you could expect Harrison to do differently there.
    I think the biggest problem is that Harrison is so big and fast and built like a rock, that it is just simply going to hurt when he hits. It’s a lot like Greg Lloyd – the league used to go after Lloyd, but the guy was usually just running through people. Harrison only weighs 242, but he often bull rushes 325-pound o-linemen back into the qb – he brings a lot of speed and power to the field. Guys need to be careful out there or they really will get hurt.

  17. Yeah, that’s it, he leaned into the hit! Looks to me like he was hit helmet to helmet and then w/ his forearm/shoulder. Clearly, under league rules that’s a penalty. like it or hate it, those are the rules. “THEY MISSED IT: In an interview with Peter King of, NFL Vice President of Operations Ray Anderson said the hit on receiver Mohamed Massaquoi by Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison should have drawn a penalty.
    “That call should have been made,” Anderson said to King.” Enough said. Again, like it or hate it those are the rules so players need to adjust their playing style.

  18. what about these running backs that lower thier heads to deliver blows?? no one is talking about that !!
    I just watched MJD spear almost everyone who tried to tackle him last night..
    The same kinda running that lead to Westbrook gettin his concusions. (though Bwest was diving forward to gain more yards, either way its a dangerous habit.) & then the defenders get slapped with fines on something they cant control.
    These rules have to run both ways

  19. I certainly don’t condone banning commenters that call out your inept bloggers, Florio.

  20. dbartdog says:
    October 19, 2010 3:46 PM
    And Mr. Tomlin…that matter of Harrison using HGH…is that something the league should look into??
    HGH?……do you KNOW something that no-one else knows…..or are you just exercising your imagination?

  21. I love how all the commenters have names of IckeyShuffled and Viking, Modell’spimp, etc.
    Steelers and Patriots in AFC Champ……mark it down. Just like old times.
    Bungles, Ravens, Vikings, Cowboys?????
    Pre-season paper champs again. Lol

  22. Harrison is an animal, the coach condones cheating and their QB, well, I think everybody knows about him.
    But… it’s a classy organization.

  23. Can running backs still lead with their head? I saw M. Jones-Drew lead with his helmet and hit a Titan D-Lineman helmet-to-helmet. That man should be fined. He could hurt someone. And he is killing my fantasy team.

  24. I hate to reference Mike and Mike, God kill me, but Golic had a good point today. The receivers shifted their pad level just before contact. You duck you get hit, and I guess it costs the guy that hit you $75k

  25. Better think twice about lowering your shoulders and trying to out-hit the steelers. You’ll get knocked out of the game.
    Flop down like a QB and live for another play.
    Anyone out there ever play running back in high school? remember how you were taught to lower your shoulders before contact? Stand up and try it… Did your head lower too? I bet it did. You see, they are connected by this thing called a neck.
    Now imagine you are running the baall, shoulders low, and an LB is approaching. Which part of your body is closest to the LB? Your head. Now how can he he possibly hit you without making contact with your head? Should he dive at your feet? That get him a job delivering mail by the end of the season.
    Get get the flags. The days of this being a contact sport are numbered.

  26. “That dumbass just shot himself in the foot by saying he’s doesn’t care if he hurts anyone.”
    He said he said he doesn’t want to INJURE anybody and that hurting them is fine. And if you have a problem with a LB acknowledging that it’s his duty to hurt his opposition, you’re watching the wrong sport.
    “Sorry, I was gonna tackle you but I thought it might hurt too much.” Get the **** out of here.
    P.S. I find it amusing the number of people on this site who have usernames dedicated to hating the Steelers. It’s sort of mind boggling that people invest so much time hating other teams. Then again, I don’t have to worry about what other teams do since I’m too busy watching the Steelers win.

  27. For some bizarre reason, all the Steeler-haters assume the suspensions for head shots is a James Harrison rule. They think James will be suspended, thus hurting Pittsburgh’s chances of making the playoffs.
    First, you smarmy little runts should have learned by now that your gleeful hopes for a suspension to ruin our season won’t necessarily turn out as expected. Second, this isn’t about James Harrison–it’s about head shots. James’s hit on Cribbs was perfectly legal. I didn’t like the hit on Massaquoi, but a slo-mo replay may find that was a legal hit as well. On the other hand, perhaps your star linebacker or safety will take a “kill” shot when you least expect it and wind out benched for a crucial game.
    I’m all for protecting the health and safety of players by enforcing the rules as they currently exist. But some of you should be careful what you wish for. You could be in for a rude awakening.

  28. stiller43 says:
    October 19, 2010 3:43 PM
    Massaquoi doesn’t lean down into the hit and it’s never a shot to his head/neck area.
    Hilarious. Browns fans said the exact same sentence in relation to TJ Ward’s hit on Shipley, and there were puh-lenty of Steelers fans (and Bengals fans, of course) who were like “No way! That was an illegal hit and TJ Ward should be roasted on a spit for it!”
    It’s never wrong when it’s *your* guy doing it, eh?

  29. My vocabulary simply lacks the words to eloquently and succinctly express how deeply visceral my hatred is for this team, its coach and its QB.
    Oh wait…..

  30. Regardless of who your team is, or how much you hate the Steelers, this rule is going to wreck the sport of American Football.
    So offensive players are going to start lowering their heads every time hey have the ball, because then it will be illegal for any defenders to hit them directly; making a solid tackle a figment of imagination.
    There’s no way they are going to be able to enforce this rule without obliterating whatever balance the game currently has, period.
    If you’re dumb enough to run around with your head lowered in front of you like a blunt instrument, then you deserve to get cold cocked; that applies to defenders too.
    When I played ball it was perfectly acceptable to try to “jump” a defender who lowered their head to spear you, the result was usually a violent connection between your knee and his face.
    Usually the knee won.

  31. First time on this site- read the article and thought it would be interesting to read the comments. I couldn’t have been more wrong. More than have of these comments are just fans of one team griping about a team they hate. Utterly and completely pointless, and not remotely related to the actual issues involved. If your player delivered the hit, its fine. It your player was hit, its dirty.
    How about a genuine discussion of the hit, the problems surrounding the issue, etc? Whether you like James Harrison, the Steelers, Ravens, Browns, etc., is irrelevant.
    Use your brain, and get a life. Take your hatred for individuals or teams (which are usually the result of those teams beating your team!!!) somewhere else, like

  32. Too many defenders don’t know how to ‘Tackle’ – They never learned how to hit the ball carrier in the gut with their shoulders and wrap their arms around the player.
    They prefer to play cheap ball and tackle the ball carrier by bouncing into them or launching themselves headfirst into the player like a missle.
    If defenders learned to tackle, this problem will go almost completely go away.

  33. This is the beginning of the end for the NFL. In 20 years the game will be 2 hand touch. When you have something perfect why do you have to keep messing with it until its ruined.
    Instead of head injuries its going to be knee and leg injuries.
    The NFL adding 2 games to the schedule is for player safety also.
    How is Harrison a repeat offender if one hit was clean?

  34. @Grumpy Old Man …
    Steve Young was laying the problem at the feet of quarterbacks. He noted (and I agree) that only about a half dozen NFL QBs know how to read defenses and correctly place the ball. So they lead the receiver into a position where he’s going to get clobbered by defenders who aren’t necessarily launching with their helmets, but who are forced to make open-field tackles. The force of an open-field tackle is bound to lead to some form of helmet collision. He says that if the QBs knew what they were doing and knew how to read the complicated blitz and zone defenses, this wouldn’t happen so often. Interesting theory.

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