Colts suspend Pat McAfee one game

Less than 24 hours after punter Pat McAfee was charged for public intoxication after being found swimming in a local canal, the Colts have suspended McAfee one game.

“After verifying the relevant facts, we today have suspended Pat McAfee for one game for conduct detrimental to the club.  The suspension will take effect on Monday, October 25 and will run through the Houston game on Monday, November 1. We will
have no further comment at this time,” team president Bill Polian said in a statement.

As Florio pointed out this morning, this approach comes in direct contrast to how the Jets handled Braylon Edwards’ situation.  The Colts are subject to a grievance under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The league is supposed to be responsible for alcohol-related punishment.  I’m not the lawyer around here, but such a grievance would likely have to come with McAfee’s support.

McAfee was dumb enough to take a drunk swim in a canal (when it was under 40 degrees), but we suspect he’s smart enough to know the tenuous nature of a second-year punter’s job security.

37 responses to “Colts suspend Pat McAfee one game

  1. File a grievance ASAP.
    So what, the kid got drunk and had a lil fun. He didn’t rape anyone, or urinate in public on a golf course.
    He certainly didn’t drive drunk which shows he at least was doing something right.
    The team doesn’t own it’s players, they are employees, not PROPERTY.

  2. When the cops asked him how much he had to drink he said “A lot. I am drunk”.
    C’mon now. Thats funny.

  3. I don’t get why people are confused with the braylon edwards situation. He’s a good player and the jets needed him to win the game. This guy is a punter so they can make an example out of him. If this happened to Peyton does anyone really think he would have been suspended?

  4. Just like Braylon would have known not to challenge a far more serious offense in his contract year. But Jets need to win this year no matter what the cost, while Colts apparently care about the reputation and class of the organization.

  5. Wow, the Colts have obviously overstepped their authority. And people think the Chargers’ GM is arrogant?

  6. Comparing Braylon to Wayne? Really?
    Should just let the ‘Fivehead’ give an interview roasting him and call it a day. Not like the guy was driving.

  7. this is hilarious….the guy was drunk swimming in a canal……how can you even be mad at the guy…..its just to funny. The 1 game is more then enough.

  8. Pat will be back, he’ll be the punter in Indy for the next 10-15 years. He got drunk…WHO CARES??!! Hes a hero in my book…

  9. Plus, Edwards was driving! McAfee was just being a drunk (cause he had too much to drink) 23 yr old kicker on his bye week.

  10. Colts could be tough in 2011…playing a 3rd place schedule…give them credit for being run correctly..just like the jets.

  11. They probably told him, either take your 1 game suspension and not file a grievence, or be cut, take your pick.

  12. While I have a lot of respect for the Colts on the field – the players – I have a very low of Bill “Wah wah wah, I’m gonna change the rules so we can win more games” Polian, I have to give him a thumbs up for doing what the Jets didn’t have the guts to do.
    That said, it was just a punter, and they’re waiting a game until they’ve had a chance to go down to the dollar store and grab another one. If it had been Peyton Manning, would the results have been the same?
    By the way:
    Drew Brees’ Face Smudge says:
    October 20, 2010 5:47 PM
    When the cops asked him how much he had to drink he said “A lot. I am drunk”.
    C’mon now. Thats funny.
    If that’s true, that really IS funny! Sad, but funny.

  13. Boltschick.
    Polian is arrogant.. No lie.
    J.A. Smith is arrogant(without reason) and ignorant(consistently proves it).

  14. What if he had killed someone laying drunk on the curb???!?!?!?? He definitely deserved that punishment!

  15. @ gregjennings says:
    October 20, 2010 6:07 PM
    Why didn’t the Jets do this with Braylon Edwards?
    Because they didn’t have to moron. The Colts didn’t have to either. That was their stupid decision. The NFL can suspend if they feel that way, and the player will have to face legal consequences. I HATE the Jets but am glad they did were not influenced by some over-zealous media idiots.
    These are the same Colts that lay over and play dead at the end of each season and subject us all to miserable games that their backups starts. I have no respect for them.

  16. This is a bush league suspension. Everyone knows that Manning or Freeney would not be punished in the least bit for doing something like this, but that isn’t even the point. There is absolutely no public pressure to discipline this guy. He didn’t hurt anyone nor did he endanger anyone. This kind of thing calls for a night in the drunk tank at most.
    Its faux toughness by the Colts. They’re flexing their muscles only because its a convenient opportunity to do so.

  17. So it was important to the Colts organization to level the hammer down on him. But, wait, can you come into work for one day before we suspend you? Nice principles.

  18. The Jets would have held him out for the first 3 plays, maybe more, depending on how the drive went. Fortunately for me, there were no canals nearby when I was that age.

  19. WVU’s finest. Give he kid a break. He hurt no one and was shirtless. At least he had his pants on still. Speaking of pants on, what’s going on with Favre?

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