Joe Flacco and Cam Cameron meet to iron out play-calling differences

For the second time this week, Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun has written about the “sense of frustration” Joe Flacco had with some aspects of the Ravens game plan against the Patriots.

The issue seems to be around Baltimore’s supposedly conservative play calling late in the Ravens loss, and Flacco’s ability to audible.  Preston reports Flacco and offensive coordiantor Cam Cameron met on the issue Monday

“There are plans to allow Flacco to take control of the offense more and
more, and practically give him full control down the final stretch of
the season,” Preston writes.

It doesn’t appear this is a major issue.  Flacco has played very well of late and the Ravens have “nothing but praise” for Flacco on or off record.  It sounds like Flacco would just like more ability to change plays. 

We’re also not sure the Ravens were so conservative against New England.  The Patriots adjusted their defense late and began to drop two safeties deep, finally slowing down Baltimore.  Flacco took the check down too often.  It happens.

Preston suggests, though, there may be other issues here.

“Hopefully, the meeting with Cameron has put both back on the same
page,” Preston writes. “If this team can focus, and put aside personal goals on both
offense and defense, the Ravens have a shot at winning a championship. Right now, though, everyone is not on board. That has to change going into the second half of the season.”

22 responses to “Joe Flacco and Cam Cameron meet to iron out play-calling differences

  1. Here’s what it boils down to – the Patriots defense is getting better and Flacco is regressing as a quarterback.

  2. @mike daly
    Well we now know who the village idiot is! How is Flacco regressing? He’s performed quite well actually since the Bengals game…

  3. Dude… Flacco… you couldn’t even run a QB sneak correctly when you needed to. You don’t see the open receiver, and you throw to guys in double coverage instead. You float passes instead of hitting receivers in stride. Yes, you have a strong arm but you don’t use it correctly half the time. And your play-action “fakes” are horrible and confuse nobody.
    I’d love to be able to blame Cam Cameron’s “scheme” but I can’t fairly do that when you can’t correctly execute most of the plays.
    I will agree with one thing, the Ravens should be running the ball a lot more than they do. And the Patriots game is not a good example… EVERY single run was straight up the middle. Not once did Rice bounce it outside, even when he had the chance to.

  4. Flacco is regressing?? WTH?? Do you follow the Ravens at all? Did you watch him play vs the Pats?
    27 /35 77.1% 285 yards 8.1avg 2tds 0ints
    (For comparison..Brady’s numbers
    27 /44 61.4% 292yards 6.6avg 1tds 2ints
    Since week two vs the Bengals his stats are
    6 Touchdowns 1 Interception
    999 Passing Yards 87/128
    68% Completion Rate
    7.8 YPA
    103.6 Quarterback Rating
    And look at his stats
    He’s gotten better every year, and is on pace to be at about 3800yards.

  5. @Mike Daly: flacco had a 119.3 qb rating against the pats. doesnt sound like regressing to me. That is the point of this article. he was having no problems against the NE defense and the play calling didnt let flacco win the game for the ravens

  6. THATS what it comes down too? how much did you smoke before you wrote that? no it comes down to soft coverage and conservative play calling while trying to sit on a 10 pt lead against a good offense, it didnt work. period. the pats defense, while isnt terrible, is far from good and flacco has only gotten better every season. you have to look at the season as a whole, otherwise your precious tom “bieber” brady would be regressing every week his team lost…. im pretty sure flaccos QB rating in that game was MUCH higher than that of brady. like 119.3 or something like that? yea regressing is the word id use too….

  7. 75% completion rate. 115 passer rating. 2 TD. No int. Yeah that is some regression.
    here is what it boils down to. Cam Cameron pulled the offense into a shell. Gregg Mattison played not to lose. Those combination of things along with a HOF QB (albeit whiner) in Brady led to the loss.
    But before you Pats fans get too giddy, you needed overtime at your home stadium to beat the Ravens who you have owned for the past few years except for the beatdown we put on you in the playoffs. The scales are evening out.
    Will Flacco ever be as good as Brady? Likely not. But there is only a couple of guys in the category other than him. Flacco is good enough in his first two years to have 3 playoff wins. You could argue that it was despite him rather than because of him, but the bottom line is that in his first 2 years he has 3 playoff wins which is 3 more than Matt Ryan who was taken 15 picks ahead of him in the same draft.

  8. Hey Mike…just a thought, perhaps watch more than one Ravens game, then take into account he’s started for 3 years and he’s already been to the playoffs twice. Get your head out of Belichicks ass

  9. word is that he doesn’t complete his reads and goes to either his 1st option or a check down to ray rice…isn’t that why tj hoosyamamma isn’t happy? if a guy as talented as flacco can’t make it through his progressions that is a problem. over time that will make an offense pretty predictable..

  10. I couldn’t see what he saw down field but obviously he had to check down. So the Pats must of adjusted or shown him a look to make him hesitate. Cameron should have adjusted the play calling. It just seemed to me that Rice was the safety valve too many times.

  11. In his third year I expect Flacco to start changing plays. I hate this team but the talent is amazing. When Flacco’s first read is covered he starts to get jittery in the pocket. I mean a comeback route can only get this team so far.

  12. Flacco isn’t allowed to change plays. It’s the hot topic here in B-More. Cameron doesn’t like Audibles and tells him what to do.

  13. Oh and the Bills are next. Since they normally destroy inferior teams,( and it pains me to say this). The Bills have no chance. They run the ball well and Flacco normally has a excellent game. Then comes the Miami game and the same problems happen over again. The blame needs to go to Harbaugh for allowing these things to happen. I mean a QB sneak when you have 3 Pro Bowl runners?? I mean I’ve had alot of converstations with fans and they call Cam Matt Cavanagh 2.0…I think that’s harsh

  14. The problem for the Ravens is that all their WR are possession players. The biggest deep threat the team has is Ed Dickson and he’s a 2nd string TE.
    Having said that I can see both sides of the coin here. I do believe that Flacco needs to be able to adjust the offenses formation to take advantage of weak spots in the defense. The play that argueably lost the game, 3rd and 2 in the redzone, New England sent both S on the blitz. I thought something to the back or corner of the endzone would have been a better choice than a slant pattern to Mason. Flacco should have been able to change that play.
    However, there are rumors that Flacco isnt really progressing at reading defenses. He struggles with zone coverage, (see the Bengals game and the end of this game). I have to think that apart of it is that Cameron just doesnt trust Flacco’s decision making vs. certain defenses.

  15. I know that it’s his “beat” but, I don’t think that Mike Preston is the most reliable observer of the Baltimore Ravens. He tends to project his opinion into a story purported to be fact about the Ravens. He’s missed before and I think He’s missed again here. I am sure that there is something to the story but I don’t believe that Flacco is “frustrated with the play calling”. I do think that he (and the rest of the team and coaching staff) and frustrated with the outcome of the Pats game and are looking for ways to prevent it from happening again. That probably means Flacco being more patient to allow “cover 2” plays to develop and being more empowered to change plays at the line when he sees an opportunity. A called play is not a “suicide pact”, the QB can and should audible out of a bad play when the defense lines up expecting the called play. Joe needs to be confident doing that.

  16. Flacco is dead right. The Ravens always squander big games like this because they try to sit on a 10 point lead rather than trying to extend it. This should have been a comfortable win for the Ravens. Pity, because the Ravens should really be 5-1 right now.

  17. Preston is an agitator. Je’s a columnist who tends to write things that are controversial about the team and he usually has an agenda that he shapes his information to fit.
    Not saying he’s wrong this time, just buyer beware with anything he writes.

  18. 1) Preston is a moron who is only looks to stir the pot up for attention, which you’re giving him Rosenthal. Half of Bmore hates him and his columns.
    2) @Mike Daly, you sir are an idiot. Regressing and Flacco in the same sentence is like using Tom Brady and not douchey in the same sentence.
    3) @habibfromnewdelhi, Rice couldn’t get outside because Wilfork was there 90% of the time to prevent it. If we could have contained him more it would have been a different issue.
    4)@puppet601, Tom “Beiber” Brady is classic. What a dbag

  19. Flacco needs to be given a longer leash, a big guy like him should go down the field more with the ball.

  20. So I am sitting there with a buddy of mine who is a die hard Ravens fan. Not one of the unrealistic, overreactionary, naive kinds that often take over this site. He is more of a realist, and only comments negatively on his team in obvious situations.
    This is obvious, Flacco is not an elite QB.
    Flacco often goes through 2 progressions, his hot…..then his check-down.
    After those reads are covered he becomes a jittery, duck-ball passer that often gets a reciever killed.
    I did not notice this, but began watching and he was exactly right. Just watch this weeks game before you start throwing stones at this observation. I am not saying he sucks, he is really good at hitting the Hot, and the checkdown, but beyond that look out. We now have over-unders with our friends as to how many recievers he is going to get killed, hit hard, or concussed each week. This week the line is 3. Last week it was 2 and it was a push, and thats only because we could not include the Heap hit because we all agreed that it was a cheap shot…..that said, the pass was still a duck, and he did put heap in danger……look out this week, My guess is Houch goes down hard this week by a terribly thrown, dangerous Flacco pass

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