Cardinals offense getting healthier

You can look at the Cardinals’ 3-2 record a few ways.

In a way, they’ve looked like the worst 3-2 team imaginable and they are due for a market correction.  There was total doom and gloom at 2-2. 

I prefer to see them as a team that was lucky to win a few games when they weren’t playing well, and have a real chance to get better as the season wears on.  One reason for optimism is the health of their offense coming off the bye.

Every Cardinal participated in at least a portion of practice coming off the team’s bye the last two days.  Wideout Steve Breaston may be their second best offensive player, and he’s going to return to the lineup for the first time since Week Three.  No. 3 receiver Early Doucet also has a decent chance to play for the first time since the season opener.

Linebacker Gerald Hayes is also eligible to come off the PUP list, although that may not happen this week.

The week off should have done Larry Fitzgerald some good, and Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic indicates the Beanie Wells looks ready to take a bigger role in the team’s backfield.

The Cardinals’ ability to contend will largely depend on their rookie quarterback Max Hall, but the infusion of healthy players will help.  This Sunday’s game in Seattle is a golden opportunity (for both teams) to take an early lead in the division. 

Arizona already has a road division win in St. Louis.  If they put together another complete 60 minutes, the team will forget all about looking ugly in their first four games.

2 responses to “Cardinals offense getting healthier

  1. C’mon, how the Hell are you supposed to
    explain a team that is utterly DESTROYED
    by the reeling Chargers, and then turns around
    and beats the reigning champs? Weird season
    this year!

  2. The Cards are indeed lucky to be 3-2. The old Cardinals, before Whisenhunt, would be 1-4 now because of the longtime losing culture that seemingly haunts every team mired in losing habits (Lions, Bills, & Browns). It’s the “here we go again” syndrome without talent. The ball bounces your way when you have a winning culture established that beats good teams and wins playoff games.
    They beat the Saints by playing great defense for only the second time this season. Remember that the Saints embarrassed them in the playoffs earlier this year, so revenge and catching the Saints at the right time made the difference in my mind.
    And over the past three seasons with the exception of late last season into the playoffs, the Cards have been the healthiest team with the fewest amount of injures, and I believe the Broncos- up until this season of course- had the best track record as far as health goes.

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