Colts announce yet another injury

This is getting ridiculous.

The carnage from Indianapolis’ win in Washington continued Thursday afternoon when the Colts announced that defensive tackle Antonio Johnson underwent surgery on his knee.

Johnson joins Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, and Joseph Addai as members of the Colts that had serious injuries suffered against the Redskins.  Johnson is part of the team’s rotation at defensive tackle.

The Colts also confirmed Collie’s surgery on his thumb.  The Indianapolis Star reports the wide receiver will be out “at least the next several games, and likely more.”  Clark could potentially miss the rest of the season.  Addai’s status seems to be week-to-week.

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  1. When Manning leads this ravaged group to the playoffs, and earns his 5th MVP in the process, they might as well name it after him.

  2. I’m starting to think that perhaps the Colts did not actually “win” that game. Despite giving up a ton of yards, the Skins play a very brutal style of defense.

  3. This has happened to every team that plays the skins. Rams – Stephen Jackson; Texans – Andre Johnson; Eagles – Vick, McCoy; Packers – Rodgers, a few others that were pretty beat up the following week; and now the Colts (read above).
    I wouldn’t want to play the skins if I were an offensive player.

  4. And Peyton will still throw for 300 yards next game. Heck, Peyton with 52 UFL players would be 10-6, at least.

  5. The Redskins injure alot of players. The Greenbay game, the Colts game. Geez, they may not be too good but they put a hurting on your team.

  6. “When Manning leads this ravaged group to the playoffs, and earns his 5th MVP in the process, they might as well name it after him.”
    Proof that colt fans are delusional.

  7. Is anyone surprised that the Shanny led Redskins are injury a lot of players? Shanny has always been the shadiest coaches in this area. He knows he can’t win fair so he tells his guys to play rough and injure the other team. He did the same thing during the Broncos Super Bowl years.

  8. HomoforRomo says:
    “And Peyton will still throw for 300 yards next game. Heck, Peyton with 52 UFL players would be 10-6, at least.”
    Something is incorrect about that screen name. Quit slurpin’, homo.

  9. ArcticEdge,
    Being a Raider fan, I am by no stretch of the imagination a Shanny lover. But I do not recall any rash of injuries following around Bronco’s opponents during his stint there. I have to call BS on that one.

  10. @ArcticEdge you dont know what your talking about. Not one of those injuries happened on a dirty hit or even borderline(except maybe A. Rodgers – but his concussion came on an earlier play anyway). Your team is next I hope.

  11. LOL! No way the Redskins could beat Favre and the Vikings. NO WAY! We out match the Deadskins in every part of the game. The Vikings would easily win by 3 or 4 scores. EASY!

  12. “When Manning leads this ravaged group to the playoffs, and earns his 5th MVP in the process, they might as well name it after him.”
    -Couldn’t agree more

  13. @ArcticEdge – I guess we’ll find out in the end of November. You’re lucky you got Moss, otherwise that team would be in serious trouble.

  14. Hilarious!!!
    Peyton should just quit. This is a joke…I’ve never heard of a receiver missing time because of a “thumb”? The pundits are right the Colts are just soft. To reference Eddie Murphy in the movie “Life” the Colts are sofT.

  15. Hey Florio, you should start keeping a “guys injured by” tally by team for the league. It seems like the Redskins hurt many more players than anyone else in the league this year.

  16. What a damned shame. The Dolts have injuries. Breaks my heart. The toaster head is a great regular season QB but when the playoffs come his collar tightens up.
    Pity about Clark. That dude is a really really good player.
    I give the city of Indy a couple of years before the stadium is half empty. Hell, they had trouble filling the stadium in the first half dozen years of Peyton Manning. If the team falters or he gets injured and is out for an extended period of time we will be talking about blackouts there as well.

  17. Looks like Blair White is going to have to step it up bigtime. Also, who is going to replace Dallas at tight end?

  18. add DT ryan pickett to the skins “hitlist”. Olineman was on the ground, grabbed picketts leg and brought him down from the side. one of the dirtiest plays ive seen in awhile. if pickett were a QB that fore skin would have been ejected. as it stands, it was a “good block”.

  19. This is the football gods evening the score with the Colts for their bullshit at the end of last season. Better sit EVERYBODY down now and rest ’em all for the playoffs! LOL.

  20. You guys forgot Donald Lee for the Packers as well…
    Goes the dynamite. You defensive players want to learn how to tackle legally while ‘separating man from ball’? Just watch the first six weeks of Skins game film. Separating more than just the ball folks…

  21. Stop me if you start to see a pattern – Steven Jackson in Week 3; Michael Vick in Week 4; Donald Lee and Aaron Rodgers in Week 5; Clark, Collie and Addai in Week 6…
    Are the Redskins really that tough, or is there something else going on?!
    @previouslybannedfromPFT – Hard to say if he had the rep or not. One thing is for sure – the Broncos O-Line was famous for it’s chop-blocking during his tenure. Since it’s the D doing the most hurtin’ right now, that’s not the issue, but it’s hard to look at the last four games and not start to wonder if coincidence can explain it all. I agree with others that few of the injury plays look dirty, but each week makes it harder to believe it’s just tough play by a Foreskins team that got beat up every week the last few years.

  22. A bunch of China dolls those Colts.
    Just like when the Pats defensive backs used to beat the crap out of them until they whined to the league loud enough to get the contact rules changed.
    Suck it up Colts! The injury bug has evaded you for years. Pats won the Superbowl in 2004 with 41 different starters and WR Troy Brown playing defensive back due to injuries. Injuries happen. Deal with them.

  23. @geek:
    Yes, I a well aware of the Broncos “athletic” and “undersized” offensive line during Shanny’s tenure there. Like I said, I’m no Shanny fan. You guys make it sound like he’s got bounties on key players or something.

  24. Nobody thought Austin Collie or Pierre Garcon would be shit til Peyton made ’em stars… Peyton will do it again with the next set of no namers

  25. I am a huge Colt’s fan, and this is devastating. I always give them a shot at the playoffs and Super Bowl, but this year they have appeared mediocre from week 1 (with basically all of their starters). I really can’t understand how so many of you are still saying that they are legitimate contenders this year. Sure Peyton has made several stars out of mediocracy, but he has had the pre-season and training camp to focus on it…it hasn’t magically happened in the middle of a season. I hope that we are able to overcome the injuries, but Clark and Collie have been more than half of our offense, and the other injured players (or milkers) such as Gonzales, Brown, Sanders, etc. are not reliable in any way, shape, or form to help energize this team.
    The more I watch the seasons go by and watch the stupid decisions that our front office makes, the more I question if we will ever be legitimate contenders again unless things change. For example, our running game has stunk since we let Edgy go, and this season there were tons of free agents who would have sparked this offense in the running game and finally eliminated the overrated Addai (Tomlinson, Jones Taylor, should I go on?), but we never take advantage of free agency. Also, are we ever going to develop a threatening defense? This is the main reason that I do not see the Colts threatening this year. I know that we are built to play with a lead, but if you can’t get a lead because your entire offense is soft or injured, how can you maintain one? Our defense would give up 100 yards rushing to Peyton himself if he were on a different team!
    Wake up and face reality Colts fans…this is not our year. Better luck next year!!

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