Patrick Crayton says Wade Phillips is exactly how you imagine

A head coach’s image is often incomplete or unfair.

Chargers receiver Patrick Crayton says, however, that his former coach Wade Phillips is exactly like you think.

“Wade is very, very laid back to where you’d want him to tighten up on
some of the young guys and he wouldn’t. And just when you think he is, he
backs off and wouldn’t say anything,” Crayton said on 1090 AM in San Diego this week via

We think Phillips is a halfway decent coach because he brings something to the table, and not all coaches do.  His defenses are nearly always good.  His system is proven.  Which is good, because Crayton says Phillips has “nothing to do with the offense in Dallas.”

Phillips has somehow only won a single playoff game despite having only one losing season
in eight complete seasons.  (He went 7-9 in 1994 in Denver.)  His career record is 82-58.

That’s pretty impressive overall, but you boil it down the winning percentage and it’s a little better than 9-7 for a season.  Unfortunately for the Cowboys, that seems to be Phillips’ fate. 

He’s a great coach to have if you want to go 9-7.

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  1. I am a Bills fan. Buffalo had Wade once, and a 9-7 record looks great to to fans after a bunch of 7-9 years. If you are going to suffer in mediocrity, might as well do it with a winning record. Although if Wade is fired, maybe he can convince Mel Brooks to produce a second “Robin Hood, Men in Tights” movie (Wade is a dead ringer for Maid Marian’s made that was in charge of her chastity belt)

  2. This is not a good sign. I thinking when it is all said and done, Cowboys fans would be estatic to go 9-7 this year.

  3. The Cowboys are such a joke and will have thier faces smashed in by the Giants on Monday.
    But it’s cool, their bandwagons fans will make the following comments:
    “We’re the best 1-5 team in the league!”
    “No worries, it was just the Giant’s Superbowl!”
    “The refs are conspiring against us!”
    “Look at our stats….LOOK AT THEM….LOOKKKKKKKK!”
    “What’s the percentage of teams that have started 1-5 and made the playoffs?”
    “No worries, the NFC East is weak this year!”

  4. I was sooooooooo happy when Buffalo fired him. Have you ever seen his post-game interviews? Its f$cking pathetic. Like he is.
    A prime example of a brilliant defense coordinator who should have NEVER been a head coach. And now he has done it 3 times and failed. Denver-Buffalo-Dullass.
    He sounds like Elmer J. Fudd.
    “Wuellll….. oww guys fougghtt weawilly-weawilly haawd todahy. Wei just cudn’t get it dun vewy wuell.

  5. Face it Cowboy fans- as long as JJ is the owner, the Boys won’t get a credible, SuperBowl quality Head Coach.
    Parcels put up with it for 2 years and out. No one else worth having will do it. Phillips is the best you’re going to get.
    Next up – mark my words: Jason Garrett will get his shot…and the Cowboys will get WORSE, repeating the same incompetent Head Coaching pattern since Jimmy Johnson left.
    Da Boys are as good as they’re going to be, period.

  6. One has only to remember HBO’s HARD KNOCKS from a few seasons ago to know that Wade Phillips has almost NO say in how the Cowboys are run. Seeing him sit in the draft room while Jerry Jones made all the choices was embarassing.

  7. Childress out coached Waddling Wade big time. Well, the Vikings flat out beat Dallas pretty easy. The game was never in doubt with Good Ol’ #4 on board!

  8. Dallas is amongst worst coached teams in NFL….They join:
    Minnesota [ who runs them]
    San Diego[ underachievers who miss Marty]
    Oakland [ just really bad decisions]
    Tampa Bay [ Coach is horrible].
    ….And give Seattle and Pete the cheerleader 2 years @ most.
    All have 1 thing in common…poorly disciplined

  9. Rosenberg- what you described is a good defensive coordinator, and not a head coach! Wake up! Philips has no control over that team.

  10. Any Cowboys fan that responds to my posts:
    “Congrats, you just won your Superbowl.”
    And oh yeah:
    Cowboys=draft board

  11. Crayton speaks the truth. Anyone following the Cowboys knew when Jerry picked him that Wade was not the man for them job. But it’s taken the fanboys this long to see he is too soft.
    Garrett would be poison as an HC. He was scared of Owens. Both these guys non-confrontational. Until Jerry sees the light, it’ll be more of the same.

  12. With Jone’s arrogance in assuming his cowgirls would play in his stadium in the SB made this years pathetic record so much fun to watch. I rarely watched them play but now it has replaced another team that believed they were also a chosen team by god to bless us, the faiders. There truly is a god.

  13. Skinsblow1 is a coward for not posting anymore under the name of boysroll. He is just ashamed of his team.

  14. a lot of teams would kill for a coach to make them 9-7
    Wade is a great man, but sadly he isn’t cut out of champsionship cloth.

  15. The karma from the Flutie benching will chase Wade for the rest of his coaching career.
    Scoff if you will,but there was always something to that “Flutie magic”,and Wade’s been experiencing the other end of it ever since he decided to take a dump on Flutie.
    I bet he was thinking “someone stole me mojo,I wish I’d seen that coming” while he was watching the “music city miracle”.

  16. That’s a pretty unfair way to break it down as a 9-7 coach. He wins 59% of his regular season matches, which is a pretty decent record. He’s also had some very good regular season records.
    That being said, he’s terrible in the post-season and not a coach that anyone thinks of as a leader.

  17. As long as the owner is also the GM, Dallas will have problems. I think the best teams are the ones who have owners who stay out the football business and just write the checks. Leave the football to the football people.

  18. I too remember his coaching days in Buffalo very well. He had a stout D, But the Offense sputtered now and then. He is NOT Head Coaching material. He never should have left his position as Defensive coordinator. Actually, he never should of been promoted. Good guy, but can’t have too much on his plate, he gets overwhelmed easily.

  19. Jerrah Jonz wants yes men. He wants to be able to have someone to blame when the Cowgirls suck (most of the time) or when they win but don’t make it past round one of the playoffs (the rest of the time.)
    He is still playing fantasy football. He seems to be of the belief that he did the majority of the work in the Jimmy Johnson era. Having Switzer win a SB with Johnson’s people only confirmed in his mind that he was the reason the team won. Unfortunately for him within a couple of years the JJ players were gone and Jerrah Jonz was busy drafting miscreants like Quincy Carter and thinking he was the next Randall Cunningham. Instead, he was the next coke addict.
    It has been said many times before by myself as well as many others. As long as Jerrah Jonz keeps the title of GM and pretends to know what he is doing the Cowboys are destined to fail. He make a gazillion dollars, but he just doesn’t know how to put together a winning product.
    It will be very interesting to see if the heir apparant Jason Garrett will be given the job or will Jerrah Jonz go in a totally different direction. I can not imagine that a guy like Bill Cowher would want to work under Mr. Tight Face, but then Shanny signed on to work with the 2nd biggest jerkoff owner in football in the Danny.
    Although I doubt he would do it. I think the best hire the guy could make would be Brian Billick. He doesn’t mind working with a GM. He is great at getting everyone to buy into an us against the world mentality. He is obnoxiously anal retentive and obsessive compulsive which are all qualities needed to be a HC in the NFL. He is also very very good at working with veteran teams which is what the Cowgirls qualify as. He would be the perfect hire, which means it will never happen. But I believe BB could get them to the SB. To have as much talent as that team has and be 1 – 5 is crazy. It is a combination of poor coaching, poor discipline, and poor motivation. All things a guy like BB can correct. So can guys like Gruden and Cowher, but I can’t see Gruden working for JJ given he already worked for Al Davis and I am almost sure that Cowher will want final say over the roster like Jimmy Johnson had which means that he and Jerrah Jonz would never get along.
    Ahhh….. love it when the Cowboys suck. America’s team my a$$.

  20. “Dallas is amongst worst coached teams in NFL….They join:
    Minnesota [ who runs them]”
    If you were saying that exclusively about the quarterback position, maybe even the O-line, then I’d say you’re on to something. The one thing that Chilly has actually done right in MN is assemble a good coaching staff. Game day decisions however are definitely in question though. Thank God he benched Tahi, that guy won’t see the field the rest of the year hopefully. But otherwise yeah Chilly better get his $hit together.

  21. Patrick Crayton is exactly like you imagine him…..runs his mouth after his once-every-3-years-good-game, and follows it up with 2 seasons of not being able to catch or hang on to the football. What a joke of a WR.

  22. Although I do not feel the Cowboys will make it to the postseason this year, I believe they will win at home against the Giants on Sunday and will surprise people.
    If this article is true, then Wade doesn’t have what it takes to win a Super Bowl. I mean, can you picture Jim Caldwell or Sean Payton putting up with certain antics from players? You can just tell the Colts and Saints are ultra-disciplined and it starts with the head coach.

  23. “He’s a great coach to have if you want to go 9-7”
    Just like Gruden, and there’s a lot of people thinking Gruden is a great coach.

  24. A couple of weeks ago my wife pointed out that Wade didn’t have a chart in his hands and half the time didn’t have a headset on. Later in the game he did have a chart and was using it to block the sun in his eyes. Does he even attend the meetings during the week?

  25. I find it interesting how similar these
    comments are to the ones he made in
    San Diego as soon as he arrived…about
    OTHER coaches not clampin’ down on
    young players enough.

  26. I love the arm chair geeks here criticizing a man who’s won 60% of his NFL games over a long coaching career. Unlike Norv Turner (who actually has done a good job this time around in San Diego), Phillips did a pretty good job his first 2 times coaching. Those Bronco teams were by no means good when he took over and had Terrell Davis not been drafted, (along with the salary cap cheating), they might not have won the two Super Bowls that they won.
    I know that Mike Shanahan sure didn’t win too many playoff games without that RB. The fact that Shanahan lost his playoff debut with that same Elway in Jacksonville the year following Phillips dismissal might point to that the overriding factor to those 2 Super Bowl wins, Davis, wasn’t the playoff factor that he’d become in ’97 and ’98. But you’re right, Phillips did a terrible job, lol.
    What’s more laughable is the Buffalo fan ripping him. Not only did he lead your team to an 11-5 record and their last playoff appearance, but he was probably screwed by one of the most controversial calls in playoff histry this side of the Immaculate Deception in the closing minutes to lose that game.
    In addition, why Creighton’s opinion matters, I don’t know. He obviously has an axe to grind because he’s angry with an organization and coaching staff that gave him multiple opportunities to be a second receiver to Owens, then gave him the opportunity to take the lead role because Roy Williams was underachieving so much, and finally moved on from him with a superior athlete in Dez Bryant. Why they’re in the wrong for that is beyond me, especially when he’s in a pretty similar situation by perception with San Diego’s Turner.
    People get caught up in a lot of nonsense. Bill Bellichick’s defense has looked terrible for about 3 years now, but I think he’s pretty good when he has good players. Last time I checked, Phillips isn’t the Cowboys GM, and they’ve made many head scratching moves over the past 2 seasons, paramount being the neglect of their offensive line. However, to imply that an 82-58 record in the NFL is easy to attain is silly. To further imply that playoff wins should automatically follow when your players are responsible for raising their play to the next level, which is more indicative of the root of the Cowboys’ problem, since they have several guys, starting with their QB, who shrink in that moment, is hysterical.
    It’s not like his teams come into the playoffs and play vastly different from their regular season counterparts like Schottenheimer’s teams, who was clearly gripping too tight by the end. His teams have flat out gotten beaten besides that Buffalo game, which either lies with the players not bringing their A game or not being good enough that day. I’ve never looked at a Phillips coached playoff team and said afterward, “What was that game plan?”
    And I’m definitely not a Cowboy fan, so don’t even throw that nonsense my way. One last thing, why does every successful coach in fans eyes have to be some disciplinarian nut job? NFL players aren’t going for that nonsense, those are grown men. Veteran players police the locker room, so for Creighton to be critical of Phillips, he should be more critical of himself and his former teammates because it was their job to lay down the law in their locker room.
    Also, I recall him being one of the loud mouths who thought Parcells and his old ways leaving was a good thing, lol. Funny how that goes.

  27. “Patrick Crayton says Wade Phillips is exactly how you imagine”
    So Crayton is saying that Phillips is fat, stupid and a terrible football coach ???

  28. “But it’s cool, their bandwagons fans will make the following comments:”
    This was pretty stupid. If they are bandwagon fans, why would they come up with a series of comments to defend them? The band wagon fans are the ones who dont defend them now and then start making noise when the going gets good (however long that will take)
    Its the blindly loyal fans that would use that list of excuses.

  29. what has crayton ever done, besides drop a key pass in that loss to the giants in the playoffs…boom, roasted!!!

  30. This is f-ing hilarious! I always imagined Phillips to be slow, boring and unemotional – not to mention stupid. That seems to be the opposite of a good coach: quick and decisive, inspiring and excited – not to mention brilliant. Go figure. 9-7 may seem a pretty good average to some, but it smacks of just a little luckier than mediocre to me.
    Go ahead and defend him if you want, Cowboys fans… you can keep him as long as you like!

  31. The solutions are easy to repair the Dallas Cowboys:
    1) Fire Wade Phillips ASAP!!!
    2)Jerry Jones needs to open up his check book and wite an open check to Bill Cowher.
    3)Bringing in Bill Cowher would solidify discipline that this team sorely needs and lacks.
    4)Get rid of offensive coordinator Jason “I have no imagination or clue” Garrett…are you kidding me with all that talent we have at every position & we look like a pop warner team? Unacceptable!!
    5) Once Cowher is hired…Jerry “Steinbrenner” Jones needs to get the _uck out of the daily operations and decisions…do you think Bob Kraft is looking over the shoulder of Bill Belichick for every move he makes? No…that’s because he has a solid coach who can handle his team like a true professional team/organization.
    6)And finally…God rest Tom Landry…he must be absolutely sick up there in heaven watching his team become a mockery of the league:(

  32. I blame Jerry Jones for being a fool with regard to Wade.
    He never should have made it to this season as the head coach.

  33. Phillips needs to be moved to defensive coordinator yesterday. That’s where he’s best. Garrett should be let go altogether – he seems completely incapable of adapting to the shifting realities of a given game.
    How many more games do we have to watch where the team falls into an offensive rut and sputters through an unending series of 3 & outs? Watching them play Washington earlier this year, it was like the whole offense was stuck in glue. It’s a dreary, repeating failure of leadership every week.
    Making the moves above and getting a hard-nosed head coach, a la Cowher, is what the team needs. That, and someone lighting a fire under Romo so he’s not just happy to be there.
    We’ve all heard about Jerry Jones’ ego, but even he has to reach the point where it’s simply no fun to be let down and embarrassed every year. Even he has to realize that this state of things is a worse blow to his ego than getting a strong coach and giving him some power. He may have been glad to see Jimmy Johnson go, but tell me he wouldn’t take on a guy like that now to get a Super Bowl ring.
    If they’d have made those moves after last season, they’d probably be 5-0 right now. As it is, they have the record they deserve.

  34. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Wade, looking clueless while shaking hands with Tomlin after a loss in Pittsburgh in December, 2008:
    What’s not shown in the photo is that Tomlin spent the entire game running up and down the sidelines, screaming at players with his coat completely unzipped and flapping in the freezing wind, while Wade was on the opposite sideline zipped up in his parka, hardly moving, and looking like a frozen blue Pillsbury doughboy.

  35. We think Phillips is a halfway decent coach because he brings something to the table, and not all coaches do
    What games are you is stuff like this and your insane stance on the head to head issue that is starting to cause everyone to doubt your football knowledge

  36. I’m a Vikings fan and I think I understand fans who know nothing, albeit we have fewer overall fans.
    WP has won 2 division titles over the last 3 years in what the media has told us is the toughest division in football.
    Add that to the fact that no “franchise” coach will play with Jerry pulling the draft choices and personnel control.
    Considering that, a guy with that record is a great guy for that job. Same thing in San Diego. Although I’m guessing AJ Smith is heading the way of Carl Peterson.

  37. “Patrick Crayton says Wade Phillips is exactly how you imagine”
    If imagining him as a fat Jimmy Johnson wannabe who constantly looks like he has no clue what’s going on during any given moment of any game is what Crayton is saying, then yeah, that’s how I imagine him too. I’m not just saying that because I’m a Skins fan either.

  38. As a die hard Cowboys fan I believe everything Patrick is saying…Wade is another Jerry failure. He is a great man for D but like Norv Turner not cut out to be a head coach. Jerry Jones is as bad as that asshole Dan Schnieder who thinks he can just buy players and fix the problem. Jerry your ego is the problem!!!! Own it!!!

  39. HolyMoly says: October 21, 2010 7:43 PM
    Although I do not feel the Cowboys will make it to the postseason this year, I believe they will win at home against the Giants on Sunday and will surprise people.
    If this article is true, then Wade doesn’t have what it takes to win a Super Bowl. I mean, can you picture Jim Caldwell or Sean Payton putting up with certain antics from players? You can just tell the Colts and Saints are ultra-disciplined and it starts with the head coach.
    Actually, I could see Caldwell putting up with it under the right circumstances. He’s seems almost as bland and unassuming as Wade does. The difference with the Colts is that Peyton doesn’t put up with other players not giving maximum effort and avoiding too many screw ups, and everyone knows that Pollian is going to side with Peyton. Just by watching how most of the Colts coaching staff acts, I get the impression that Peyton is the enforcer in the locker room. Wade isn’t fortunate enough to have a player like that to do that part of his job for him. Wade seems like a nice enough guy, and a solid defensive coordinator, but he simply lacks the strength of will to really control that team.

  40. MM4 ,
    Again, fans like you display your ignorance when you endorse a Cowher to come in and put discipline in the locker room. Outside of the ball washing that the media has done to him, no coach was known for more playoff meltdowns than Cowher. The only reason he has 141 career wins is because the Rooneys are a more patient ownership group than most.
    I can name at least 3 playoff instances where his team played down to the competition and unlike Phillips, his game plans did leave you scratching your head many times afterward.
    To boot, you wonder what his career winning percentage is, lol…..that’s right, just about equivalent to the .585 that Wade Phillips has at .587. Yet, Phillips is the court jester being mocked here by clueless fans.
    Discipline isn’t a coach’s problem, that’s the veterans’ place to police, and if there are too many undisciplinable players, it’s the personnel department’s problem for loading the team up with such mentally weak players. Bill Cowher, contrary to popular belief is not a disciplinarian, even his former veteran players in Pittsburgh took issue with Tomlin’s more stern approach than he has. Even if he were, what would he do about it? He’s not bringing the Pittsburgh personnel department with him to Dallas if he’d get that job, even the guy he’d always been assumed to take with him to his next stop will appparently stay put in Pittsburgh (not that Jerry Jones would allow him to assume a prominent role in the Cowboy organization anyway). So what do you think, he’s going to poke out his jaw and yell loud, then guys will fall in line, lol.
    There’s a reason that the Steelers haven’t missed a beat without him. Organizations win championships, not “disciplinarian” coaches or this other nonsense.
    Good coaches have good players and listen to those players. Wade Phillips problem is the poor personnel decisions spear headed by Jerry Jones, the mediocre offensive coaching staff that he’s been saddled with from day one, and his QB who generally plays up and down from week to week and is below average in playoff scenarios so far in his career, which probably has something to do with said mediocre offensive coaching staff that he had no control over.
    A lot of you people believe in a lot of smoke and mirror nonsense. People are actually calling a guy with a near .600 winning percentage a bad head coach, lol.
    It was like the Viking fans who used to rip Dennis Green up until he left there. He just had the team in the playoffs every year and had them in contention for a couple of Super Bowl titles. Why fans think it’s their birth right to win a Super Bowl is beyond me. Only one team can win every year, so be grateful if you’re in the conversation because it takes a lot of luck and great play at opportune moments to raise that trophy in February.

  41. @real football fan,
    you are way off. In all three of his HC jobs, Phillips took over teams with rosters built up by other coaches, and presided over the diminishing of those rosters or failed to produce what other HCs did after he was gone. As for the Broncos not winning the SB without TD, no kidding. Who do you think brought TD in and developed him? That’s right. Shanahan. So Shanahan is somehow a lesser coach because he lost a playoff game, and accurately diagnosed what his team was missing and then filled that need? Nothing was stopping Wade from doing the same thing. Oh, and the reason Bills fans hate Wade is that he failed to either recognize that Flutie was a better option than Robosack, or even worse knew the truth and was still too afraid to start the superior QB over the QB with the bigger contract. For your information, the Music City Miracle was not a bad call. I’ve seen the film of the play, and the lateral happens right on the line. You can clearly see that the ball ends up behind its starting point. If you watch the players motion, it doesn’t look like it would be a lateral, but watching where the ball started and where it ended up proves it was.

  42. At this point I don’t care about the credibility of the accuser. OBL himself could come out and denounce Wade Phillips and I’d accept it as one more valid critique that deserves a nod.
    It’s true that Phillips doesn’t have a true leader on the team such as a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ray Lewis or Michael Strahan…..but those guys are rare, not a dime a dozen. The Cowboys have a few imposters (Bradie James, Keith Brookings and T.Newman) but you have to be able to be coherent and back up your talk with play….those guys are fairly inconsistent or fading.
    So the onus is on Phillips and he absolutely sucks at the mere mention of confrontation and conflict resolution….at least that’s the appearance….and now it’s confirmed by an ex-player. Wade has to go and a coach with an edge must come in….Coughlin, Cowher, Gruden, Harbaugh…anyone but Wade and his personality.
    Look at what Shannahan has done with a fraction of the talent and a modestly meddling owner (no offense, foreskin fan).

  43. Like I said, you’re making my point for me. When has Wade phillips ever been involved in personnel decisions?
    buffallo’s plight since he was fired speaks for itself, and I don’t exactly remember Doug Flutie lighting the world on fire after that season. He had a good season, but that he went back to the more physically gifted QB who’d demonstrated an ability to play up until that point is the reason he’s being vilified? You can’t seriously tell me that you thought a Doug Flutie led team was going to win a Super Bowl?
    Don Shula did the same with Griese in 72, Jimmy Johnson did the same in ’92 going back to Aikman over buerrlein, Flores went back to Plunkett over Marc Wilson, Lovie Smith went back to Grossman over ortin, and there are countless other examples. As this list demonstrates, someworked, some didn’t.
    In Phillips’ case, Johnson certainly wasn’t the reason that they lost that playoff game, which makes your interjection of that whole controversy into the conversation a moot point.
    they lost the game on one of the flukiest playoff plays ever, and whether you believe it was a lateral or not, the fact is, it could have gone either way, which means that he would have won that game with, gasp, Rob Johnson at QB, lol. The same Rob Johnson if I recall correctly that had just led them to the presumed winning points just minutes earlier. (I’m going to throw up in my mouth because I can’t believe I’m here defending Rob Johnson). dude sucked in the following seasons, but he played fine that day, much like Flutie sucked during any opportunities he got after that season, but he was fine that season.
    As far as Denver, Shanahan had a total of 1 playoff win after Davis started getting hurt and Elway retired, which persists to this day. Also, you made my point about Davis being needed to take that team to be elite. Shanahan drafted him because he had that authority, Phillips never did.
    Last I checked, phillips isn’t a personnel expert, never said he was, and never has been credited as such. he coaches football teams that higher ups put together, so why he’s getting criticized for actually winning with some pretty flawed teams is beyond me. If you want to criticize him for not being more involved in personnel decisions or demanding that authority, that’d be one thing, but you’re here criticizing him as a bad football coach, when the facts dont’ bear that out in any job he’s held.
    And to hold cowher up as the alternative is laughable when they’re essentially the same coach production wise and as far as personnel involvement, except that one worked for a much more patient and structured ownership group with a better, proven personnel evaluation department.
    Also, I wouldn’t call 8-8 the season before he got the Denver job a “Super Bowl” ready team either . Not to mention a full out QB controversy (funny how history gets rewritten to suit your viewpoint) because many Denver fans felt Elway was washed up and were ready to give the ball to Tommy Maddox. The fact that fans were overwhelmingly favoring that switch should let you know all you need to know about the armchair geniuses who don’t have a clue.

  44. Jerry’s the GM / Coach. Wade’s the DC. Garrett is the OC. Nobody cares about special teams. That’s for guy’s who win a TV reality show.
    (Jesse Holley).
    I heard Ross Tucker describe how they took $90 week out of his pay for team meals. Only fried chicken and fries. They also charged him $200 for his helmet when they cut him.
    Class act that Jerry.
    Wade’s been eating at the office for a while.

  45. he would have had at least 1 more playoff win had he not started his 2nd string qb (rob johnson) in a playoff game because the 2nd stringer was able to light up a bunch of colts’ third stringers in a meaningless game 16.

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