Zeroing in on this week's starting quarterbacks

It’s rare for there to be so many starting quarterback jobs up in the air this late in the week due to do injuries.  Let’s take a spin around the league after Thursday’s practices.

Tennessee: Vince Young sat out practice Thursday with a knee injury, while Kerry Collins returned to work.  Jeff Fisher has made it sound like Young will start this week, but he may have been trying to send mixed signals to the Eagles. (Of course, Andy Reid may be doing the same thing.)

Young is “day to day” but improving.  His practice availability Friday will tell us our answer, but it’s starting to look like a Collins week.

Jacksonville: David Garrard (concussion) and Trent Edwards (thumb) both missed their second straight day of practice.  Todd Bouman, officially signed Wednesday, is in line to start with Patrick Ramsey backing him up.  In four days the Jaguars have gone from first place to rather hopeless-looking. 

Oakland:  Raiders coach Tom Cable says his quarterback spot may be a “game-time decision.”  Bruce Gradkowski didn’t do much at practice for a second straight day, according to the Oakland Tribune. Jason Campbell and Kyle Boller split up much of the work.  It appears Campbell is likely to start, but he will possibly be on a short leash.

UPDATE: So much for that.  Boller looks more likely to start because Campbell doesn’t look healthy, despite splitting work at practice.

“[Campbell] could go back, call plays and throw it but to be able to run and do
the things he’s got to be able to do, it’d be pretty iffy,” Cable said Thursday via Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune.

18 responses to “Zeroing in on this week's starting quarterbacks

  1. Remember how much you enjoyed the preseaon games? Looks like a few teams are going to have a few extra ones. Can they be traded for additional bye weeks?

  2. “Zeroing in on this week’s starting quarterbacks”
    Curious choice of words considering the events this week..

  3. jaypeso says:
    October 21, 2010 5:58 PM
    leave it to oakland to turn a starter into a guy competing with bruce gradkowski.
    Oakland didn’t turn Campbell into a guy competing with Gradkowski.
    Campbell did it to himself. There should not even be a competition, Gradkowski is the better QB and the offense is much more productive with him as the starter.

  4. Jacksonville’s quarterback situation is looking bad, Bouman (who was just signed) could start. I think this team will draft a quarterback, the only question is, will it be Locker/Mallet or even Terrelle Pryor (if he comes to the draft) in round one or will it be Christian Ponder in round 2.

  5. To jaypeso; your an idiot! There is a reason Shany dumped Jason Campbell he stinks, he was able to play a little better in Wash, because they had a better O-line that allowed him to dump off the passes to RB quicker. The guy sucks…and so do you for thinking this guy is a starter.

  6. # jaypeso says: October 21, 2010 5:58 PM
    leave it to oakland to turn a starter into a guy competing with bruce gradkowski.
    Leave it to some dense moron to make such a dumb comment. There isn’t a true NFL starting QB on Oakland’s roster.
    All I know, is if Campbell starts, it screams of Al Davis sticking his nose in things. There is no way any coach in his right mind would put Campbell under center after last Sunday. I think he’s pretty well proven that he is not a good QB at all. If it happens, there will be collective sigh heard from Raider fans across the nation, followed by the clicking sounds of their televisions turning off. That’s a train wreck most of us just aren’t willing to watch anymore. We had enough of it with Russell.

  7. Campbell is the next Plunkett and Boller is the next Marc Wilson. Ah, those were the days Raiders fans. Marc Wilson.

  8. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers report that their $39 million treasure, Alex Smith, is still hoping to come back this week from his nagging six year case of happy feet …

  9. Hey I’m pretty sure Al might be right about the Plunkett thing. Was’nt Oakland Plunkett’s third team. Maybe Campbell can do it on his 3rd team, cause he sure as hell ain’t gonna do it here.

  10. Listen, give Cambell a season to make it or break it, its a good year for him to work these growing pains out. This is a rebuilding year. There is always the draft. Keep Cable around too while your at it – just through the end of the year…..don’t care what you do afterwards.
    Bill Belichik

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