DeSean Jackson, Jason Peters officially out; Vick ready for any role

The Eagles will be without wide receiver DeSean Jackson, tackle Jason Peters, and defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley this Sunday in Tennessee, as expected.

Andy Reid made it official on Friday, and said Michael Vick is probable with his rib injury.  Reid wouldn’t say, however, whether Vick would be the No. 2 or No. 3 quarterback.  (Probable means “virtual certainty” to be ready. If he’s ready, how could he be behind Mike Kafka?)

“I can throw the ball full strength,” Vick confirmed Friday in comments we watched on Eagles Live! on the team’s website.

Reid is using Vick’s injury as a crutch for his quarterback decision this week, but admitted he expected Vick to be “full go” when the team comes off their bye in Week Nine.  Vick recognized it’s possible he may not be the starter then.

“Whatever my role is, whatever I’m asked to do, I’ll do it.  I’m a total team player,” Vick said.  “It wouldn’t be hard [being the backip].  I’d continue to prepare.” 

It’s quite possible this will be the first legitimate two quarterback rotation we’ve seen in a while, with the Eagles going with the hot hand.  Of course, the Titans defense has a good chance to cool off Kolb in Nashville Sunday.

15 responses to “DeSean Jackson, Jason Peters officially out; Vick ready for any role

  1. titans will probably take kolb out of the game. guy doesn’t look like a guy who can take too many hits, making this all a moot point.

  2. Shag, I am sure that is what everyone was saying last week before the game when kolb played against a “dominant” falcon defense that he absolutely shredded.

  3. This is what many college teams do. Have a starting quarterback and then bring another one in for a change of pace
    They already brought wildcat tot he NFL whynot bring two quarterback rotation back?

  4. “It wouldn’t be hard [being the backip]”
    Personally, I could never see posting something for public consumption before millions of eyeballs without just taking a quick three seconds to proofread what I just wrote.
    Guess I could never earn my living as a writer. Very professional, NBC.
    Credit where it’s due, though: at least this is just an obvious typo, unlike so many Gregg posts with such poor phrasing that it’s no longer recognizable English.

  5. Vick is preparing himself for a huge contract next year with……Vikings, Caridinals, 49ers, or Bill. Nice job Mr. Vick, you are finally getting it. Kudos.

  6. The Falcons defense isn’t dominant. It’s pretty easy to thrash them. That’s why Vick was crying so hard on trying to get on the field. He thought that he could have went All-World against Atlanta’s secondary.

  7. lol everyone keeps ripping the eagles, as Andy Reid said, this is a GREAT problem to have, we have 2 legit starting QB’s
    Both have proven they can win, and both brings something different to the table. Just gives defense coordinators something else to worry about

  8. SHAG, based on what? Any QB would have been injured if they were tackled the way Kolb was tackled when he was injured. He’s been hit plenty of other times against good defenses and has played well. . . . .ravens, saints, redskins, falcons, even the 49ers. I dont know how many people were saying that Kolb and McCoy wont be able to finish the game because Patrick Willis is going to knock both of them out of the Willis’ name was hardly even mentioned vs SF.

  9. TIAN, before the Eagles game, the Falcons only gave up 16 pts per game. Usually somewhere around 13 pts per game will give you the league lead for the season. 16 pts is pretty good for a defense. Its funny when fans want to blurt out information without basing any facts.

  10. Vick looked like a world beater early this year. He got his wheels back and finally gets it as a passer too. Problem is, he is 30 y.o. The Eagles are better off long term to stick w/ Kolb, but how exciting would the vikes be with Vick, A.P., and Moss next year? Maybe my Bengals can get Vick and finally ship Carson somewhere else.

  11. “Vick is preparing himself for a huge contract next year with……Vikings, Caridinals, 49ers, or Bill. Nice job Mr. Vick, you are finally getting it. Kudos.”
    He better get a huge contract. He still owes the Falcons about 7 mil and various other creditors millions.
    If he doesn’t get someone to sign him, he will be back to dog fighting and smokin blunts.

  12. Kolb will decide his own fate against the Titans on Sunday. If he plays well and the Eagles win, he’ll have won his starter spot back. If he stinks up the place, it will be easy for Andy to reinsert Vick as his starter with little controversy.

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