Nut-grabbing just got cheaper

Remember when Chiefs defensive tackle Shaun Smith was fined $10,000 for grabbing an opposing player’s genitals in back-to-back weeks?

Yeah, the NFL says that never really happened.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports that the NFL has rescinded the fine after an appeal from Smith.  The NFL said that a video didn’t conclusively show Smith grabbed 49ers tackle Anthony Davis’ junk.

Wait, what?  That’s not conclusive?  You could try to make the case for Smith, but it should count for something that opponents in back-to-back weeks stated Smith went low on them.  (I’m running out of euphemisms here.)

fought the case, and I’m happy,” Smith said. “But [it doesn’t erase]
all the bashing of my name and all that stuff. I have kids and my kids
looked at it.

28 responses to “Nut-grabbing just got cheaper

  1. SO does that also include the “Illegal use of the hands” penalty he got last week? If so then Chiefs win the Houston game.

  2. “I have kids and my kids looked at it.”
    Right, teach them to leave that stuff where it belongs, in rap videos.

  3. What’s the big deal? That’s just the way that Shaun Smith has been coached to play …. in filthy little bitch school that is.

  4. “I fought the case, and I’m happy,” Smith said. “But [it doesn’t erase] all the bashing of my name and all that stuff. I have kids and my kids looked at it.”
    Then don’t do it you freaking idiot!

  5. So, let me get this straight “nut grabbing” is ok and/or the video was inconclusive, yet you will get fined and/or suspended now for hitting too hard be it with helmet to helmet or shoulders?
    Can I ask if Vince Mcmahon has taken over the NFL legal consulting portion of the league and if nut cams will be required in 2011 season?

  6. Players wearing Pink, Big hits are met with fines and suspensions, nut grabbing is permissible – The NFL under Roger GODell.

  7. How funny and ironic it is that the very first comment to this story is “stay classy, PFT”…..but the people that post comments on this board routinely post the most un-classy and barbaric things that they can possibly think up…..
    Not referring to you necessarily Skins23, just in general…..

  8. A couple of years ago the only QB Smith hit was Brady Quinn….in the training room.
    Now, these will be the only Sacks he gets all season as well…

  9. This guy is a joke. Sure…its a conspiracy against you that TWO players complained about you grabbing their sac. Sorry Shaun, people don’t appeciate you touching their junk in a football game.
    You deserve any bashing that comes your way, and anything else that goes along with it. You are an embarassment to the NFL and your team.

  10. Goodell said the nut grabbing never happen HMMMMMMM . As he was speaking and saying that it never happen Smith was under Goodells desk grabing his

  11. Well, with the way this website has changed since the partnership with NBC, I guess I’d say its conclusive that NBC is grabbing Florio’s junk and he likes it.

  12. “I have kids and my kids looked at it.”
    Should he be more concerned that his kids are searching the ‘net for “nut grabbing”, or that the first 10 results on Google all refer to him?

  13. I like this article because it sets a precedent that the phrase “nut-grabbing” is acceptable language, and will not get you banned if you decide to use the phrase yourself.
    Example: “Nut-grabbing is unacceptable behavior, and Smith should stop using tactics that involve the grabbing and squeezing of opposing players nuts.”
    At my job, if I grab a fellow employee’s nuts (even once) I’m fired. Instantly. Please stop, Smith. It’s disturbing.

  14. I’m outraged that the NFL rescinded the fine. When this story first broke, I suggested that they create a new penalty called enCROTCHment to cover this situation. The hand signal by the ref would be a hand to his crotch. This is an important issue! The players who were man-handled should demand action by Goodell!!

  15. What kind of example is their old man setting for those kids?
    Its pretty clear that two different players complaining about the same thing from the same guy in two successive weeks is no coincidence.
    Goodell is a moron for not sticking to his guns on this fine, and if one more player complains about this with Smith again and a video even remotely suggests he may have done it again, then he needs to be whacked and whacked HARD. there’s no room for crap like this in the NFL.
    Bush league. If he sucks so bad that he has to resort to this behavior, he needs to find another job.

  16. Well if this is legal…Can Farve whipout his cellphone and sext his junk to opposing players??????

  17. Smith doesn’t need to worry about what his kids learn from watching him. There are no fines in pee-wee football.

  18. I’m sure Davis slugged him in the back in front of the ref for no reason. The 15 yard penalty cost the Niners and stopped an important drive. He grabbed him and the other guys too. He did it to Davis several times in the game and he got fed up and slugged him and I would have too. The guy is evidently a pervert and it is great that everyone knows it even if they did recind the fine!

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