Police: No charges filed against Kenny Britt after club altercation

Nashville Metro police say no charges will be filed against Titans receiver Kenny Britt after he was involved in a fight at the Nashville club Karma early Friday morning.

WSMV-4 in Nashville says a 26-year-old man, Harold Pointer, and a 29-year old, Bradford Miser began to fight around 1:45 AM in the club.  At that point, according to the police report, Britt joined the 29-year-old and started throwing punches at the 26-year-old man, who reportedly did not throw the first punch.

“According to the witness, Britt began striking Pointer,” spokesman Don Aaron said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.
“Security at the club as well as a witness then pulled Britt and Miser
off of Pointer.”

After being advised of his rights, Pointer did not press charges.  The club closed for the night after the incident.

Despite the lack of charges, this will not make Titans coach Jeff Fisher happy.  Britt has been involved in a string of off-field incidents.  The team publicly questioned his maturity after he was out of shape.

After a rough offseason, Britt has rallied for a productive start to the season. He’s scored a touchdown in the last four games.  We’re awaiting comments from Fisher.

UPDATE: Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports the police are calling the situation an “open misdemeanor assault investigation.”   Britt was not present when police arrived and has not been interviewed.  

UPDATE II: “At this juncture it is an open misdemeanor assault investigation with
the victim saying he may elect to move forward at a later date,” Aaron said.  “At this
junction, Mr. Pointer will decide where it goes from here.”

26 responses to “Police: No charges filed against Kenny Britt after club altercation

  1. should have atleast threatened to file charges then settle out of court of with an NFL player. Get a nice 50 grand.

  2. He will probably be suspended. Britt can use that time to text pictures of his wee wee to Titan’s employees since you don’t get suspended for that……………………………

  3. And once again, the only thing I truly dislike about the NFL rears its ugly head: the off-field antics of the players.

  4. what a loooooser!!! not only is this guy over rated but he is a punkl to boot……what a wussy move to jump in for a 2 on 1…..can you say punk b**ch????

  5. How can these guys be out parting on a Thursday before a game? As a former boxer I don’t understand how these guys even go out on Monday night. I wouldn’t put anything in my body for 6 weeks before a fight to make sure I was 100%. Best athletes in the world my a@#!
    I like to throw a few back as much if not more than the average fella but I just can’t understand poisoning your body just before you need to preform.

  6. Since when do charges need to be filed?? 4 – 6 games, that’s the standard. Oh, wait….. there is no standard with Goodell.

  7. Once James Harrison gets punished for punching someone in SB43 the world will start to consider the steeler fans crying about them being victims from the NF as being legitimate.

  8. damnvarmint says:
    October 22, 2010 12:23 PM
    Hopefully he didn’t lead with his helmet.
    Dude, that is funny as hell. LMAO

  9. UPDATE II: “At this juncture it is an open misdemeanor assault investigation with the victim saying he may elect to move forward at a later date,” Aaron said. “At this junction, Mr. Pointer will decide where it goes from here.”
    Translation: Mr. Pointer woke up and when sober thought, I got punched by Kenny Britt… Cha-Ching! No charges will be filed if Britt pays up.

  10. mfclock says:
    October 22, 2010 12:59 PM
    guess i’ll get the ball rolling, what is a DAN?
    You have two lifelines left . You can call a friend or ask the posters which one will it be ? You have 12sec left we need your answer TicToc Tic Toc

  11. Hmm, Colts suspend McAfee for a harmless (although hilarious) Drunk evening during a Bye Week.
    Meanwhile, Vince Young and Kenny Britt are inside of Bars punching people with ZERO recourse from the NFL or the Titans.

  12. what a jacknut…getn paid millions and gettn in bar brawls..sucker punching people…for these types of incidents the NFL should throw these schmucks in a cage match with MMA’s best…if they want to fight let them fight with a Pro and see how they do…all that said got him in FF hopefully Fisher doesn;t bench him..

  13. Coming to camp overweight and then getting in a bar fight is a lot different than two accusations of rape in forming a “pattern of behavior”.
    We don’t know anything about this yet, honestly. Pointer says Britt jumped in on the fight, but we don’t even know if that’s true. And if it is, he should be punished. I imagine the team may levy a one game suspension if that’s the case.
    But the police haven’t even interviewed him about the matter, I don’t know how you compare this to Big Ben.

  14. Well they need to sign Plaxico Burress then, If you are a Titan and scrum in a club, you will not be arrested or prosecuted, (Britt, Young)…..

  15. Another Bayonne loser. Damn, there are alot of idiots in this town. I just really hoped that when one of our own made it to the big-time, they’d make us proud. I was wrong.

  16. @Hauschild
    This never happens to hockey players because the majority of them are Canadian and know how to behave in public….. the other answer that came to mind would never make it past the post police

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